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Ryan Reynolds calls out the National League as Wrexham owners see proposal ignored

Ryan Reynolds calls out the “inaction” of the National League as the Wrexham owners see their hopeful proposal rudely ignored.

Club sources say he is feeling exasperated at the league board for dithering over the decision to let him and other Wrexham fans watch a live stream of their matches, starting with Tuesday’s home game against Gateshead.

The Welsh club first put forward plans to launch their own domestic and global streaming service in April 2021, two months after the Deadpool star took control of the club with Rob McElhenney, and had wanted to take advantage of interest raised by the current Disney+ documentary.

However, their latest request to permit an approach to BT Sport for access to content has not even been considered by the league authorities.

“After months of maximum effort, the decision (through inaction of the @Vanarama National League) to not allow domestic/international streaming of matches of Wrexham and the other clubs in the league is truly baffling,” Reynolds said on Twitter. “It deprives every team in our league of the chance to expand the fanbase, while adding to league revenue benefits everyone.”

The club’s owners have been staggered by the set back and lack of leadership shown at a time when finances are particularly difficult lower down the pyramid. Then again this stance from the National League won’t come as a huge surprise to fans who know just how poor they’ve been in recent years.

“Unbelievably, the request hasn’t even been considered by the Board of the National League yet, never mind a decision made,” the club’s statement said. “The club feels let down and can only assure fans, both new and old that we have done everything we could to provide the opportunity to watch the game live, both in the UK and overseas.

“On Tuesday, there will be at least 39 games available for a UK audience to watch across various platforms and probably more to the international market, so why there is a reluctance from the National League to allow the game to be broadcast is difficult to understand.”

A spokesman for the National League said: “There are wider discussion about streaming for all clubs that are subject to ongoing contracts and we are working with partners to deliver the best solution for all.”

Fans gave their thoughts as Ryan Reynolds calls out the National League as the Wrexham owners see their proposal ignored…

@ian10945: I’ve been banging on about this for seasons and would just love to have the opportunity to watch my club live and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. The National League board should be utterly ashamed for not supporting their clubs and, more importantly, the supporters 😡 I’ve supported Wrexham since 1953 and now live over 350 miles away. I get to a couple of home games each season and a few local away fixtures. So a live stream would mean everything to me!

@WrxLewis: Simple answer is get out of this backward, anti fan, horrible league this year.

@GiallorossiYank: Also not for nothing, Wrexham are a cash cow that probably won’t be there for much longer. Bad business by the league.

@HenrikVegetable: Welcome to the United Kingdom and its Football Associations, and tbf the cartel’s who run live football. They don’t care.

@Jungs_Shadow_: National league clubs are often the ones most in trouble with regards to finances too and most at risk of folding. All revenue at that level is vital and really needs to be considered

@esspekay: How much to buy the rights and then offer them to each club that wants them for a fair distribution….? Take control.

@UpperGwladysBlu: Well said. There’s streaming of Football League clubs’ games. Baffling the @TheVanaramaNL leave money & exposure on the table. You just need to get out of this league asap.

@ilyryanreynolds: This is so wrong no matter what league you’re in every team regardless of what league should have the opportunity to have their matches streamed internationally. So sorry about this this is so disappointing

@SuzeSMASH: I’d love to watch @Wrexham_AFC matches here in the States, it’s a damn shame we can’t.

@dale_sando: Try being in the North and South 🤯 such a sad state of affairs and glad someone of your stature is highlighting this 👍⚽️

@WelshLad247: It worked during the Pandemic and would allow fans who aren’t able to travel around supporting the club on away days to watch every game every week.Surely if the league back it and form a platform similar to efl player, it can help support all teams equally and everyone wins 🤷‍♂️

@TracyAM_1971: The football viewing in the UK is ludicrous and has nothing to do with fans. Take the PL, can watch any match anywhere in the world except the country its played in. And streaming of lower leagues… why not if there is a audience why wouldn’t you. Madness

@lukeCFC25: The whole league is decades behind other leagues. 5 substitutions on the bench maximum, no streaming of midweek matches, open ended transfer windows. It won’t be seen as a professional league by many football fans unless it gets with the times

@RyRey2161023: These guys don’t appreciate the importance of moral support. How are low-level tier teams supposed to progress if they don’t have the proof of knowing all of their fans are cheering them on?! And this isn’t true for just @Wrexham_AFC, but any activity. Humans crave validation!!

@andyh2602: National League North & South clubs get no coverage whatsoever from @btsport yet are banned by @TheVanaramaNL from posting their ‘own’ match highlights until 12.01 on Monday morning !!

@_WL05_: Welcome to Britain! I live just 4 miles from my team, if they play at 3 and I can’t go because there’s limited tickets and money, I can’t watch them at all. This country is a joke when it comes to sports TV.

@_LiamRoberts: I’ll provide my matchday vlogs 🙂 Think it will help the fans to see the games from a fans perspective! Will especially help the fans from different sides of the world to experience the atmosphere of the cae ras 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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