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Arrests made with punches thrown after Leeds fan is caught in Blackburn home end

Arrests made with punches thrown after a Leeds fan is caught in the Blackburn home end as they were being ejected out of the stadium.

Footage has emerged of what happened, while police report that a number of other isolated incidents took place before and during the Championship fixture.

Lancashire Police stated that they carried out a “significant” operation around the ground and while “overwhelming majority of fans behaved” a small amount ruined it for others.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said, as per Lancashire Telegraph: “Before the match two away fans were arrested outside the stadium, a 24-year-old man from Burton in Pembrokeshire on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly and a 23-year-old man from Leeds on suspicion of an offence under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

“After Leeds made it 1-0, there was an incident of disorder in The Riverside Stand.

“This resulted in two people being ejected and a 34-year-old man from Chatburn arrested on suspicion of an offence under Section 4 of the Public Order Act.

“In the second half a man was ejected from the Darwen End after making offensive gestures towards supporters in the home end.

“That incident is continuing to be investigated.

“After Leeds went 2-0 up, a 43-year-old man from Leeds was arrested on suspicion of possessing a flare in view of the pitch.

“Despite these isolated incidents, our officers were generally met by good humoured and friendly supporters who played their part in what was a well contested Championship fixture.

“We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those people and wish everyone an enjoyable remainder of the weekend.”

The game itself saw saw Dan James and Crysencio Summerville net in a win for Daniel Farke’s side, sending the 7,000+ travelling support thrilled as they keep up pressure on the top two Leicester and Ipswich.

The Whites go into the midweek action 3rd with 41 points from 20 games played, while Ipswich are 2nd with 48 points and Leicester leading the way with 49 points. Leeds next face Sunderland on Tuesday night, while Leicester play Millwall and Ipswich face Watford.

Blackburn boss Jon Dahl Tomasson said post-match: “We’re extremely disappointed to lose the game as I think it was a very good performance and the players played well against an excellent team, a Premier League squad.

“We knew they were very dangerous on transition moments and we gave two unnecessary goals away.

“It’s the quality of Leeds, but we stayed in the game a long time and were probably the better team in the second half.

“We kept them in their own half and were playing around with them, but we were lacking a bit of connection in the final third, which was probably the difference between the two teams. They were more clinical.

“We were in the good areas way more than our opponents, but you could see that they are a good team. The players did everything to try and turn things around.

“There were a couple of moments where we should have made better decisions. It was a game where there weren’t a lot of chances, but football is won with goals.”

Leeds’ Daniel Farke said, as per BBC Sport: “Two really good possession sides and you have to accept that both sides will have their spells where they dominate the game in possession, but also to be especially switched on in the moments when you win the ball to be there and use quick counter-attacks.

“This is what we did more or less for both goals. They were ice-cold finishes.

“I’m especially pleased that we travel back with a clean sheet against a really good and dangerous side.

“We didn’t allow them to have much.

“They had their spells in possession but in terms of big chances, there was not too much.

“It was important after a few weeks where we have conceded one goal, sometimes even two goals, today to return absolutely rock solid defence with a clean sheet.

“It’s a really good performance and a massive win for us. I’m pretty delighted.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted with arrests made with punches thrown after a Leeds fan is caught in the Blackburn home end…

@samh__15: I’m sorry but you’ve got to be a right weirdo to sit in the home end at leeds away games. Risk stuff like that happening today. Couldn’t pay me to sit in the home end when Leeds play away. Embarrassing

@Leeds_Untied: Ahhh wondered what you meant by risk stuff like that happening today…. To be fair we sell out pretty so anyone local to games and don’t get an away ticket or even then they just can’t get a ticket I suppose. My preference wouldn’t be sitting in home end.. but I’d rather that than watching on box I think

@El_Loco_Jo: A couple of planks made it obvious they were Leeds fans & there was a few seconds of argy-bargy. I’ve no issue with anyone sitting in the oppositions end, I’ve done it myself more than once when I couldn’t get a ticket in our end, or I’ve been a guest. Just don’t act like a tit.

@VinnyP_MOT: 3 or 4 got thrown out of the smaller stand after James goal. But those in the main stand who showed the Leeds scarf at full time got the biggest cheer

@BillyEdge123: Don’t understand why people get so angry about this if you don’t sell out why shouldn’t away fans get tickets in the home end to support their team.

@MattRob999: Only started hitting them once the bizzies were there. Shithouses

@chiverz123: This lot never learn 🤣🤣

@djp210473: Someone needs to fill it

@AdamOzzy: We filled your ground for you 🎵

@Shoreham_boy70: Aye brave lot

@keeno_efc: More rare to see a Blackburn fan in the Blackburn end 😂

@NAMorley1970: Leeds absolutely owning the home end !! Absolute class 👌 #tinpotclub #horsefiddlingbastards

@Zak981298: We took piss 😂

@Saucysausage666: They take 7000 away and have a go at taking the home stand for good measure. Liberty 🤣

@Joeccfc827: Threw a punch and then ran straight in to the stewards arms as fast as he can.

@Shortieyates04: All them Blackburn fans and not a clean strike landed 😭😭

@RobbieTYS97: Whacked one of em for the road and was absolutely unscathed 😂

@billyfl04567486: Yorkshire 👊🏻

@lufc75kb: Blackburn not got a fight them utter piss poor pathetic club

@rick_yorkshire: Biggest hiding I’ve ever had was at Blackburn in the wrong end. We got a 95th minute penalty and I stupidly jumped up. Kicked the absolute shit out of me. Gary Mac scored though so it was worth it 🙄

@Matthew66893221: Plenty of seats knocking about 😂

@Shortieyates04: All them Blackburn fans and not a clean strike landed 😭😭

@PorrettaGareth3: They all became hard as fuck when they got him out. I bet the singing really hurt his feelings 😂😂

@ThePaddyArms: Turns out 7.5k tickets was t enough 😂

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