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West Brom suspend fan over disgusting tweet about Bradley Lowery, with donations made

West Brom have taken to suspend a fan over a disgusting tweet which surfaced about Bradley Lowery, with donations made to the foundation.

The Championship club have been left “appalled” having been alerted to a hateful social media post referencing the young Sunderland fan following the game at the Stadium of Light, with Sunderland winning that 2-1.

This comes after Sheffield Wednesday fans raised over £29,000 for the Bradley Lowery Foundation, after Dale Houghton, 32, had been caught on camera mocking Sunderland fans with a photograph Bradley on his phone aimed at the Sunderland away fans in the meeting at Hillsborough back in September.

The Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holder was given a suspended prison sentence and ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work, with the judge telling Dale from Rotherham that his actions were “utterly appalling”.

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The club said in a statement on their official website: “West Bromwich Albion are assisting police with their inquiries after being alerted to a hateful social media post referencing Bradley Lowery in the wake of the club’s defeat at the Stadium of Light on Saturday.

“Bradley was an inspirational young Sunderland fan who captured the heart of the nation as he bravely battled Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma – a rare form of childhood cancer – before his tragic passing, aged just six, in 2017.

“Albion have identified and suspended the account of a supporter pending further legal inquiries and reserves the right to issue an indefinite club ban.

“The club are appalled by the disgusting post and offer their sincere apologies to Sunderland AFC and the Lowery family.”

A donation page was set up to raise funds towards the foundation. The page reads: “Following on from the amazing fundraiser set up by Sheffield Wednesday fans following the disgusting news in the media some weeks back, we are now faced with the disgusting actions of a so called football fan.

“Well that football fan doesn’t represent West Bromwich Albion, its supporters or anything to do with the club.

“Therefore we are asking for another push, to bring the football community together and show that cancer has no colours.

“Please donate what you can towards the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

“More information about The Bradley Lowery Foundation: Support and fund-raise for Children needing medical equipment or treatment not available on the NHS.”

Bradley Lowery Foundation (@Bradleysfight) tweeted in response to West Brom: “Thank you for the quick action, we weren’t aware of the tweet, it’s extremely sad that this keeps happening. 💔”

Twitter users sent their support as West Brom take to suspend the fan over their disgusting tweet about Bradley Lowery, with donations since made…

@TheRainbowStand: I’ve seen some absolute 🔔🔚 claiming to be a Baggies fan has tweeted something pretty horrific about Bradley Lowery. The club will ban, the police will arrest, but more worryingly for the dickhead, the fans will deal with him too. Hope he gets the slap he deserves!

@BurgerSight: Well done @WBA this disgusting human does not represent our football club! As a football fan and father myself I offer my sincere apologies to the family of Bradley Lowery and live in hope the disgusting offender gets dealt with!

@CM2408: Thank you, WBA. We know the true fans of football – and of your club – are appalled by this. We are also fully aware that he is not representative of #WBA nor your supporters. #SAFC

@Andrew_Willis_: This is appalling and totally unrepresentative of the club. The Birmingham Road End spontaneously applauded Jermaine Defoe when he was warming up at the Hawthorns shortly after Bradley’s death. That’s the real Albion.

@Tezsmith1878: Find them and Ban them for life please.

@HappyHopperNE: Hats off to the Baggies. #HopeNotHate #CancerHasNoColours

@mikefbuckland: Having lost our youngest grandson Joel just after his 4th birthday to a similarly rare brain tumour (stage 4 glioblastoma) in August this year, I stand as an Albion fan shoulder to shoulder with the Lowery family.

@HonestMillwall: Fuck is up with people. I get there will always be trolling in football/on socials but to mock the death of someone, especially a child, is fucking wrong.

@b71_the: He may claim to be an Albion fan, but he will never be one of us

@MichaelBowers15: We know this won’t reflect the fanbase as a whole. Fair play.

@jw_wba: Bradley’s story touched the whole world of football. Idiots mocking that should not and will not ever be welcome at The Hawthorns

@JamieDaniel1991: As a proud Newcastle fan; I stand with Bradley and this great foundation the whole way. It’s a disgrace and I hope people get the punishment they deserve. Was an absolute champ that little man.

@pox1: Absolutely disgusting. I’ve always had a massive respect for Sunderland there fans are brilliant. Oh God we lost there Saturday we should not resort to this . Ban him for life

@HalesowenBaggie: Shameful and disgraceful your not one of the #AlbionFamily, LIFE BAN! #wba

@mackem49000: Unfortunately every club has the odd fan that disgraces themselves.. I applaud the swift action and wish you and your proper fans all the best.. Sunderland fan

@lukestokes84: 👏 Good – whoever we are and whoever we support I think we can all agree there is no place for it whether in stadium or on social media. Football is no excuse for lack of decency and respect

@RockySAFC: It’s unbelievable that someone can think mocking the death of a child is acceptable because their football team lost a game. Well done @WBA on acting quickly

@TheGothSpecial1: Genuinely feel sorry for the family of Bradley Lowery it’s heartbreaking what they had to go through but nobody should be making hateful comments on social media about him, well done on acting quickly to suspend the supporter as he isn’t one of us

@MikiEnae: From own our lot is fucking disappointing. It’s a football match, no need for this at all. #wba #sunderland

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