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Arrested Man City fan speaks out on Facebook about being accused a racist

Arrested Man City fan speaks, via his Facebook account, about the accusation of making racist gestures towards Man Utd player Fred in Saturday’s derby.

The man, spotted in what is being called a disturbing video, is named Anthony Burke, and was taken away by police officers from Greater Manchester Police on Sunday morning.

The civil engineering manager was filmed making the gestures towards United’s Fred – just seconds before the Brazilian midfielder had objects thrown at him whilst he tried to take a corner.

Burke, who has deleted his social media account, has now been suspended by his employers Kier Group, a building company, and denies the allegations by stating that the video has been taken out of context and urged others to watch the whole clip.

He wrote on Facebook: “Listen, I’m only racist cunt because I had a screen shot that made me look it.

“However I ain’t racist, watch the match, half of it was me with me putting my hands in my pants.

“Bull shit not arsed I know the true and I’ve already made appointment to speak to the police which I did so think what you like.”

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He added in another comment: “Listen watch sky sports and the guy who slowed it down to make me look as I was doing that that’s fine however it’s shit but in a court of law not happening and yes Monday I’ll get suspended on full pay and after that I’ll come for use who think u can chat shit and being my kids into it.”

The soldier’s ex-partner talked to MailOnline of his arrested by police.

Amy said: “He was arrested this morning. He doesn’t live with me. It’s horrible – I have had death threats and my kids.

“I have been in tears. I am really surprised – this is not like him – his family are black. I keep watching the footage back and I can’t say whether he’s done it or not. Has he done it or hasn’t he done it?”

Following Manchester United’s 2-1 win, winger Jesse Lingard tweeted: “Not even this idiot can ruin tonight’s feeling, shameful behaviour, it may be the derby but there is never ever a reason to be racist!”

Striker Marcus Rashford posted: “Can’t beat a derby win. Stood up to EVERYTHING thrown at us & got what we deserved.”

His work, Kier Group tweeted: ‘Kier has a zero tolerance policy towards any racist and discriminatory behaviour. We can confirm an employee has been suspended pending an investigation.”


After finding out what the alleged racist Manchester City fan said, social media users wrote on how they didn’t believe a word he mentioned with some laughing at his claims – see those tweets on the next page.


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