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Alleged victim of Premier League player arrested on suspicion of rape speaks out

The alleged victim of the reported Premier League player arrested on suspicion of rape speaks out via her social media account.

A Twitter user has spoke about everything that happened in a serious of posts getting thousands of retweets and likes on Thursday evening.

So far, we know that the Premier League club of a player arrested on suspicion of raping two women was made aware of one allegation last year.

The international footballer, who is in his 20s, was held after police swooped on a home in Barnet, North London.

He was questioned over an alleged attack during a holiday in the Mediterranean last month.

Two further allegations then emerged and the player, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was re-arrested on suspicion of two incidents of rape in 2021 against a different woman.

It has now emerged the club was made aware of a rape allegation against the footballer last Autumn.

He continued to play in the first team last season despite the claim.

The player has been released on bail until a date in August following his arrest.

His first alleged victim, in her 20s, claimed she was raped during a break in the Med last month.

She left the five-star resort she was staying in and flew home to her friends and family, it is said.

The woman is understood to have spoken to police on her return to the UK and showed photos she claimed highlighted bruising on her body after the alleged attack.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “On 4 July, an allegation of rape of a woman in her 20s was reported to police.

“It was reported the alleged rape happened in June 2022.

“On 4 July, a man was arrested on suspicion of rape and taken into custody.

“While in custody, he was further arrested on suspicion of two incidents of rape that were alleged to have been committed in April and June of 2021 against a different woman in her 20s.

“Enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing.”

Below sees the alleged victim of the of Premier League player who had been arrested on suspicion of rape as she speaks out…

“It’s crazy how one phone call can bring your entire world crashing down around you”

“I came into work so excited for today and the events only for one phone call to completely ruin what’s not only going to be my year but my entire life”

“Called my lawyers to let them know they’re going to be reallll mad at me but fuck this NDA”

“I’m going to ruin my life by doing something I’m legally not allowed to do and then just run off to another country for some space”

“I have my passport and like no clothes with me but I’m here until Saturday. I’m going to order a load of shit online now. Book a hotel somewhere hot and just disappear for a bit”

“finding out your rapist will get off on a legal technicality is the most soul destroying thing ever”

“a whole year of my life dedicated to therapy sessions and police interviews to try and make sure I was strong enough to see him go to jail for what he did to me has now fallen on the back of a 10 day gap between new legislation being put in place and when the offence occurred”

“I’ve already called my lawyers to let them know I don’t give a fuck about the libel and defamation threats I’ve been getting for speaking out. Or having to give back the money that was used to pay me off… rapists shouldn’t be allowed to get off on technicalities”

“What this means for me is that I’m going to ruin my life by speaking out about this but I genuinely can not allow this to eat me up inside me anymore. “

“What this means for him is a that the 400+ screenshots and conversations showing he’s guilty will just be posted cause idgaf”

“This means that the 2nd incident of rape that he commit against me outside the UK is now not eligible for charges. Not because he’s innocent, not because there isn’t enough evidence…”

but because I was raped 10 Days before the legislation that would’ve put him in prison changed”

“I don’t care about my identity being revealed anymore. Someone leaked a screenshot from my private story last year and off the back of that I’ve had the most vile, evil messages from people calling me a liar… we’ll see who’s a liar once I post screenshots of him admitting it”

“Anyone claiming I might lie about this for attention, money, etc… he already tried to pay me off. I still went to the police “

“Me speaking about this now means that I’m going to be put in around £200,000k debt over breaking the agreements in the NDA”

“I’ve had to sit & watch people celebrate a man who ruined my life, raped me and then tried to push me down a flight of stairs. his club knew, knew about allegations of attempted rape against other women & exactly what he did to me and told me they can’t do anything as I’m over 18”

“Understand that me doing this. Even speaking about this is going to result in me not only putting myself in 6 figure debt but also opening myself up to the abuse I faced at the hands of his fans when they only THOUGHT I had accused him”

“I have nothing to love for now, nothing to fight for. The entire time I was being “brave” was for absolutely fucking nothing… “

“I suffer from severe PTSD and have been on sedatives for the last year to deal with the night terrors, panic attacks and flashbacks I face daily”

Alleged victim of Premier League player arrested on suspicion of rape speaks out

“people saying “leave this to the law” he’s got off on the charges in Spain because of a technicality. He raped me on the 19th… on the 29th the law changed stating that crimes committed outside the UK can be investigated by the Uk police. Today they found out they can’t”

““I just want money” He paid me off already?? I am breaking my NDA by even speaking about this. I called my lawyer after finding out the legislation allowed him to get off on a technicality. He organised I meet him in HARRODS and offered to pay me off and I said no.”

“Right now I’m drunk, upset and unable to articulate myself correctly so I’m going to log out for the night I was made to sign an nda so any of this talk about “doing this for money” is a lie… I’ve already been paid off. Me speaking now means I’m going to be sued.”

“I’m literally putting myself in 200k debt by doing this, exposing myself to online harassment, death threats & messages calling for me to be raped again I don’t care anymore. I used alll my strength to proceed with the Corning’s case only to find he can get off on a technicality”

“I can post legal documents from our settlement, hundreds more screenshots. Messages from us where he NEVER denies raping me… I can past my medical record showing the extensive damage he’s caused me mentally. As well as a psych assessment confirming I was raped and suffer PTSD”

“I have over 20k on instagram. I don’t even use it. If I wanted attention I would do it there Why would I want to be called a liar ? Told to get raped? Sent death threats when I know I’m going to be put in 6 figure debt?”

“Give me an extensive list of where I’m lying and I’ll give you evidence for it all in the morning. No one has caught me our anywhere. I know the truth, he knows the truth, his agent knows the truth. See if I get sued for libel for this and if it sticks? He knows what he did.”

“I’m logging off now and deleting twitter from my phone. I’ll come back to this in the morning when I can actually function properly I only found out hours ago that the technicality allowed him to walk (he’s still being investigated for his rape against another woman)”

“Understand that I am upset. Distraught and broken by what’s happened. A year of my life used to try and be strong enough to finally gave him in court and I never can I’ve been drinking and need to be able to articulate myself properly. Damage is done now. Tomorrow I will.”

“Last tweet now. I did ask to return the money. My lawyer said I shouldn’t because if I do then I will be hit with libel and injunctions to stop me speaking. This was months ago. I trusted the police would get me justice and they didn’t. He can take his dirty money idgaf”

“slander me all you want, I wanted to speak my truth before I mentally can’t handle being here anymore When I end my life because I can’t deal with the night terrors, daily panic attacks and flashback & the constant reminder that he’s seen as innocent. I know I did what I could”

“I fought as hard as I could. I did everything right. I went to the police. I reported it to the embassy. I gave my phone up for evidence even though I didn’t have to all for a legal technicality to ruin it all I was brave. Which means the other girl who can forward has a chance”

“I could’ve lived my life 6 figures richer but I couldn’t live with the guilt of knowing that he might get away with this and people wouldn’t know the type of monster he is. I can’t live my life knowing I didn’t do what I could to speak out. I was brave. I can’t do this now”

“I did everything I could to get myself justice the legal way. The system is not designed to help victims Why would I ever come out publicly and lie knowing that i’m going to be sued??? Why would I speak online knowing the hate I would get? What am I gaining for this ?”

“I simply can not die knowing that I didn’t speak out about what that man did to me and many other girls. I was never the first and I wasn’t the last. Hate me, call me a liar. Make jokes under my post. I was traumatically raped and can’t bear living anymore.”

““Why don’t rape victims come forward” look at the way people have treated me. this is why I can’t keep living like this. I did nothing but trust the man I was dating wouldn’t take advantage of my unconscious body until I woke up sore and bleeding the next day.”

“I’m finally going to stop tweeting about this for the night. I hope those of you defending a serial rapist are happy. You’re giving him the power to believe he will never see punishment for what he’s done.”

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