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A second club vote in favour of ending the season immediately

A second club vote in favour of ending the season immediately as 68 teams have until May 7th choose whether they want the campaign to finish or not.

Oxford City join Hereford by opting for the season to not play their remaining eight matches with the National League recommending the same.

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Should that proposal be backed, a second poll will take place to decide what happens with promotion and relegation.

City currently sit 14th in the National League South, with no concerns about going up or down.

Paul Lyon, City’s finance director, said: “The only sensible option for Oxford City is for us to finish now.

“I’m guessing it’s the same position for a lot of clubs.”

The club have put their playing squad into the government’s furlough scheme, after it was clarified it covered second jobs.

They do however have enough cash in reserve to keep them running and don’t expect to receive the income before the wages are due in April, which will be their last payment before the contracts expire.

Oxford City, who become the second club to vote in favour of ending the season, will have a problem if the decision was to wait and restart the campaign when it’s safe to do so.

If contracts were extended under a blanket arrangement, they would have to be taken out of the furlough scheme when games returned.

The expectation is matches in June would still be played behind closed doors, but not at non league.

Lyon added: “If that was the case we would have no income from the gate or the bar.

“Premier League and EFL clubs have the ability to stream games and generate revenue that way, but it’s not an option at National League level.”

Oxford City’s commercial director Mick Livesey was hospitalised after testing positive for the virus. Thankfully he’s now making a full recovery.

Lyon continue: “We just want our season to be over.

“Whatever they decide with promotion or relegation we will go with the majority.

“We have to remember people have died and won’t get a second chance.

“Maybe we just need to put football on the back burner and come back next season.”

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