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Wrexham fans claim they were refused entry to Southend nightclub for ‘being Welsh’

A number of Wrexham fans claim they were refused entry to a Southend nightclub a few weeks back for simply ‘being Welsh’.

The venue in Essex has since launched an investigation after two males claimed they were turned away.

Jonathan Lloyd and a friend of his, who has asked not to be named, were planning a night out in the MooMoo Clubrooms in Southend-on-Sea.

They went to the National League game Southend United v Wrexham earlier in that day and headed to the nightclub on the recommendation of Southend United fans.

They were smartly dressed and decided to not wear their club’s football colours.

As they queued to get the friends were chatting away with other clubgoers, when a doorman took issue with them. “The doorman, who heard our conversation asked ‘are you Welsh?’ to which we replied yes. The doorman then told us we weren’t allowed in,” Jonathan claims.

Jonathan Lloyd claims that he and a friend were refused entry into the nightclub

A spokesperson for MooMoos state that they were investigating the incident. Jonathan sticks to his claim that he and his friend were Wrexham supporters had played no part in the door staff’s decision.

He said: “We were standing in the queue, if he hadn’t heard our accents we would have got in, so he basically didn’t let us in because we’re Welsh. We went back later on and tried again and the same doorman said ‘are you the Welsh boyos’.

“He didn’t mention football or the fact Wrexham were playing. There was only two of us and we’d had no trouble anywhere else.”

A spokesperson for the nightclub told North Wales Live: “We do not condone discrimination of any form in our venue. We have raised this alleged incident with our third-party contracted door team and an investigation is underway.”

MooMoo Clubrooms in Southend, Essex

Jonathan Lloyd, said via his Twitter account @JordGriffXXIX on the weekend it happened: “2 years on the run I’ve been to Southend (A) and both times on the Saturday night I’ve been turned away from the same nightclub. Tonight’s reason was “no football fans” even though I didn’t tell the bouncer I was a football fan, just from Wrexham #Southend #Wrexham #MooMoo”

The game itself finished in a 0-0 draw, but it saw Southend United manager Kevin Maher slamming a ‘disgraceful and scandalous’ decision that got many talking that day.

Referee Aaron Bannister was criticised following the Shrimpers’ controversial clash, which ended goalless at Roots Hall.

Jake Hyde looked to have given Southend the lead midway through the second half, however, having originally given the goal, Bannister instead disallowed the effort after consulting with his assistant on the far side.

This is what social media users said as the Wrexham fans claim they were refused entry to a Southend nightclub for ‘being Welsh’…

@Kathrynjoyxo: So he just made assumptions? That’s rude! You can do better than whatever nightclub that was. I don’t venture into town much but there are probably other places that would have accepted you regardless.

@kenmcnasty: Next time tell them you live in Runwell, they will let you in.

Craig Lee Roberts: The further I travel from Wrexham ( where ive spent my life ) I get asked if I’m either Scouse or Geordie.

Gareth Roberts: Surprised they knew what a Welsh accent is they’re all simple down there. Saesnegs

Bryan Connolly: I’ve been barred from pubs and clubs (without wearing replica kit etc) in towns my team has been playing away at many times over the years. These guys may have been

Dylan Drake: Why even go to Essex I wouldn’t bother

Andy Thompson: Doubt it. Most Essex boys would only recognise a Welsh accent if you’re from the valleys

Paul Wilson: Haha so full of self importance

David Cooper: Maybe they are fed up with the welsh buying second homes 😂😂

Anthony Cope: Please, probably more to do with being drunk. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

Chris Hart: This is a football thing. Nothing to do with door staff being anti Welsh. Move on.

Darren Pawley: Just put a Essex accent on 😂😂 watch rise of the footsoldier a few times you’ll be grand

Gwenan Parry: Would not surprise me in the least

Dominic Washington: Since when do people from Wrexham sound Welsh? 🙄🤣

Sam Wallace: Others give the Welsh a bad name. It’s a shame.

Paul Roberts: I suspect nothing to do with being Welsh. More the fact of a football team and being a pain outside etc.

Nathan Lee: southend fans getting wrexham lads in trouble haha unluckeeeee

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