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Worrying scenes as David Luiz and Raul Jimenez severely clash heads to halt game

Worrying scenes at Emirates Stadium on Sunday night as David Luiz and Raul Jimenez severely clash heads to halt the Premier League game.

On the fifth minute, Willian took a corner for the Gunners on the right and David Luiz attacks it. There’s a huge clash of heads with screams and a thud and this looks very nasty.

A huge number of medical team are straight on the field to give treatment to Luiz and the Wolves player who he collided with.

David Luiz has just sat up which is encouraging. He’s got blood coming from his forehead though.

Raul Jimenez hasn’t moved though and there’s a lot of concern for him.

Record-signing Fabio Silva is coming on in his place. All our thoughts are with Jimenez for now though, of course.

Luiz is still being patched up but it looks like he will be okay to continue. He’s getting a bandage put around his head but looks very alert.

Raul Jimenez is taken off the pitch on the stretcher and David Luiz has gone over to see how he is. He looks very shaken up about it all.

Nuno left concerned for Jimenez

The medical staff speak with him and Rui Patricio gives him a pat on the back. Nuno Espirito Santo also gives his well wishes to Luiz.

Sky Sports have reported that Raul Jimenez has gone straight to a nearby hospital and that they will update when they can.

Joe Edwards of the Express and Star wrote: “Big collision between Jimenez and Luiz and the physios rush straight on. Head on head there. Concern among the players.

“An audible thud as Luiz and Jimenez clash heads. Both are down receiving treatment, Jimenez seems to be the worse off.

“Not a good sound, at all. Luiz is up and about but Jimenez still down on the ground with medics surrounding him. Players signalled straight away.

Fabio Silva is getting ready to come on. Jimenez still yet to move. Just hope it’s not too serious.

Jimenez being put on a stretcher now. Someone just seemed to say to call for an ambulance.

“Sickening thud. There’ll be a significant period of added-on time at the end of the half, of course. Medics still around Jimenez. Rest of the players just passing it around and looking to keep warm.

Jimenez now loaded onto a stretcher. Looks like he has an oxygen mask on. Luiz bandaged up and checking on Jimenez as he’s about to be wheeled away.

Play has resumed and Silva is on. Jimenez stretchered off down the tunnel. Hopefully we’ll have an update on his condition soon.

Hard to focus on the game when something like that has happened but will do my best. Just hope Raul is OK.

Must be such a strange feeling among the players, having to be so switched on when so concerned about a team-mate and a friend. Wolves have had most of the ball in the last few minutes.

There will still concerns for David Luiz when the scoreline was 1-1 halfway through the first half. His head was bleeding through his bandage like you see with their newest kit. He was however subbed off at half time.

You could only imagine the concern that has also left his family and friends back at home, he’s also got a newborn with his partner.

UPDATE (8:42pm): Raul Jimenez is conscious in hospital and responding well to treatment.

A win for Wolves puts them 6th in the Premier League table, Arsenal remain 14th after 10 games played, eek.

Arsenalโ€™s tally of 13 points is their lowest after their opening 10 matches of any league campaign since the 1981-82 season (12).

Fans reacted to the worrying scenes as David Luiz and Raul Jimenez severely clash heads to halt the Premier League game…

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