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VIDEO: talkSPORT caller demanding Liverpool should get a trophy for finishing second in the Premier League

A Liverpool fan phoned in to talkSPORT radio station to demand that his side should be given a trophy, for finishing second in the Premier League.

Jürgen Klopp’s side has been in a tight title race with Manchester City but now look set to come in second place with just one game left to play after Vincent Kompany’s potential title winning goal at Leicester on Monday night.

The caller spoke to presenters Darren Lewis and Andy Goldstein on the Sports Bar programme to suggest the Reds should be given a trophy for racking up a huge 94 points, potentially 97 if they beat Wolves. Liverpool can only win the league if they win against Nuno’s men and Manchester City lose at Brighton & Hove Albion.

‘Cameron’ from Liverpool said: “We should get a trophy, even if we come second.”

Lewis looked shocked and Goldstein laughed, then the caller genuinely asked: “Why are you laughing?”

Goldstein said: “What should the trophy be called Cameron?”

The fan took a short while to respond, before then saying: “The Premier League joint winners.”

Goldstein replied: “Even if you lose?”

Cameron then said: “Well not joint winners like, but clearly…”

Then the caller gets cut off again, with the same question about what should the trophy be called.

Cameron reveals that he doesn’t think he needs to give it a name but that they should just give it to Liverpool.

The presenter thought it was a wind up, a prank, then said: “Please don’t tell me this is where Liverpool are now, a trophy for coming second?!”

Again Cameron tries talking about how much of an achievement it is for coming so close against a City team that ‘spent all that money’ etc.

Goldstein bluntly says: “You get a trophy for winning it. If you don’t, you don’t get a trophy.”

The caller is left silent.

Then Cameron again tries to get his point across. He says: “Yeah but, we got Champions League semi final going on…”

Goldstein talks over him whilst laughing and asked: “Should you get a trophy for coming runners up in the semi finals? So you could effectively have two trophies, runners up and second in the league. Two trophies.”

Cameron immediately hit back: “Yeah well we won Champions League five times, whats anyone else ever done?”

The presenter ended: “Ah here we go, we got it in the end, a trophy for second place, that’s not where Liverpool are?!

Listen and what the reactions for yourself in the clip below…


After listening to the caller suggest Liverpool should be given a trophy for coming second in the Premier League, fans took to give their reaction – find out what they had to say on the next page.


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