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VIDEO: Referee sends off all the ballboys at Yeovil’s match against Bromley

Football fans were left surprised after a referee sent off all the ballboys towards the end of Yeovil Town’s match against Bromley.

The incident came in the 84th minute with the Glovers winning 3-1 at the time, with some suggesting that they were time wasting.

Michael Wood on Twitter wrote: “One of the balls boys wasn’t giving the ball back to the opposition quickly enough near the end of the game. Not sure why that meant they all had to be sent off, certainly one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen at Yeovil!”

Dan Webster added: “Ballboys sent off at Yeovil: kid picked the ball up and threw it away from the Bromley player. Ref spent ages sending them off, and didn’t add as much time on at the end. Crowd loved it. The game is gone if kids (across the land) are conditioned to partake in gamesmanship.”

Here is a video showing one of the ballboy, climbing over an advertising board and walking back into the stand…

Moments after that, the referee (amusingly to the supporters watching) had to chase after the ball because there was nobody there to do it.

Yeovil ended up holding on to their win to beat top of the league Bromley to close the gap to just one point.

It was the away side that broke the deadlock with Michael Cheek there to tap the ball home in the 23rd minute.

During the 19 minutes added on at the end of the first half (due to the injury of Bromley keeper Mark Cousins), Yeovil got an equaliser when Lawson D’Ath had his cross headed in by Jimmy Smith.

Just over half way into the second half, Bromley’s Marc-Anthony Okoye scored an own goal after Craig Alcock’s cross caused chaos.

Charlie Lee doubled his side’s lead on the 78th minute, getting on the end of Carl Dickinson’s free kick and header the ball into the back of the net.


After finding out Yeovil’s viral tweets stating that the referee sent all of the ballboys off for time wasting, fans took to laugh and express their surprise – see what they wrote on the next page.


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