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Police officers injured after clashes with England fans in Leicester Square

Police officers have been left injured on Saturday night after clashes with England fans in Leicester Square according to reports.

Two members of the police force needed treatment after coming to blows with wild supporters celebrating England’s Euro 2020 quarter-final win over Ukraine.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they made a total of nine football-related arrests at the weekend after England’s impressive 4-0 victory in Rome.

Three men were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, four on suspicion of violent disorder, one on suspicion of actual bodily harm and one on suspicion of drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Jane Connors, said: “The Met has maintained a highly visible presence across London as people enjoy the Euros and celebrate England’s progression in the tournament.

“Last night following England’s match against Ukraine we saw a number of people take to the streets and I am pleased to say that this was all largely good-natured. Fans engaged positively with officers and they dispersed when asked.

“While a larger crowd gathered in Leicester Square this area was cleared by approximately 23:30hrs. Two officers were injured as this area was cleared and thankfully their injuries are not life-threatening.

“We want people to be able to enjoy the Euros safely and securely. We will continue to have measures in place to keep the public safe, prevent crime and disorder and respond effectively to any incidents.

“I would also like to remind everyone that London remains in a public health crisis and we must all take action to stick to the rules in line with the government guidance.”

England face Denmark in the semi-finals of Euro 2020 at Wembley on Wednesday, with the winners playing either Italy or Spain in the final next Sunday.

Meanwhile, the fans’ love for the manager has led to a new-ish chant which grew in 2018 as the team marched towards the World Cup semi-final.

Now it may be heard again at Euro 2020, especially with another semi final to look forward to.

Fans have reworked Atomic Kitten’s 2001 hit Whole Again to salute the national boss and it’s definitely a catchy one.

He’s even been known to conduct supporters as they belt the words out in the stands, so imagine this happening at Wembley.

The lyrics are as follows: “Looking back on when we first met; I cannot escape and I cannot forget; Southgate, you’re the one; you still turn me on; and football’s coming home again” (you may also hear “you can bring it home again”.)

As England progressed to the last four of Euro 2020, the pop group Atomic Kitten appeared at BoxPark in Croydon to perform the ‘Southgate remix’ of Whole Again for the very first time.

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Southgate said: “We didn’t want to take a backward step. We wanted to grasp this opportunity rather than just hope we might win or let fate have a chance to play its part. I thought the players were decisive and ruthless all night.

“It’s fabulous. I suppose it’s still sinking in that it’s another semi-final – three in three years.

“We want to go two steps further. I know what will be happening at home. It’s lovely to see everyone on a Saturday night, beer in hand. They should enjoy it. It’s been a long year for everyone. I’m chuffed the two performances have brought so much happiness to people.

“It’s fabulous for our country – a semi-final at Wembley. Everyone can really look forward to that – it’s brilliant.

“We’re not satisfied. Tonight is another very enjoyable night for everybody but even before the end of the game I was thinking about the next challenge. We have never been to a European Championship final. It’s another opportunity to make history.”

Ukraine boss Andriy Shevchenko: “The English team is really strong, individually and as a team as well, they have a great coach and they reached the semi-finals, and I can see that this team can make it to the final.

“We did not deny our principles, we had good parts of the game, but there are sometimes – set pieces, for example – today we didn’t work very well at them.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing police officers left injured after clashes with England fans in Leicester Square…

@dk_tsm: Yet when the Scots ruined London it was “passion”

@NigelG1966: Why do the minority spoil it for the majority

@LeePerr06222775: It’s the police own fault, they waded into the crowds and provoked them, I have friend who is an police officer, he rather leave them alone and let them enjoy the match and socialising, it’s an long time since we had an night like that!

@andrewsduncan1: Oh why oh why do the yobs take the headlines on such a glorious night. Lock them up and pronto.

@nick_davison10: Why can’t people just go out for a few drinks, enjoy the occasion and be happy? It’s the small minority like these who give English football fans a bad name.

@LoveSimon88: Imagine if we lost.

@GoodwoodTed: Usual nonces who can’t handle their booze

@jmorrison031: English scum throwing chairs again

@Ifc_wilI: didn’t have any Ukrainian fans to batter so they battered their own instead.Well done Ingerland

@o_sneddon: shock

@ColmAherne1: Fucking wankers… why can’t they behave

@brownysexgod: Why do England have to celebrate by attacking police officers, Get pissed & sing you braindead morons 😡

@0Domeski3: Imagine the scenes when they lose…. 👀

@SamuelPugh25: Can’t just have a good time can they 🤷🏽‍♂️

@ArabRossy: They won 4-0.

@dafwilliams95: Shock. Scum

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