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VIDEO: Laura Woods destroys Gabby Agbonlahor as pundit slams Arsenal celebrations

Laura Woods destroys Gabby Agbonlahor live on talkSPORT as the former Aston Villa player turned pundit slams Arsenal over their celebrations.

Gabby claimed the Gunners ‘overdid their celebrations’ after the 1-0 Premier League win at Aston Villa on Saturday, with the players singing to their knees and passionately celebrated their victory, and tighten their grip on the top four.

Even injured goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale joined in with those going wild on the pitch and Agbonlahor wasn’t too impressed, saying it was ‘like they’d won the league’ after their jubilant antics.

“The way they celebrated at the end of the game was like they’d won the Champions League, not qualified for it,” Agbonlahor told talkSPORT.

“I know it was a great result but the scenes, the players, and we were right behind the fans, it was like they’d won the league, not beaten Aston Villa, a team that they should be beating.

“I think they did overdo the celebrations.”

Woods wasn’t happy with Agbonlahor’s criticism, however, and responded in brilliant fashion.

The Arsenal fan defended the club she supports, asking, ‘what’s the point in going to football’ if you can’t celebrate a goal, especially when you’re in a race to qualify for the Champions League.

“This is a club that, at the beginning of the season, nobody would have given them a shot at top four,” Woods responded on talkSPORT Breakfast. “Nobody at all.

“Everybody had written them off, including myself as an Arsenal fan, and I actually wouldn’t accept it for a very long part of the season.

“I just didn’t think that they necessarily had it in them.

“I felt that the teams around them had strengthened too much, had too much quality, and far better resources to allow Arsenal in.

“In that way, it’s a club and a fanbase that, I think, for large swathes of the last four or five years, maybe even six years since after we dropped out the Champions League, have been quite divided.

“And now they look at like a club that is much more unified.

“If you’re not allowed to celebrate your wins, however big or however small they are, what’s the point in going to football?

“Should we just wait until the end of the season and then celebrate where we are in the league? It doesn’t really work like that.

She added: “Just stop penalising people for celebrating at Gabby – it’s just football, at the end of the day.

“You have to be able to celebrate. You have to be able to go to a game and I love that they celebrated. That’s what Arsenal is all about now, that unified presence.

“But Gabby, don’t listen to me, listen to your own argument…”

Woods then played a video of Gabby praising Villa boss Steven Gerrard for his ‘passionate’ celebrations on the touchline, stating that ‘that’s what the fans want to see’.

Woods then concluded: “Well done Gabby for undoing your own argument before you’d even made it!”

There was a huge amount of reaction as Laura Woods destroys Gabby Agbonlahor as the pundit slams Arsenal celebrations…

@SJobdodger: Agreed they were totally written off at the start of the season even pundits saying they could go down. So they should celebrate.

@ahux91: It’s not even punditry, it’s just pettiness and bitterness from a losing fan. Teams can celebrate all they want. Sport is to be enjoyed.

@roll_football: State of the world now and people are moaning about expressing joy at a football match. 🤷

@Andreiandrei888: What is going on in the world? Players can no longer celebrate wins? I don’t hear such silly things with other team’s except with Arsenal .

@LJR8711: I genuinely don’t get this, modern players constantly hammered for lack of passion and wanting to win, then they win and game and celebrate and now they’re going over the top 🤦🏻‍♂️ waste of airtime discussing it

@RedWhite_Gooner: Laura is getting another award next year, she’s ruined Gabby here.

@apnelson1: The very essence of being a fan is to support ie celebrate your team

@AS_Northbank: Can’t believe it takes @laura_woodsy do explain this in slow time for him to potentially understand, when we lost to Man City away in August, their celebrations were not questioned, nor were Liverpool’s last week, some pundits are really out of touch from reality.

@v21eal: She got u gabs!! Big villa fan, was at game thought arsenal fans were one of loudest alway supporters this season, just behind Leeds. Good to see a passionate fan base.

@royboybaby: Superb work @laura_woodsy

@DavidMaynard32: Before anyone says it, I know she’s not going to sleep with me… but this woman is just incredible and delicately puts her arguments across…and does her research too! She defends Arsenal better than Holding in that 5-2-3 low block! We’ll played @laura_woodsy 👏🏼

@MickyAFC1987: Lovely stuff Laura 👏👏👏

@frankievary: She just ruined him.

@Nish_arsenal: @laura_woodsy hats off…

@terryrob50: Brilliant, put a player who really had not much to celebrate himself right back in the box he snuck out of. More proof that it’s just an anti Arsenal agenda that isn’t working. He has always put the boot into Arsenal.

@simonwilson27: Laura and Ally, the only people on the station that actual take sense with well thought out reasoning. TS have to many click bait pundits Every team/fan and celebrate when ever they want to. It’s the passion in the game. The argument normally comes from fans of the losing team!

@viewsaremyown23: Time somebody put Gabby in his place. He’s no football pundit. I’m sure there are better options to rep for Villa @talkSPORT

@blainder971: She ate him for breakfast. Laura Woods is a Legend.

@diablorojospain: I really do wonder how the hell Laura Woods fits in at Talksport. She’s a serious presenter who is heads and shoulders above anyone that works there.

@swspurs: Hate Arsenal but Laura Woods making a good point. Whats the point of going to football if people cannot celebrate. The fun police can fook off. Celebrate as you please and if you’re one of those thinking its acceptable to bash a fellow fan for celebrating I’d suggest another sport

@Jaypapa_AFC: I fucking love you laura woods, absolute ledge

@ThreeFiveWho: Laura Woods is the only person on TalkSport capable of rational thinking. Literally every other person on there talks complete rubbish, but she is the only one I’ve ever seen push back on the ramblings of the morons they have on there

@AFC_Blogger49: Laura Woods is such a fantastic mouthpiece for the Arsenal fanbase. Always feel she relays the sentiment of the overwhelming majority. Also, Villa, the celebrations had nothing to do with you, they were all about this team taking another step towards UCL qualification.

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