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Two Carlisle United players spoken to by police after ‘incident’

Two first-team Carlisle United players have been spoken to by police after an ‘incident’ occurred in the city centre over the weekend.

A video is doing the rounds on social media which appears to show an altercation outside the Walkabout bar on Botchergate which get violent.

The footage shows chaotic scenes with a large group of people present at the scene, a male has to be reprimanded with security staff in attendance.


After approached, police have said they would not comment on the incident at this time, according to News and Star.

In a statement, the club tweeted: “Two first-team players were spoken to by police following an incident in the city centre on Saturday evening.

“They returned home shortly after and no further action was taken.

“The club is reviewing the incident with those involved and any appropriate action under the club’s code of conduct will be taken, as required.

“We will make no other comment at this stage.”

Carlisle fell to a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Swindon on Saturday, putting them into the League Two relegation zone.

Player Omari Patrick has since apologised to the club and supporters for his involvement in a city-centre incident.

Patrick, in a statement posted on social media, said: “I’m aware of the responsibilities I have in representing Carlisle United Football Club.

“I take full responsiblity for my actions on Saturday night.

“The reason for being out was a birthday celebration, not to drown my sorrows and show a bad attitude for losing the game [thay day’s 3-0 defeat to Swindon Town].

“The reason for my reaction was due to a female friend being man handled by a group of men, and for how I was treated and words that were said to me that were not football related – far worse – and in that case I felt I had to defend myself and the people who couldn’t and shouldn’t have to defend themselves.


“It doesn’t excuse the fact I was there in the first place, but I wanted that to be understood instead of thinking I’m a trouble-maker.

“I should have known better. I apologise to the fans and the club for bringing attention to them at a time like this.

“All I can say is I’ll do my best on and off the pitch to make it right. I have nothing but respectto the club and the fans, I’m someone who sticks up for my friends and family and, of course, myself – and I’ll continue to show how much I love playing for this club.”

Twitter users reacted with two Carlisle United players spoken to by police after Saturday’s alleged ‘incident’…

@connorheyy: Omari patrick scrapping with bouncers 😂 whopper

@MarkWhitfield2: In fairness that’s the most fight I’ve seen from a Carlisle player all season… @officialcufc you are imploding this is the latest debacle in a season that can only be described as an absolute shambles!

@SimoneCufc: Showing some fight for once 😂

@rewildthewild: Surprised they want to show face on a Saturday after that shower. Missing in action between 1500 to 1700 hours…..

@Guuuuuy: How about reviewing the incident that is the last 3 and a half years with David Holdsworth as DoF? Or the 17 games under Keith Millen? Plenty of appropriate action to be taken there.

@AdCollin: The fact that Carlisle players went out in town after been destroyed at home is a shambles!! Signs of zero leadership, commitment or thought!! Not good signs, rudderless ship!!!

@RobMorley_: What a circus.

@Chris_CA2: Millen was there leading the charge, you ought to sack him.

@BruntonSpireite: After that performance yesterday I’d be embarrassed to be seen out in town if I were them. Be nice if they showed some fight on the pitch. Symptomatic of the state of the club these days. Embarrassing.

@ste4233: Did someone tell him he’s absolutely shite at football lol

@cufccraig1983: The only thing that is fans are interested in is getting millen and holdsyout of the football club

@Lukehowe31: Shown more fight for not being let into a pub than they show for the shirt that represents the people of Carlisle. Sinking ship the fans want change.

@MrJNStringer: Embarrassing – club is such a mess at the moment

@ashpatt8: Patrick is a idiot great player but wants to show that sort of aggression on the pitch!!

@cufc_andy17: We’ve all seen the video. We know who it was. Why were they out? After the last dross yesterday I would have had them reporting for training this morning first thing.

@D_Stokoe: As if the Bod haven’t done enough to slowly kill this club it seems there the only ones that are happy to keep Holdsworth & Millen #SackThem #RIPCufc

@POTUSMark: They’re as shite at fighting as they are at football

@_RyMcCluskey: He didn’t fucking do anything either here… 😂 oh dear Omari don’t drown your sorrows after a loss if you get lary

@Chris_CA2: Banning orders? Or is that a fan only thing.

@Jordjolly: Footballers kicking off left right and centre

@GeneMcMullen7: Absolutely fucking embarrassing what has this club become man. Challenging for promotion to know scrapping on a night out. Honestly I’d sweep the fucking floor with the lot of them like totally out of order!!!!!!!

@ste08cufc: If only you’d address other more pressing matters as quickly……..

@tashhqx: Should have gone straight to the training ground after Swindon. Very precarious position now.

@PaulKidd90: “Spoken to” Almost as laughable as out on field problems

@Dazzapass: Your bang in trouble, look likely to be relegated from the football league. And 2 of your senior professional footballers are fighting in town. They should show it on the pitch.

United boss Keith Millen spoke to us shortly after full-time on Saturday about the disappointing home performance against Swindon.

“It’s a difficult day, because at the moment we can’t defend, that’s the crux of it,” he said. “We can’t defend individually, we can’t defend as a unit and we can’t defend as a team, and that’s the story of the game.

“You obviously can’t take the three goals out of it, because of the impact they have, but until the first goal there wasn’t much in it, in my opinion.

“We looked ok and it was two teams who were competing. I wanted us to be a little bit more aggressive, but you can understand being a little bit tentative because there’s a lack of confidence.

“It looked like a hand ball from the long pass for their first goal, and within two passes the ball was in the back of the net. When you’re on the run we’re on, that has a massive impact on the confidence and belief of the team.”

“At half-time I felt like there was nothing in the game, we had opportunities in dangerous areas without really looking like scoring, but we got into good areas,” he continued. “Omari looked dangerous down the left at times, so I was disappointed to be 1-0 down, but I didn’t think we deserved to be.

“When you look at the two goals they scored in the second half, they didn’t have to do much to cut through us. They’re just too easy. You can talk about everything else, but there’s a lot of work to do.

“The first goal is a good bit of quality, but the other two goals come from poor defending individually and as a team. It’s my responsibility as a manager and I’ve got to sort this out.

“I’ve got to try and think of a way to set the team up to make it hard to beat. It’s more the mentality. They kept going, the heads dropped, which happens when a team scores two quick goals against you because you know the game is over, which makes it difficult.

“They kept trying, but it’s obvious what we need to do, and it’s not as easy to put it right as it is to say it. We’ve conceded far too many goals in this run.”

On how to get back to winning ways and bring a halt to the current spell of negative results, he commented: “When we had the good run it was because we kept clean sheets. We kept clean sheets with a back four, the personnel have changed a lot, which doesn’t help and we’ve got young defenders who are learning the game, which is difficult when you’re on a bad run.

“The good run was based on clean sheets, I think we conceded two goals in six games, and now we’re conceding two or three a game, which means we’re heading for trouble. When you’re in a relegation fight, the basics are you keep a clean sheet.

“It’s not just about ability or because you’re young or new to the club, it’s a mindset. It’s really putting your body on the line and it’s about how much it hurts when someone beats you, or when someone scores against you.

“If it doesn’t hurt, then you’re in trouble. I’ve got a lot of work to do, all we’ve got to think about now is how we keep a clean sheet. If we do that, we’ll win games and that’s what we did earlier. Somehow, with a new group of players, we’ve got to get their mindset to keep a clean sheet.”

With the Blues having dropped into the bottom two, he said: “The table will take care of itself, I don’t talk about the league table, I talk about the performance.

“What’s concerning for me is the performances and how easy we are to score against. If we don’t put that right, the league table isn’t going to look good. If you put that right, like we did during that run of six games, the league table will look a lot different.

“We’ve got to get that mentality back and that belief. Until the first goal, there was nothing in it, we looked quite positive. We were trying to be aggressive, but we know we’re not physical at times, which we need to get better at.

“I could see them trying to be competitive, but as soon as the first goal went in you can see the confidence sap away a little bit. After the next two, it was game over.”

“I have to look at them in the face on Monday and tell them it isn’t good enough, and make sure we put it right,” he told us. “We’ve got to work hard on the training pitch, whether they get angry or nasty with each other, but they’re not that type of group, they’re a nice group.

“They realise we’re on a bad run, it’s obvious we are. We have to work really hard, and if we need to get angry and realise we’ve got to fight for our lives on Saturday, then that’s what we’ve got to do.

“I totally understand the frustrations of the fans, they’re entitled to voice their opinion because they pay their money and support their club. There are no problems with that, and it’s our own fault that they’re not happy.

“We have to stand up and put it right, we can’t hide away from it. I didn’t feel like we did today, but the goals change the game. If we scored the first goal we would have had something to hold on to, but we can’t get that at the moment.”

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