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Trevor Sinclair reactivates Twitter account and posts two further tweets as talkSPORT suspends him

Trevor Sinclair reactivates his own Twitter account and posts two further tweets as talkSPORT suspends him from punditry duties.

He has apologised for any offence caused after his controversial tweet about the Queen on the day of her death.

Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away on Thursday, aged 96, peacefully at her Balmoral estate after a 70-year reign. Football have paid tribute to the beloved monarch, with fixtures in the UK on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday postponed as a mark of respect.

Yet Sinclair, who represented England at the World Cup in 2002, penned a tweet in protest of the monarchy. The 49-year-old wrote: “Racism was outlawed in England in the 60’s & its been allowed to thrive so why should black & brown mourn!! #queen.”

Sinclair was condemned by thousands for expressing his opinion in the immediate hours after the Queen’s passing. His employers talkSPORT responded to the tweet to assure listeners they did not agree with Sinclair’s views and were investigating the matter.

“We have been trying to make contact with Trevor Sinclair following opinions expressed on his Twitter account. talkSPORT does not support those views expressed and is investigating the matter,” confirmed the radio station.

talkSPORT later added: “Trevor Sinclair will not be on air while we carry out a thorough investigation into the circumstances and timing of his tweet. While we respect the right of Trevor Sinclair to express his opinion on his personal Twitter account, talkSPORT does not endorse the tweet.”

Sinclair has since apologised for the tweet. “My tweet yesterday was ill timed at a time when the royal family, and many around the world were grieving for the Queen,” he said. “I apologise for any offence caused to those mourning The Queen.”

Sinclair continues to be criticised on social media for his initial tweet. Responding to the talkSPORT pundit’s apology, former Notts County owner Alan Hardy wrote: “You’re an absolute disgrace Sinclair. Don’t insult us with your half hearted, forced apology about ill timing. Racist bigotry has no room in my world or any air waves that I listen to.”

British Olympic medalist Kelly Sotherton has described the ex-midfielder’s apology as “forced”. She tweeted: “A forced fake apology doesn’t cut it… apologising for the backlash or genuinely insulting a mourning family?”

Sinclair has worked in the media since retiring from playing professional football in the summer of 2008 after making 660 club appearances and earning 12 caps for his country.

He spent most of his career in the Premier League with Queens Park Rangers, West Ham and Manchester City, also representing Blackpool and Cardiff in the EFL.

Back in April 2020, after the Queen had addressed the nation during the onset of the Covid pandemic, he posted: “Our Queen looked so fragile when addressing the nation earlier but was so genuine with humility, her majesty still inspired.”

In 2018, Sinclair was sacked from his job as a BBC pundit after he racially abused a police officer who had arrested him for drink-driving. He was sentenced to 150 hours of community service for the public order offence and handed a 20-month driving ban.

Now he has uploaded another post, writing after his apology: “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s finding the strength to get back up and go again 🙏🏾 #MentalHealthAwareness”

He has stopped people from being able to reply to him, but everyone is taking to quote tweeting his tweet anyway.

This is how fans responded as Trevor Sinclair reactivates his Twitter account and posts two further tweets as talkSPORT suspends him…

@sayersy1872: 😂😂 oh look as we predicted this wanker @trevor8sinclair is now going down the mental health route like predicted! Face it you have made an arse of it and got sacked AGAIN!

@ArchRose90: You’re not the victim Trev.

@Boysy_House_No1: People out there genuinely suffering from mental health!! This bloke couldn’t get any lower, made your bed lie in it

@tomdown1984: You’ve only ever knocked yourself down you plank & now you’re pulling the mental health card #jogon #racist. Keep running trev, happy Saturday 👍🏻

@DenzelHuck: ‘knocked down’? Tweeting stupid shite and regretting it when it costs you your job…

@OFmitchjp: Talks shit about the royal family. Cries mental health when it backfires.

@REM831119: So predictable 🥱 sympathy he’s after now

@guyhadland: PR company linking @trevor8sinclair with mental health now , pretty low that to get back on the public eye . Just give up and move abroad

@JLanks96: You acted like a cunt and got a horrific amount of backlash for it. You using that hashtag is just taking the absolute piss out of anyone who actually does struggle with their mental health. @talkSPORT need to sack this racist clown

@Simon_H90: This guy now quoting mental health, as someone who’s genuinely been in those dark places this is even more offensive. When will people realise this isn’t a defence. Own it, you’re a racist @trevor8sinclair. @talkSPORT not listening until you confirm action…

@lufcgrace: So it’s perfectly ok for you to knock other people down? You openly disrespected a 96 year old woman who had died. That woman was a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, cousin and you disrespected her family too. Is that good practice?

@MightyMillers20: Playing the Mental Health card now are with Trev 🤦

@brummiexile: Please please don’t fire me, look I have mental health issues you’d be so cruel to kick me while I’m down. Absolutely shallow and shameless to the end . @talkSPORT @trevor8sinclair

@NiceGuyKenny: Nobody knocked you down, you got pissed and tweeted distasteful and poorly thought through bilge. Apologise for what you tweeted (not when you tweeted it), take whatever consequences you face as a result of it and move on. That’s the best thing you can do for your mental health.

@aquitainexox: If you can’t play the race card, try the old mental health aspect! No one’s forgetting what you said Trev try as hard as you like to deflect it – football fans don’t forgive or forget! ⚓️

@SeahagW999: I believe in free speech Trevor. However you are not only deluded but also hypocritical. Was it not you prosecuted for the one thing you are aluding to racism? You are nothing but a snivelling self serving individual who has closed the page. You wrote your own downfall #Plank

@coopers_left: I hope @talkSPORT aren’t falling for this drivel.

@CoastalPalace: Shock horror pulls out the mental health card 🤌🏻

@JackLebeau66: Made a horrific tweet & got abused for it, so now use that hashtag to excuse it, which is taking the piss out of anyone who actually does struggle with their mental health. You’re a racist parasite.

@AcademyWHU: You posted a disgraceful tweet and now you’re pulling out the mental health card, you’ve previously used the race card, it’s clear you’re a nasty person you’d be better off owning up to mistakes people would think more of you than becoming a “victim” #Buffoon

@CarlosNFFC: How many Cards this guy gonna play ….

@Hammer_GDM: I made the joke about the excuse bingo, but as someone who suffers from chronic mental health issues I really struggle when people use it as an excuse for poor behaviour. The reality is it is often debilitating for people who are really suffering @talkSPORT @trevor8sinclair

@tedio74: You knocked yourself down Trevor. Unfortunately thousands if not millions suffer with debilitating mental health problems everyday but still would never behave so disrespectfully as you. while this post is very true, it just doesn’t fit in regarding yourself Trevor I’m afraid.

@lovelife28x: I’m all down for Mental Health but DO NOT make a mockery out of the word after the stunt you pulled!

@ToonPolls: Pulling out out the mental health card after a public backlash. A tale as old as time. #TrevorSinclair

@JimmyRamport: Classic socialism, Trevor tweets something he shouldn’t off, there’s a backlash & now Trevor is trying to play the role of a victim. @talkSPORT @Sjopinion10

@_mollywhitmore: Ah, a standard procedure in this day and age, show them real disrespectful side of yourself, don’t like the backlash and now you’re giving it mental health awareness, if I speak

@Somerstown4: Oh look. Someone is playing the victim and mental health card. Yet didn’t care about mental health of the royal family suffering a loss with his disgusting tweet. #penis

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