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Top 50 ‘worst places to live’ in England ranked in controversial poll

The top 50 ‘worst places to live’ in England have been ranked in a controversial poll issued by the ilivehere.co.uk website earlier in 2022.

Focus turns to the new season and with fans planning which away days to go on, we’ve checked out the annual ‘crap towns’ poll that got so many people talking in recent months.

At football matches, you’ll no doubt hear the shithole chant, and it seems some of these might fit that very statement… not according to us may we add.

This year the poll saw a new winner as Peterborough managed to drop to number five after “three glorious years of taking the crown”.

Hull, Wakefield, Torquay and Halifax, who featured in the top 10 for 2021, have moved out and further down the list.

They were replaced by Bolton, Corby, Slough and Aylesbury, the latter sat in 18th position in 2021.

Around 110,000 votes were cast on ilivehere.co.uk, which claims these are the least inspiring towns and cities of England (be prepared for some seriously brutal reviews, eek!)…

One wrote about Aylesbury: ‘If you’re a middle to upper class family or individual looking to move to Aylesbury, then ensure you employ four full-time security guards and a dog and some barbed wire around your house.’

Another added on the Buckinghamshire town: ‘As you enter into Aylesbury, you find yourself in a traffic jam. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the tour. Being stuck in the traffic allows you to observe the magnificent beauty of all the ‘trashy citizens’ that live there.’

Aylesbury Town Council has responded to being named the worst place to live in England, Cllr Richard Lloyd said: “Aylesbury is vibrant and multicultural, throughout the pandemic it has shown what a terrific community spirit it has.

“Help groups and events have sprung up across the town with many residents honoured over the last 2 years for their efforts in helping others.

“There’s no doubt from what I’ve seen every day of people volunteering their time for others that there’s no place I’d rather live or represent. 

“The town council continues to improve the town where it can and we look to Buckinghamshire Council to deliver the infrastructure it’s promised whilst also following up on its localism agenda to give towns like Aylesbury its assets and services back to run.

“Last summer the town council laid on its free Parklife weekend attended by almost 20,000 residents and this year will hopefully see the return of Aylesbury-on-Sea and the Soap Box derby.

“We have a rich musical heritage through the Friars Club, a historic town centre and some great pubs and bars, we’re the birthplace of the Paralympics and if this is the worst place the rest of the country must be truly remarkable.”

Huddersfield came second for a second year, with one contributor describing ‘a BMI [body mass index] of 30’ as a minimum requirement to live in the West Yorkshire town.

Another resident said on ilivehere.co.uk: ‘Not all of Huddersfield is bad… just 70 per cent of it.’

Writing about Huddersfield a few years back, one person said: “There’s nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops.

“It’s polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It’s a horrible place to live.”

Another added: “Huddersfield – it’s a rough, boring, chavvy, crap hole.”

The website iLiveHere is full of posts by residents listing reasons as to why their home towns are awful. Literally every place in Britain features on the site with a rather hilarious summary.

Luton has risen four places up from last year to reach 3rd position, up from 7th.

ilivehere.co.uk said: “Clawing its way up the Top 10 to the bronze medal position is Bedfordshire’s very own **** in the punch bowl, Luton.

“A town that spawned such world class denizens as Tommy Robinson and Britain’s ‘most dangerous prisoner’ Charles Bronson.”

“The town itself is not easy on the eye, it makes Slough comparable to the playboy tax exile haven of Monaco.”

“I still avoid the town centre which looks like something from Shaun of the Dead.”

Fair to say it’s all rather brutal, we’ll leave you to judge whether you think it’s true or not.

Twitter users reacted the the top 50 ‘worst places to live’ in England ranked in a controversial poll…

@JanniahEvans: I lived in Aylesbury and I’m a bit confused. Apart from the lack of ‘things to do’, and an under developed town centre…it’s a beautiful place to live.

@AJJ_Official: How is my old town Feltham not on here 🤣

@m_lewsey18: Someone’s clearly never been to Basildon

@Stephen12096630: I live in Croydon and consider a couple of those places posh

@eddylloyd6: Surely Torrington or Bideford should make the list

@_gdayy: I can tell you Luton is not a nice place to live went there for uni 🤢- even on the sunny days the sky feels gloomy.

@upthehatters: Hope we get Jaywick in the play offs

@lester_bowe: Most of the cities/towns wouldn’t be on the list if they weren’t underfunded. I blame the Tory government. The north needs to be equally treated with opportunities and economic and social infrastructure like it’s central london counterparts

@mystery_dave: Yep. Nobody in Westminster cares about far North places like Aylesbury.

@underscoremarx: Surprised to see Liverpool so high, I know things have been getting worse in the last decade but. It’s still a great place to live.

@AidenGallagher2: Its down to liverpool being a progressive city and the people of this country dont like things that are progressive

@stevenffc123: Chichester is a lovely place

@owenmaynard8: Scumdon 31 how is that not top 3. Some parts of Liverpool is beautiful.

@ZebSam36: How has Great yarmouth missed out on this list 😂

@Phil48662563: Absolutely no way Luton isn’t top

@rfc___sam: Canterbury 12th? Where’s the real list??

@maxbligh3: No way is there 49 worse cities in the UK than Southampton 50% of the people in town are on crack and the other 50% are on spice

@Harry0AFC: No surprise that rochdale is on here

@AthersBFC: London isn’t number 1. List invalid

@CabezaJake: Bolton finally in playoffs 😂

@SirPunchalot69: Sorry but Hounslow is top 10 and it’s not here and you’ve missed the entirety of east London

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