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England player kicked out by partner after she discovers he blew £55k on prostitute

An unnamed England player has been kicked out by partner after she discovers he blew £55k on a prostitute he ‘fell in love with’.

The footballer’s girlfriend found out that he sent ‘thousands’ of messages and received raunchy photographs in return, sometimes whilst he looked after his children.

He has been caught cheating with escorts prior to this, and while the player said he would change, it seems that he couldn’t stick to his promise, even pretending to see his sick mother as he went to see the escort.

He became “besotted” with a blonde escort, giving her £35,000 in seven months so he could see her whenever he was free, then handed over another £20,000 on presents, including a £2,500 necklace, and hotels.

But his partner’s suspicions arose when he was getting in late and “protecting his phone” at home, once arriving smelling of perfume.

His missus, who shared her fears with friend and his Premier League team’s Wags’ WhatsApp group, said it was a “rotten, flowery smell”.

His cheating was confirmed when he left his phone out while taking a shower, and she saw the photos and messages.

The reports goes on to add that she told friends he was “getting pics of the s**t at the exact time he had kids at soft play. The dirty w*****”.

She confronted him and he admitted seeing the female, but after a row, she was forced to kick him out for a few days before going to her parents.

Last night, it emerged she was prepared to give him “one last chance”, but only if he turned on his Snapchat account’s location setting so she knows where he is.

A source said: “They had issues before, and she never believed he would cheat on her again.

“She was deeply hurt that he hired an escort and then fell in love with her. Pretty Woman this is not.

“She wants to walk away for good but is thinking of their family. It’s been a rotten time.”

His pals are also similarly unimpressed, with one calling the footballer a “mug”.

Fans reacted after finding out that an England player was kicked out by his partner after she discovers he blew £55k on a prostitute…

@robo_is_back: His wife gave him one last chance aka she knows she’ll be a nobody without him if she fucks him off. All these wags are thick as shit

@wendysmith386: Give him one more chance??? Ffs boot his butt out the door hen, he will do it again

@guyinsussex (replying to The Sun): Well a certain City full back has been in the papers many a time about escorts and sex parties the only current England player and Prem player to have been. Oh and has kids… and a partner. “We’re not going to mention his name”… just everything else to give it away.

@Clarkie274: I reckon KW 😉

@BigDannyP_81: We all know who this is don’t we?

@ajaner3: Another case of the publicity and money being with him means more to her than her self worth. 😳#sad

@Big_Sizz: She has decided to stay with the multi millionaire instead of asking do you want fries with that.

@_kalvin: Defo Kyle Walker

Charlotte Sewell: £55k on an escort ???? Was her 🐱 made of pure gold and cocaine???

Lee Rackham: £55k wow you can get them for £45 in Bristol and they even sing the wurzles

Lisa Hodge: Once a cheater, always a cheater. These wags are so desperate to keep their WAG status, they will keep putting up with this crap. They obviously got no self respect for themselves.

Damien Murphy: she was prepared to give him “one last chance”. But he must turn on his Snapchat account’s location setting so she knows where he is. What age are they 13 Ffs using Snapchat and checking his map 😳

Michael Chapman: Must’ve had a full tank of fuel for that price

Natalie Hooton: When will these wags learn to get some self worth. They are all at it and they all get away with it. You would rather be a wag than have respect for yourself.

Luke Orion: Another footballer cementing footballers in generals reputations as being absolute thick clots.

Jamie Jamster Barnes: £55k for an Escort. He’s getting robbed! Look in autotrader. Bound to find a better deal in there!

Beth Rhiannon: Jesus I need a change in career 😂

Layla Fletcher – Light: I’m guessing Walker. He is always cheating

Lisa Linford: Who gave u this story, rebecca vardy 🤣🤣

Kate Haythornwhite: Guessing rebecca was apart of the what’s app group 😂

Paul Bailey: He deffo ain’t coming home. But fair play

Tracey Jane: She a fool to give another chance. Money talks I guess

Michaella Williams: No love you aren’t thinking of your family that’s why you haven’t left him your thinking of the money and being a wag still let’s he honest 🤦🏼‍♀️

Pam Davies: His partner needs to get some self-respect! He’s done this before, he’s done it again and she’s giving him ‘one last chance’! Once a cheat, always a cheat…. 🙄😳🤷‍♀️

Rebecca Hickling: Wow know you’re worth lady how many more chances you gonna keep giving him? Done it more than once he ain’t going to change and he don’t want to someone who truly loves you only has eyes for you.

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