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talkSPORT pundit slams Charlton fan for leaving first attended game in nine months early

One particular talkSPORT pundit slams a Charlton fan for leaving his first attended game in nine months early due to their performance.

The supporter called into the studio to complain but also give his experience on being selected and then allowed back in the stands, whilst other fans have no choice but to watch via iFollow.

Enough was enough for ‘Sam’ when watching his side go on to lose 1-0 to Milton Keynes Dons at The Valley on Wednesday night as lockdown rules lifted for that specific area the club were based in.

Perry Groves said: “So Sam, what was the atmosphere? Cus it sounds like Lee Bowyer is saying there that there’s negativity, it wasn’t like booing, just like the usual moans and groans?

Sam: “They got booed off at full time, but I’d left just before.”

Perry: “You left early in your first game back?!”

Jason Cundy: โ€œHold on, hold on, hold on Sam, hold it there. You left before the whistle?”

Sam: “So I was listening to the radio on the way, and just previous they said no one should leave…”

Jason: “Durham was listening, Adrian Durham was listening and saying imagine if fans left earlier.”

Sam: “On the way, I was thinking that. No one should leave.”

*Perry and Jason look to each other confused by this point*

Jason: “So why did you leave early Sam?”

Sam: “It’s the worst performance I’ve seen in 10 years.”

Perry: “But you haven’t seen them in nine months!”

Jason: “OMG it’s the best performance in nine months mate.”

Sam: *chuckles* “No it’s not”

Jason: “Sam you can’t be, you’ve… we’ve…”

Perry: *laughing* “I’ve gotta stick up for Sam here…”

Jason: “No, no, no”

Perry: “Wait a minute, he’s saying we crave normality right? That’s Sam being a normal fan saying I’m not happy with this, I’m off!”

Jason: “No, I’m sorry, I’m going to call this out. I would understand if you were 4-0 down, but there are no crowds in the stands. You got no crowds to beat. Honestly you’re a disgrace Sam. That’s shocking, you are the problem.”

Sam: “We played like we should have been 7-0 down.”

Jason: “But you were 1-0 down and still had a chance of rescuing a point.”

Sam: “No chance, we could have played four more hours of football and we still wouldn’t have scored.”

Jason: “Hang on, I can’t believe what I’m hearing, have talkSPORT really just had their first phone call where a supporter who has attended their first game in nine months leave a game early?”

As mentioned, Lee Bowyer also criticised his own fans, saying supporters were TOO NEGATIVE and TOO QUIET on their return to The Valley.

‘I’m pleased to see them back in,’ Bowyer said after the final whistle. ‘I would have liked it to have been a bit more positive from the fans.

‘They’ve been away so long, I’d rather they get behind the team and try and get them going.

‘Even though it was 2,000 I expected non-stop singing, supporting the players and pushing them. But it wasn’t like that.

‘It was very, very quiet apart from some negative shouting โ€“ and I didn’t expect that.’

Bowyer refuted claims that his players felt nervous about having fans in attendance for the first time since March.

‘I don’t believe (the crowd) made a difference,’ Bowyer said. ‘We’ve been wanting them to come back from day one and they’ve been kept away.

‘Listen, the players didnโ€™t really do too much to get people on their feet โ€“ but sometimes they need a bit of help, and thatโ€™s what our fans are great at.’

The last time fans were at Charlton in March, they were a Championship side but were relegated when football eventually returned behind closed doors.

The defeat leaves Charlton fourth in the League One table with 26 points but are two behind third-place Peterborough with a game in hand.

Fans reacted as the talkSPORT pundit slams a Charlton fan for leaving his first attended game in nine months early…

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