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Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien apologises for his Swansea red card which led to heated scenes

Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien apologises for his Swansea red card which led to heated scenes with both teams’ players coming together.

The 28 year old went on social media to say sorry to fans of the Black Cats following his sending off on Saturday afternoon.

He was given marching orders after just 18 minutes with referee Keith Stroud dismissing him for a mistimed challenge with excessive force on Oli Cooper, as can be seen in the video below…

This was a crucial moment in the game with Sunderland the better side at the time, Swansea took advantage however and won possession, going on to win 3-1.

O’Nien was given a straight red card and faces a three game ban, including the FA Cup fourth round fixture against Fulham and the home Championship fixture match against Millwall.

He wrote a post on Twitter, saying: “I usually enjoy a hard tackle but today I slightly mistimed it and it cost the boys. I feel disappointed in myself and I’m gutted for the boys as we set up well for 30 mins and believe our tactics were spot on to that point.

“I was proud of the lads to see them keep fighting while down to ten men. I will learn from this and when I come back from suspension I’ll make sure that l’m a smarter and better player and will continue to give my all for the team and the fans.”

The red card came shortly after Sunderland felt they should have been awarded a penalty when Amad looked to have been fouled by Liam Cullen, however Mowbray didn’t make an issue out of that decision and said he had not watched it back.

“I’ve got no idea,” he said of the penalty claim, as per Chronicle Live. “I haven’t got a picture of it in my mind, to be honest.

“I haven’t watched it back, I’m not interested in watching things back when the referee makes a decision. I haven’t watched the sending-off back, other than instantly [pitchside] – I thought that he [O’Nien] missed the ball.

“I think the ferocity of the tackle is what got him the red card. Defenders are allowed to tackle for the ball, but he doesn’t make contact with the ball and he catches the lad, so…

“It’s modern-day football and you have to accept it. It’s the speed that he came in that got him the red card.

“It was obviously a long afternoon for us after that against a team that bases itself on playing possession football. They are difficult enough to play 11-vs-11, so when you are a man down it becomes even more difficult and you have to decide how you are going to do it.

“Are you going to give the ball up, let them have it and try and defend your box? Or are you going to leave yourself exposed at the back where they can pick holes through you? We gave it a shot.

“In the first 20 minutes, we started really well and the momentum was with us. You don’t need me to say it, really, but I’m sure it would have been a different game if we had kept 11 men on the pitch.

“Luke has apologised to the team and it’s done now, we move on.”

Swansea City manager Russell Martin said post-match as per nation.cymru: “I’m really pleased with the players. It’s such a tough place to come.

“We knew it was going to be tough, and they started the game really well. The crowd and the atmosphere here is so good, and there’s been a shift in the feeling towards the club because of the promotion.

“It’s not an easy place to come, but then the game obviously changes on the sending off. It took us a little while to manage the emotion of that because the crowd was so up, and we’ve got so many young players experiencing that kind of atmosphere for the first time.

“It was about settling things down and trying to stay calm, and I thought we did very well in the second half.

“When we were in their half, some of our play was really good. We limited them to very little, and on the whole we’re really pleased. When they went down to 10 men, there’s maybe an expectation that we would go on to win, but I’ve told them to smile a bit because they’ve earned it.”

This is what social media users said as Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien apologises for his Swansea red card which led to heated scenes…

@zakmurphy_: the only thing you did wrong was not laying one out on the ref

@WhatTheFalkPod: Course you will, you’re one of the best at learning from mistakes and coming back 10x the better player and man. See you back on the pitch soon.

@Ramma_____: It’s your job to make tackles & put your body on the line, no need to apologise, you’re fully committed to the cause & gonna mis-time a few in your career

@jamie_davison1: It should have been the referee you went through after his performance

@Powell_Matthew: We live and learn! It was a bad tackle at most and in my opinion unfortunate to see red but it gave the referee a decision to make (with the aid of the Swansea players). No doubt in my mind you’ll be back better and we’re certainly a better team with you in it 💪🏻🔴⚪️

@BilbaoBlackCats: These things happen Luke! The ref was heavily influenced by their instant moaning. Tackle deserved a yellow card and a word in your ear but not a red. The fans can see the energy and effort you and the other lads are putting in and that’s enough for us. Ha’way The Lads 🇵🇪

@SAFCsource: It was a shocker but you’ve been great this season and will hopefully be even better when you return!

@SAFCFANSVIEW: Heart on sleeve, well done for coming out and identifying your error. Yes it cost us yesterday but hopefully it’s a lesson learnt moving forward. Big miss for the Boro game.

@Drifter050573: Your red card shouldn’t have been allowed to happen – play should’ve been STOPPED seconds earlier and a PENALTY awarded to us for a clear foul on Amad. Unfortunately the referee, and linesman on the West Stand side, BOTH failed to do their jobs and THAT is what cost the Lads.

@clow_evan: Unlucky Luke mate could tell ypu got frustrated from that Penalty appeal from Amad, We learn and move on proud of you to come out and apologise not many players do that 👏👏👏

@DVTheCoach: Sometimes we make a mistake, we pick ourselves up take the learning from it and move on. I look forward to seeing you back in action soon. One game does not make a season.

@Supa_Nico: Pal, you’ve been a light none of us expected. The majority of us were rock bottom when you joined the club, we’d never experienced the lows we were at. You’ve been instrumental in getting us back up the leagues. Red cards happen, footballs a contact sport.

@Fantanafest73: We all knew that Luke. You’ve been immense this season. It happens and you wouldn’t have been in that situation if the balloon knot of a ref had given the pen we should’ve had. Unlucky, we go again and you’ll be back stronger 👊👊👊

@MackemDrivel: Definite red. Daft challenge for no reason in their half. Ridiculous really.

@gus261989: Wouldn’t have been a call to make if he’d made the correct call 5 seconds prior when Amad was fouled. Spoilt the game.

@jxmes123: The swansea players surrounding the referee are the reason he got sent off. Not the tackle

@antoneee_x: Ref was never giving a red until that nob from Swansea started throwing his handbags

@adamguest: 100% a red.

@swinneymr: Think it’s a red but if you go back to when Jack Clarke was wiped out in front of the dug outs a few weeks ago I don’t see much difference apart from the colour of card. Refs at this level has lost it. The trying to let the game flow initiative is making them look even worse.

@RockySAFC: Clear red. The lad has been brilliant for us but hes let himself and us down today

@snell77: Christ what is he playing at man 🤦🏼‍♂️

@ForzaSunderland: We all make mistakes. Its how we learn from them that counts. Keep fighting Luke 👊

@SimonReed11: Come back after suspension and just do what you always do. Love your attitude and commitment 🔴⚪️⚽️

@juliesund: It would never have happened if we’d had a moderately competent ref. He’d lost the game before you were dismissed. As you say, you’ll learn, and we’ll move on from it.

@ColdwellAnn: It is what it is but your commitment is never in doubt and you are bound to be gutted. Will be hard to miss the next 3 games but a lesson learned and we all quickly move on. Chin up bonny lad. 🇵🇪❤️🤍♥️

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