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Favourites to become new Sunderland manager as Michael Beale leaves after just 12 games

The favourites to become new Sunderland manager has been revealed as Michael Beale leaves after just 12 games in charge.

The former QPR manager left his position just two months after stepping into the role as their head coach only 11 weeks after leaving Rangers.

His appointment caused controversy as he replaced the popular Tony Mowbray, who many believed should have been given more time in charge.

Sunderland suffered six losses in the 12 games under his management, including consecutive defeats against Huddersfield and Birmingham.


Sunderland AFC has appointed Mike Dodds as the Club’s interim Head Coach.

Dodds will lead the first team until the end of the 2023-24 season and replace Michael Beale, who departs the Stadium of Light with immediate effect.

A member of the Club’s coaching team since August 2021, Dodds took charge of the Black Cats earlier this campaign and guided them to back-to-back wins in the Sky Bet Championship.

Sporting Director Kristjaan Speakman said: “We are disappointed that Michael is leaving Sunderland AFC. Our desire is to improve and unfortunately that hasn’t been evident, as such we take full accountability and feel that acting decisively is in the best interests of the Club. This has been a difficult few months for Michael, who leaves with our best wishes for the future. Our focus is now on the players and supporting Mike Dodds in the remaining games to ensure we achieve the highest possible league finish. We will be updating our supporters further as and when significant developments are made.”

Now Sunderland are looking for third permanent manager this season while Beale is out of work for the second time this campaign.

Keith Downie first revealed that Mike Dodds will resume the hot-seat until the end of the season, having already had one successful interim spell in charge this season.

This will give the club time to reflect and only then decide who to appoint as their new Head Coach for the summer.

TEAMtalk reports that Sunderland’s managerial candidates include the likes of highly rated Polish coach Marek Papszun, and two former Premier League managers in Paul Heckingbottom and Steve Cooper.

Interviewer: Michael, defeat today at Birmingham City and that concludes an extremely disappointing week on the road

Beale: Yeah we come into the week with a lot of optimism and the two way, defeats have sort of made a lot of questions around us as a team and and the staff as well and we have to accept it because today first half in particular I thought we play very well we go 1-0 up to a really good goal you know our press was good and Jack goes and finishes had one or two more opportunities remain does really well it’s a fantastic save from John Ruddy and a key moment in the game we spoke about what to expect second half obviously we knew the crowd would get behind them and they would squeeze up and I thought we we played in front of them we made it a little bit easy to be pressed and could we run behind more could we hold the ball up it’s a big moment when Mason has the goal taken away is marginally offside but it’s a big moment for us and it’s a really really poor second half considering the the great position we were in at half time

Interviewer: So disappointing as you say not to take advantage of that first half performance because in this league as you know you need to do it across the 90

Beale: Yeah of course and listen we go in today’s game what people won’t know is that people like Trey Hume pass a fitness test going to the well for us do you know what I mean and I absolutely love him for the the mentality that he has and and so there’s players this week that have played all three games that are you know after Wednesday’s game mentally and physically a little bit drained and we’ve come down here today and our first half performance I thought was was more than worth with us being in front and I just felt we was a little bit too easy to play against in the second half we played in front of them straight away even if you look at us taking kick off in the centre half we were negative we went backwards I would like us to be more positive it’s on me as the coach to find the solutions on Me on the coach to make us play and give instructions for us to improve and even today the subs I felt could have had a greater impact so again am I making the right decisions in those moments

Interviewer: Dan Ballard I suspended for two two games as well a real blow for the team there’s an opportunity for somebody else to come in

Beale: Yeah Jenson’s been waiting for his opportunity um to play at Center half so he’ll get it now I didn’t think it was a yellow card I would like the fourth official to help the referee out I don’t want to be on a day where we’ve cost ourself I don’t want to be moaning about the referee but in that moment Dan played the ball and so it’s a harsh yellow card to get um and so yeah Jensen will get his go now and I’ve got no doubts he’ll come in and and add to the team as well and just wait today’s game

Interviewer: Is there an update on Patrick Roberts following his scan and also at Elliot Embleton in terms of when we can expect to see both of those players back in action

Beale: Yeah we won’t see either of them for a while unfortunately so with Paddy is four or five weeks and with Embo on the scan there was there was something we didn’t really expect to see that we have so he’ll probably be the same amount of time as well which is disappointing for both and look we, today’s a disappointing day I understand that the last two results are disappointing we must bounce back next week at home to Swansea our away form needs to improve that’s clear for everyone but we don’t play our away now for two weeks let’s get our head back uh and we need to have a positive performance from everybody next week at home

SEE MORE: Michael Beale refuses to shake Trai Hume’s hand in Sunderland’s defeat at Birmingham

Twitter users reacted as Sunderland manager Michael Beale leaves after just 12 games…

@tynetakes: Was a terrible appointment in the first place. Comes across very arrogantly and his management was useless against Newcastle

@kelvin_pringle: Yeah I feel sorry for what Michael Beale is going through personally but have to say I’m glad he’s no longer manager nothing personal he’s just not good enough #SAFC

@clarkysafc88: Trai Hume did that on purpose didn’t he? 😂 #safc #Bealeout #handshakegate

@AdamShaww96: Interested to see what Speakmans got to say after this mind.. they gave Beale a 2.5year contract 😳 Complete wrong appointment was clear for everyone but him to see #Safc

@Capt_Fishpaste: Absolutely ridiculous to blame the fans by the way. Michael Beale actually had to apologise after his first game. Remember that? It wasn’t the fans who prepared and set-up the team for that game. His very first game! The club and Beale have failed here, not the fans #SAFC

@Adamdoran97: Genuinely hope Michael is successful somewhere down the road. Seems like a good family bloke that just happened to be the wrong coach at the wrong time here. No one deserves the stuff that’s gone on in his personal life recently #safc

@TheRealAnthHunt: Well done for doing the right thing in the end @SunderlandAFC. Best decision for all parties. Still concerning that the appointment was allowed in the first place but credit where it’s due in for listening to the fans and acting decisively. Did someone say play offs? 👀 #SAFC

@IanSKershaw: Mr Beale failed to demonstrate the leadership qualities needed to manage this team of young players. A good decision by the Board of @SunderlandAFC #safc Let’s hope they can find an inspirational leader who can last at least two seasons.

@Redser702: People can slag off KLD and Speakman all they want, but one thing they can’t say is they’re ruthless. First LJ, now this. Hiring Beale was mental, but at least they pulled the plug before it really affected the rest of the season. @krespeakman get Cooper in please 🤌🤌 #safc

@MichaelStelling: What a cluster fuck of an appointment. Everyone could see it a mile off. Give it to Dodds till the end of the season and give someone a fresh slate in the summer. #safc

@Ramb01985: We keep moving, 8 weeks of beale ball shouldn’t undo the position what we find ourselves in! We have at least 13 games to go!! Let’s get right behind them in every game! Ha’way the lads!!!! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ #safc

@profRoys: Beale was always a poor fit. Shows how little feel owners often have for the culture of these long-established community clubs. I’ll give them credit for learning quickly from this mistake. #SAFC #HawayTheLads #Sunderland

@Michael__Bird_: Glad Beale has gone, football under him had gone completely backwards and his general attitude was horrible, we were warned as well by rangers fans, hopefully this is a wake up for Speakman & co #SAFC

@TomStansfield89: Quite impressive for Mick Beale to be sacked by two different clubs before the end of February #safc

@Flashman_Karl: I really wanted it to work out with Beale, sadly the past week it became very clear it wouldn’t. Probably a good coach, just not head coach material. Hope the club takes their time to make the right appointment, Dodds is a safe pair of hands for the time being. #SAFC

@MackemMetallica: We (most of us) all knew that the appointment of Beale was never going to work. Why could the people running the club not see that? What was it that attracted them to him? Mistakes happen but this was a catastrophic one #safc

@LdoubleE_87: Needed to happen and fair play to the club for not being stubborn and admitting their mistakes – although this season is probably over we must, must get this next appointment right and dare I say it spend some money to get the right man in #SAFC

@langer1066: People asking for the board to go with Beale need to give their heads a shake. Everyone makes mistakes but luckily we’ve seen that it was the wrong appointment and changed it while it wasn’t too late. Look at the progress Kld and Speakman have done. Back the board and FTM #safc

@J_H96: Not who we wanted, didn’t do himself any favours, and caught most of the flack from the derby day black cats bar debacle. Big couple of weeks coming up now, needs to be the right choice. Whether that’s Dodds until the end of the year or someone else who knows #safc

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