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Sunderland fans left reeling on new update in club’s search for new manager

Sunderland fans have been left reeling on a new update in the club’s search for new manager with another candidate dropping out.

Alan Nixon and regional media outlets like the Northern Echo and Sunderland Echo have reported that Liam Rosenior is highly unlikely to take up the role of the next Sunderland head coach.

The former Hull boss is eager to ‘assess his options’ with Burnley said to be showing an interest in appointing him.

Extensive talks were held between the Black Cats and Rosenior in the last week, with the 39-year-old said to be a leading candidate to take over at the Stadium of Light.

But now it would seem that the Championship outfit are having to look elsewhere, with yet another candidate is no longer as interested in the role.

He revealed via Patreon: “Liam Rosenior is OUT of the race for the Sunderland job in a shock twist. Rosenior pulled out of a second interview with the Black Cats after thinking over the move.

“The former Hull City chief is hoping for a chance of the Burnley vacancy although insiders claim others are ahead in the chase.”

“Sunderland are now looking again for a manager. They will have to dig deep to land Martin Cifuentes from QPR or move further down their list.”

It seems like the task of bringing Cifuentes in is made tougher and more unlikely with it costly and becoming pressured for time with pre-season beginning this month

Last Friday, Kyril Louis-Dreyfus put out a statement amid unrest from fans because of the silence regarding the vacant role.

He expressed his hope that an appointment would be made soon saying a decision was ‘imminent’.

Yet with every other day that has passed, a candidate has dropped out of the running.

As mentioned, Sunderland fans are left reeling on a new update in club’s search for a new manager, this is what they’ve had to say…

@DupeTweet: I’m the is what it is type, and don’t pipe up often on here anymore. But what the fuck are we actually doing? #SpeakmanOut #SAFC

@GeordieButcher: All this talk of the ineptness of the #SAFC board in hiring a manager isn’t half distracting their fan base from their primary function of talking about #NUFC……”haway” lads, sleeve sponsors, seagulls and Toon tops being everywhere to fewm about…..

@GreggSAFC: Anybody else thinking next season could be an absolute shit show? Could be back down to League 1 this time next year #SAFC

@Rollie3333: So Dodds it is then #safc

@MiserableMackem: #SpeakmanOut is trending? It’s vindication day, lads and lasses. Apologies on a postcard, please. Stand strong. Have your opinions. Fuck Speakman. #SAFC

@_BarryDixon: #SpeakmanOut Can’t blame anyone for not wanting to work under the restrictions he has put in place with his “model” that cannot be challenged. #SAFC


@MFBriggs: It’s ways and generic to say you’ll back your club through thick and thin…but then this happens. Again. It’s a mess. Again. It’s getting really hard to continue to support this club. #safc

@davey_lad: #safc running out of options… can’t believe Graeme Murty isn’t higher up in the bookies reckoning tbh

@LouisBooth92: If KLD was serious he would get rid of that daft cunt now like otherwise he can fuck off as well #SAFC

@dickas10: Time to go @krespeakman and KLD. What an absolute laughingstock, even by our own standards. #SAFC

@stehewy: The 3 managers who have “turned down” the chance to mangage Sunderland should never be in the frame anyway, the fact they were shows how far this club has fallen. The fact they turned it down shows how far we will fall if something isn’t done immediately. #speakmanout #SAFC

@DayToDayGuy: I’ll be deed before we ever see us in the Prem again. Sad to see the club being destroyed and they couldn’t care less what we think, they just do it anyway. #safc

@_BarryDixon: Speakman’s “model” does not allow a head coach or manager to do their job. The restrictions on him are crazy. No say on anything, do as you are told, + if we underperform it’s their fault and will be sacked. Whereas the clown pulling the strings isn’t held accountable.

@Laffers93: #SAFC fans as a collective need to take action and make a stand, we are watching our Club being destroyed right infront of each and every one of us #KLDOut #SpeakmanOut.

@safc_fanzone: I’ve said for a long time that this Speakman model will not work Champagne service on Foster’s budget. All it has done put off managers coming too are great club KLD and Speakman haven’t got a clue. #SAFC

@_connor_eden_: Is the #SAFC job on indeed yit?

@DayToDayGuy: At this stage I would just take back Alex Neil, all is forgiven but I don’t even think he would want the job either. So at least now we know it’s not the candidates fault but it’s KLD and Speakman. #SAFC

@kelvin_pringle: Is Sam Allardyce up to much these days? #SAFC

@Safc851: KLD is the biggest problem, not Speakman. After all, KLD hired him and contues to keep him on the payroll #SAFC

@JamieSAFC_: Get Speakman out of this fucking club. I have been his biggest supporter his entire time here. It’s done, we’re done. This entire thing is a joke. Speakman out, let the manager bring their own fucking staff and be more flexible in the model. #SAFC

@schmeichel1b: Christ, this is worrying if true. How many rejections do we need to take before the ownership looks at the current set-up? #SAFC

@adam66Diablo: @SunderlandAFC what is happening with managerial appointment? For a club that gets 40,000 supporters in Championship etc. It’s not good enough! Pay the money and get the Man that can do the job and take lads back to Premier League #safc Graham Potter is available man! Get him in!

@GazJFisher: We’re so fucked man. Relegation is certain and I will absolutely be cancelling that season ticket once they announce the shite appointment that is inevitable #safc

@Safc851: I am looking forward to reading people trying to defend this latest development. Even if people weren’t sold on Rosenior, it’s another one that doesn’t fancy the role. #SAFC

@e_sunderland: If this is true, then we’re done as a club. Being neglected by Liam Rosenior in favour of the possibility of the Burnley job is nothing short of shameful from #SAFC in every sense. We have surely got to start asking serious questions of those at the top now??

@J0shuaJ0rdan: This is so embarrassing. Nearly 120 days, and we still haven’t got a manager #SAFC

@HungarianMackem: We are in deep deep shit aren’t we. Rosenior ruled out now. Holy fuck. We may be relegation fodder. #safc

@davidroper1903: Only #safc can make a claim that an appointment is imminent and 5 days later still nothing

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