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Sunderland fans cheekily taunt Wigan manager Kolo Toure with chant during hammering win

Thousands of Sunderland fans cheekily took to taunt Wigan Athletic manager Kolo Toure with a chant during their hammering win.

Ross Stewart got his third goal since returning back from injury to help give the Black Cats a huge boost, sitting fourth in the Championship table.

A big 4-1 victory means the Latics now sit bottom with 24 points from 25 games played and are three points from safety but have played a game more than 21st place Hull. The two other sides in the relegation zone are Huddersfield Town and Blackpool.

Trai Hume’s cross found Ellis Simms who heads home at the back post just 19 minutes in.

Wigan’s James McClean saw his effort strike the woodwork not long after before Diallo smashed his shot off the underside of crossbar as the Black Cats pressed for a second before the break.

Moments later, Wigan got an equaliser, with Will Keane following up Anthony Patterson’s save from Thelo Aasgaard.

Substitute Stewart grabbed a second, this time from the penalty spot after Tom Naylor had tripped Patrick Roberts, and then the away side made it 3-1 with a deflected effort before Diallo grabbed a fourth.

Footage emerged of Sunderland fans singing “Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Toure, Kolo Kolo Kolo Kolo Kolo Kolo Kolo Toure” at Wigan manager while 4-1 up.

Thousands have seen, shared and commented on it, producing many a laugh for fans coming across it online.

Wigan’s Kolo Toure: “I feel they have been two scorelines that didn’t reflect the games we played. Conceding goals of course isn’t great. But trying to score goals when you are losing is part of the game, you have to go for it. We are not a team that, when you are losing a game, you just try to defend. We want to come back in games, but when you do that, you can lose 4-1 – and that is very tough to take.

“The penalty, in my opinion, was harsh, and I don’t think a team like Sunderland needed those kinds of decisions to help them. After that we are chasing the game, and you have to react to that. We want to keep attacking and score, and when you’re playing against a Sunderland side with so many attacking options, you are risking being punished.”

Sunderland’s Tony Mowbray: “We’re competing, and the target for this club is still to stay in this league, and to try and compete around mid-table. That might be the case come the end of the season, depending on how the squad survives the rigours of the campaign. At the moment, we’re not dreaming of anything else, the fans can dream of course, because we’re in the mix at the moment with loads and loads of other good clubs.

“Lose two games, though, and all of a sudden you’re 15th. Win two games, and all of a sudden you’re fourth. That’s the madness of the league really, and all you can do is keep competing as best you can. There’s some really tough games around the corner, and some games we feel we can target as ones we have to try and win. We know we have to keep picking up points.”

This is what social media users said as Sunderland fans cheekily taunt Wigan manager Kolo Toure with a chant during the hammering win…

@KaI_WAFC: Genuinely found this hilarious. I suppose at 4-1 down you can afford to laugh at yourself 😅

@03jjones92: Worst ever chant even worse they sing it at the darts now

@Chris52225327: Look how empty the ground is 🤢🤢

@DomKnight__: Taking the piss man 😭

@Worly82: At least he was the most expensive option 🥴

@Hendo1980: Top shithousery 👌

@Adam_Michael90: Shithousery!!! SUNLIN take over everywhere we go!!!!!!

@jamie_davison1: Bloody brilliant 🤣🤣🤣

@FulwelI: Sunderland fans chanting the kolo kolo, yaya yaya Toure chant is unbelievable shithousery 🤣🤣

@DannyLannon: A piece of me died inside when they did that, bastards 🙈

@AO_wafc: Going to happen every week now.

@BrackOwen: Can’t lie thats quality 🤣 👏🏻

@joey__burton__: To be fair, I wouldn’t start with that after what Yaya did to us at Wembley… 🤣

@iandobbers: I do enjoy things like this.

@ANT_LCFC: Going well for Kolo by the looks of things 😬😬

@TheBurnleyWay: Unreal 😂

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