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Southend United’s renamed stand features name of serial killer

Southend United’s renamed stand features the name of a well known serial killer and there are calls to change it, but it’ll cost them.

The National League side have partnered up with local estate agents Gilbert & Rose. However, it appears they didn’t think it through too well as their West Stand is now named after an serial killer.

Supporters of the Shrimpers raised concerns this week that using “Rose West” as part of the stand’s name was problematic given the associations with the infamous murderer.

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Southend had initially said that they had no plans to change the name of the stand, no doubt due to it costing the club a significant amount of money.

But after every media outlet wrote a story on this, the football club said Wednesday afternoon that it was talking to the sponsor about a “different arrangement of words”.

The new name of the stand has also been included on season ticket cards and the club’s website.

After selling the rights to the estate agents, the West Stand at Roots Hall is now inexplicably called the Gilbert & Rose West Stand.

The first person to spot the odd name choice, wrote: ‘Only Southend United could have a sponsor for the West Stand called Gilbert and Rose, inevitably leading to the Gilbert and Rose West Stand.’

Writing on Twitter a Southend United fan said: ‘I went this morning and a very helpful young man served me. 

‘I was surprised that he didn’t know about Rose West who we have named the stand after.’ 

Iain Macintosh, Managing Editor, Audio at The Athletic UK, said: ‘I think we’re about to discover if the maxim “all publicity is good publicity” is true or not.’ 


Southend sell naming rights to their West Stand | RTG Sunderland Message  Boards

For those who may not know, Rose West is a serial killer who, with her husband, Fred West – murdered at least nine women between 1973 and 1987 and the female is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

The serial killer tortured and abused lodgers, babysitters, children, with her husband Fred West as well as strangers they picked up off the street before burying them in the cellar or under the patio of their home in Gloucester dubbed ‘the house of horrors’.

Serial killer Rose West, now 68, and her husband Fred West were arrested in 1994 and charged with nine counts of murder. 

Rose was later charged with a 10th – the killing of her stepdaughter Charmaine West, eight, in 1971. 

Where is Rose West now and how old is she? Murderer the subject of new ITV  show Their Untold Story - Chronicle Live
Rose West

Lodgers, babysitters, children, as well as strangers they taken off the street, tortured and abused before being buried in the cellar or under the patio of their home in Gloucester dubbed ‘the house of horrors’. 

The pair even killed their eldest daughter Heather in June 1987.

Fred, who confessed the killings, took his own life in his cell while on remand at HMP Birmingham on New Year’s Day, 1995.

Other victims included Alison Chambers, 16, Shirley Robinson, 18, Juanita Mott, 18, Shirley Hubbard, 15, Theresa Siegnethaler, 21, Lucy Partington, 21, Carol Ann Cooper, 15, Lynda Gough, 19, Rena Costello (Fred’s ex-wife), 27, Charmaine West (Fred’s daughter), 8, and Anne McFall, 18.

Fred is also believed to have also killed 15-year-old Mary Bastholm, but her remains have never been found.

Rose, who has consistently claimed her innocence, was found guilty on all counts and is currently serving a life prison sentence.

As mentioned, Southend United’s renamed stand features a name of a serial killer, this is what fans said…

@becksthfc: That cannot be real 😂😂

@tanky7: Helluva quiz question. Which non league team decided to commemorate a serial killler

@StreathamRovers: What an atrociously run football club.

@Tommytheslug1: Dreading the day they dig up the pitch to relay the turf

@leeb1977: Glad to see Southend taking a pro active approach here. We often celebrate the patio laying skills of Fred West…. but its ROSE that had to jetwash it every few weeks. Does she ever get credit?

@danrowe28: What a stand name!!! 🤦‍♂️

@Everton78Nsno: They’ve had an absolute mare here

@leytonorientear: Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess

@ncfcmaxparso: That’s an impressive level of fuck up

@GarrethAspinall: Oh dear….. don’t think it’s Southend United’s fault….. suggest Gilbert and Rose should have considered what they were naming…….

@Dan1879_SAFC: 😂 how has that been approved?

@HoppersGuide: Coming soon… The Peter Sutcliffe South Stand

@PureDeadCraig: This is a spectacular fail 😂😂😂

@JoshFitter95: That’s a killer name.

@_CallumPal96: Nah fuck off 😭😭

@OwenBradley87: How have they managed this hahaha

@JSR__93: Thick as mince them lot

@SANDRA_HTFC: And here was me thinking Huddersfield’s “Big Red End” was the best/worst stand name in the world…

@tophergraham: A staggering lack of due diligence. Would not like to be in the club’s comms office right now.

@mufc__josh: Almighty clanger this 🤣🤣

@NHanshaw8: Worst thing is our fans have flagged this up. Nobody would know. Ya reckon the 50 Borhamwood fans would’ve noticed??? Dumb Fans Dumb Club.

@paulcox86: Don’t think they’ve thought that through.

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