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Southampton hit back at Pompey fan left ‘disgusted’ after being refused entry into England’s game

After finding out that well known Portsmouth fan John Westwood was refused entry into England’s match against Kosovo at Southampton, fans revealed he had no sympathy for him…

@grunners85: Whoever had the seat in front of him had a lucky escape. Cock end once sat behind me at an england game at villa park and rang that bastard bell for the whole match.

@djmorley84: @talkSPORT what Mr Westwood failed to tell you was that during a previous Saints v Pompey game at St Marys, he urinated all over the seats and the club are aware of this which is WHY he was not allowed in, he lied to you to try and pull on your heart strings!!

@JoshR1988: Don’t report the fact that he was calling Saints fans “ scummer C**nts” under the noses of the stewards whilst queuing up. Yet he claims he didn’t wanna cause trouble ??

@simonmatthews8: Actually, he is banned from St Mary’s for pissing on the seats and smashing up the toilets!! Let’s not make this fool a victim here!!

@BaddesleyBill: Exactly what he wanted to happen. This clown effigy was just looking for attention….and Talksport gave it to him on a plate.

@tcsaintsfc: Quick note guys. He has an indefinite banning order for urinating on the seats when attending the ground. Has regularly tried to provoke fans, including the other night I hear, despite it not be a #saintsfc game. Now has the cheek to act like butter wouldn’t melt ???

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