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Sky Sports apologise for ‘insensitive’ comments on black armbands and Everton boss’ clothes

Sky Sports apologise for ‘insensitive’ comments that was made on the Everton boss’ clothes and black armbands worn in tribute to a fan.

It was heard during the 4-0 defeat by Aston Villa on Sunday afternoon with commentators Bill Leslie and Andy Hinchcliffe criticised on social media.

Everton paid tribute to 26 year old Michael Jones who sadly died working at the site of their new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock last week.

Sky Sports commentators Bill Leslie and Andy Hinchliffe joked boss Sean Dyche looked ‘like a croupier’ – a casino operator – for wearing his white shirt and black armband.

However, after backlash, it has led to Sky Sports saying sorry for ‘any upset or distress’ caused by the comments, and add that they have reminded the commentators of their ‘responsibilities and the need for care and sensitivity’.

‘Comments made during the Aston Villa v Everton game were insensitive and regrettable,’ a spokesperson said.

Both Leslie and former Everton defender Hinchcliffe have expressed regret at what they had said after trying to crack a joke.

Construction worker Michael Jones was fatally injured suffering ‘severe head injuries’ last week while working at the Bramley-Moore Dock development.

Despite being quickly rushed to hospital, he died later that day despite medics’ best efforts.

Fans have paid respect while players and coaching staff wore black armbands, banners were displayed and an applause was held in the 26th minute at Villa Park in memory of lifelong Everton fan Jones.

Jurgen Klopp also took his Liverpool squad to lay flowers at the site near the River Mersey prior to their Premier League match with Bournemouth last Saturday.

Contractors Laing O’Rourk have suspended work on the project until further notice, issuing a statement of their own saying they were in ‘shock and sadness’ at Jones’ passing, vowing to see the organisation ‘cooperate fully with any investigation that follows’.

Everton also said following the incident,that everyone at the club was ‘heartbroken’ by Jones’ tragic death.

Black armbands were also worn by Everton’s Under-21 side in their fixture last week against Liverpool while supporters at Villa Park held a minute’s applause in the 26th minute of the match.

This is what social media users had to say as Sky Sports apologise for ‘insensitive’ comments on black armbands and the Everton boss’ clothes…

@Fanscapes1: As others have stated, given the context, they really should apologise on screen (I haven’t seen it?). This was a very very poor piece of commentary @SkySportsPL

@Johnefc91: For a club that paid his wages for 8 years hinchcliffe is always disrespectful towards us

@leeb05: Not sorry enough to put it on their own website though

@TBlue66: Nice to see that @SkySports commentator Bill Leslie think that Dyche wearing a black armband in tribute to a dead Evertonian is worthy of taking the piss out of.

@pollyjo12: What a disrespectful cretin Andy Hinchcliffe is @SkySports need to sack him..

@_LV2__: Just read that Andy hinchcliffe made jokes about dyches black armband today, just cemented himself as the massive bellend he is

@teadrinker68: They sacked Rodney Marsh from Soccer Saturday for similar. If they don’t sack Hinchcliffe, have their ‘standards’ lowered? I guess since they decided that spitting at a child is ok, then the question is somewhat rhetorical.

@JohnnyA1970: The actual commentary team/ those involved should be made to apologies live on air.

@JimmyCarty65: Sky should make them two clowns apologise live on air for them disgraceful comments. And then sky and the two clowns involved should make a very large donation to the go fund me page set up.

@nikkiharg: Classless as ever 🙄

@BarnesNolan2017: Hinchcliffe should never commentate on any future Everton games. His bitter snide comments flow at every chance.

@melharvey72: I was astonished at this. Still am. Then they kept it going, Hinchcliffe laughing about their banter. Disgusting.

@GPRatcliffe: @SkySports if you were sorry then why is it not on your site?! Disgraceful

@toffee_tower: Was disgusting what they said. Only idiots don’t understand what a black armband means. The fact the made a joke about Dyches appearance with it was vile. Hope Sky Sports take action against them.

@cattywhites2: Apologise to Michael Jones family is the least you can do @SkySportsPL @SkySports @SkyFootball

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