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Simon Jordan takes aim at Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri ‘having a tantrum’

Simon Jordan takes aim at Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri ‘having a tantrum’ asking fans for money to help save the club.

The former Crystal Palace owner turned talkSPORT pundit questioned the validity of claims by Chansiri that he has a cash flow shortfall of £2m after that astonishing interview with The Star in the week.

It saw Chansiri request his club’s fans come forward with £2m to ‘save their club’ from the threat of a three-window transfer embargo. You can see more on that HERE.

And while discussing about the matter on talkSPORT, Simon Jordan looks into the matter while also locking horns with a Sheffield Wednesday fan.

Jim White: If you’re a Sheffield Wednesday fan then you want to listen up now 5 months on, almost to the day since I spoke to the Sheffield Wednesday owner Chansiri when Sheffield Wednesday got themselves out of League One Simon and into the Championship and at Wembley that day Chansiri told me about his plans for life in the Championship

Chansiri: We try to go for it

JW: So you are totally committed to Sheffield Wednesday as the owner and you’re going to invest?

Chansiri: I do my best like like I mentioned all the time saying I’m here I will do my best yeah

JW: He says I’m going to try and do my best, now months on they found life more than tough in the Championship that’s one thing but behind the scenes Simon, Chansiri appears to be finding uh cash flow problems pretty limiting and and pretty restricting as well now he’s spoken to the Sheffield Star and he’s told the fans, who have described him as a custodian only, that this is their chance to save the club he says if 20,000 people gave 100 quid then it’s 2 million and it would be clear so we can finish it that would cover everything HMRC and the wages that would need to be done before November the 10th if they don’t want to pass the 30 days but that means there can be no next time, it would need to be before we make it safe so if it was on the 5th then there would be 10 days left if we’re hit 30 days then we would get a ban for three transfer Windows now he’s talking about a transfer embargo obviously there um in other words he’s saying right you fans I’m the owner but you you think yourselves as owners now and again I’ve got cash flow issues how about helping out how about 100 quid from each you that’s 2 million and that will get us through this tricky spell you ever heard anything like this

Simon Jordan: No I think he’s making a point I mean he’s you know if you look at the family worth that he comes from he comes from a family that’s worth you know three quarter of a billion um you’re talking about someone that’s been prepared to spend 150 to 160 million on Sheffield Wednesday you’re talking about someone that’s having a tantrum and having a turn um he uses the word try his best very very regular he uses it in conjunction with the interview that you did after they won the playoff final he uses it in conjunction with this article, I think he’s a bit tired of probably being told by football fans what he should and shouldn’t be doing but that is the price on the ticket

JW: Do you believe him when he says I’ve got cash flow problems

SJ: He might do, but I don’t think his cash flow problems extend to 2 million quid, I don’t think 2 million quid would be a determining factor for this man as to whether he can afford to continue to fund Sheffield Wednesday, if it was 20 million quid I’d have a conversation with the subject matter about oh dear there might be some issues in this in this situation this this is about someone that’s had a very challenging relationship with the club that has made decisions a lot of the time that I think have been flawed that seems to have alienated himself from the fans even when Sheffield Wednesday have been in positions of opportunity when they had Carlos Carvajal in situ and they were in the playoffs and had opportunities to get out of the division this is a club that landed in League One under his ownership after the amount money that he spent someone that’s spending that kind of money on a football club should occupy a different relationship with fans than the one that this man does and I think there were cultural differences in terms of his expectations as to what people should and shouldn’t be able to say to him we’ve had Carlton Palmer in the studio having a conversation about what he thinks that was you know there was there was loaded in that one because obviously Carlton was Darren Moore’s friend and felt that it was a mishandling of that situation so I don’t genuinely believe that he needs or particularly wants Sheffield Wednesday fans to pony up 100 pound each he knows it’s not going to happen he knows that the entire fan base that turns up or 70% of it that turns up on a weekly basis to watch every Wednesday aren’t going to give them an extra 100 quid he knows that going in what he’s doing is saying okay you want to call me a custodian which in principle there’s an argument towards when you’re the person sitting in the box seat and I can say this as a previous owner and you’re being told that you’re a custodian whilst you’re doing your brain in economically it can be quite irritating

JW: I can imagine it’s challenging I mean there’s Rob saying Simon I’m sorry a chairman cannot ask his fans to stump up the money to cover cost surely that’s absurd

SJ: No but then the chairman shouldn’t have to constantly listen to people telling you that it’s not your football club you don’t own it

JW: But that’s a price on the ticket

SJ: That is a price on the ticket so there is a two-way transaction anybody that’s been an owner can relate to Chansiri anybody that’s got any common sense wouldn’t do what Chansiri is doing I can relate to it and sit there go you know you saucy sod you tell me how to spend my money right but if I come to you and say I’m going to put your season ticket price up by 100 quid you’re going to scream now Sheffield Wednesday fans will now say ‘no we wouldn’t as long as we knew all that money was is going into the team’ when it goes into the team which is where this 160 because 160 million quid this fella’s put in has gone into the team the fact that he’s not run it very well do I think this is admirable from a chairman no do I think he should be behaving in this way no do I think this is the way to communicate with a fan base no do I think this relationship is broken probably is he going to be getting out Sheffield Wednesday probably as someone’s prepared to come along and buy it but no one can argue irrespective of the stupidity and the decline that this man hasn’t put a lot of money in this football club but then again it doesn’t alter the landscape football fans are not interested in your best attempts they’re not interested in your commitment they’re not interested in your money they’re only interested an outcome and I understand it I get it, it doesn’t make it right but I understand it but this is not the way to this is not no way is this the way to do it n

JW: No I mean is you’re reading of this that yes indeed he does have cash flow problems and the reason I ask you that is it players and staff are due to be paid today Chansiri is saying that while part time and casual staff will be paid in full those on higher salaries on the playing and non-playing side could go unpaid or paid only in part

SJ: He may well have cash flow issues I think what he has is a cash flow issue in his mind I think he has a resistance to being told what to do

JW: That’s totally irresponsible isn’t it

SJ: Well it it is because he’s taken on the responsibility of owning a football club and with that comes consequences and I can tell you it’s really easy and everyone’s going to say that’s listening to this well then don’t take on the job when you take on the job you don’t realize that you are that sometimes your biggest detractors are the people that are working along not the opposition not the enemies that you’re fighting against are trying to achieve something in football but the very people that are supposed to be with you yeah and so with that it comes a challenge and if you’re culturally from a background where ultimately authority is supposed to be recognized it’s a difficult one now he should have got his head around this and this makes him a laughing stock this makes him look like a child with his particular foot…

JW: Is irresponsible what you’re saying

SJ: Well yeah I think I it’s irresponsible no it’s irresponsible what he’s doing what he’s saying if he backs up what he’s saying with by what he’s doing then he puts himself in the way of damaging the opportunity for this football club but quite frankly he’s probably already looked at this season gone we’ve got one win all season ironically this weekend so no I don’t think it’s appable and by the way when I last spoke about this I saw this subject coming over social media I did not blame Sheffield Wednesday fans for this situation I talked about their contribution towards it in terms of they needs to be a healthy dynamic there needs to be a bit of respect and sometimes there’s a significant lacking in respect towards people that are prepared to put lots and lots of money in a football club to try and get a football club successful and of course take the rewards for it but they are still doing their brains in economically

JW: Well tongue and cheek or not, he’s suggesting that if 20,000 give 100 quid that’s 2 million and then they would be in the clear

SJ: Well everyone knows they’re not going to do that

Simon and Jim both talk with Sheffield Wednesday fan ‘Ben’, and you can watch how that plays out in the video below…

Chansiri issued a statement on the 1st of November 2023, more on that interview he had with the Star.

Chansiri says: “Further to my interview in the media earlier this week, I would like to take this opportunity to expand on some of the detail and also provide an update to the situation.

“I can confirm that all our players and staff have been paid their salaries in full. I can also confirm that the outstanding HMRC amount has been satisfied and the EFL embargo will be lifted.

“Regarding my interview, I agreed to do this because I was asked and I wish to be as transparent as possible. I was asked questions and provided the answers at that time. The business world moves very quickly which I stressed. I received funds due to me which allowed me to transfer funds to the club. Money owed to me was late and this had the potential to impact on the club.

“I explained there is a big difference between cashflow and cash in the bank. Money is moved around in business on a daily basis and the current financial climate is impacting on cashflow for businesses all around the world. Thankfully, as far as we are concerned, the issue is now resolved.

“Which brings me to the situation of fans donating money to save your club. When I was asked what would happen if money owed to me was not paid in time, I said if 20,000 fans paid £100 each it would resolve the issue. I was making the situation totally clear if I did not have the available funds but ultimately it did not come to that.

“In business, what happens today can be very different tomorrow and right now this is finished. As I said in the interview, there are no ‘games’ here, this was a serious situation. I understand that some things are hard to hear, and believe me, some things are hard to say. The bottom line is that Sheffield Wednesday means everything to me and I will always try my best and do my best for our club, today and tomorrow.”

Twitter users reacted as Simon Jordan takes aim at Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri ‘having a tantrum’…

@tricoloringles: He’s not wrong, for once

@OwlPricey: @Sjopinion10 is bang on. Chansiri is a petulant child, albeit a dangerous one.

@YorkshireVibe: We need Simon Jordon to interview DC

@Danworth2509: Fully agree with this. Think it’s his way of saying to the fans, it’s not your club it’s mine, I’m the one funding it! The clown needs to go! Yeah on paper it’s his club but we as fans have been here for generations and will continue to be here for generations when he fucks off!

@Majortarantino: It’s that bad I’m agreeing with Simon Jordan

@SWFC1OWL: I’d believe @Sjopinion10 over Chansiri any day. I won’t be parting with any cash…. The man’s a fool. DC please sell up.

@IngloriousTward: Not a Simon Jordan fan by any stretch but as we have digested the news more and more, I think some of this is right. At the very least, a tantrum is 100% correct. #SWFC 🦉

@The5herriff: @JimWhite Please explain to Simon Jordan that the problem the fans have with Chansiri is that the money he’s put in the club is to rectify his own mistakes that he makes over and over and over again. He’s a car crash of a chairman and he’s mismanaged the club from day one!

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