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Simon Jordan reveals X-rated text Laurence Bassini sent about him after talkSPORT interview

Simon Jordan reveals an X-rated text Laurence Bassini sent about him after that talkSPORT interview which quickly went viral.

The prospective Birmingham City owner, Bassini, allegedly stating that he wants to fight the former Crystal Palace chief for £1million for charity.

Bassini’s proposal came after the pair were involved in a rather heated, yet amusing exchange on talkSPORT on Friday morning, with it getting over a million views in less than 24 hours.

It seems that Bassini was not finished with Jordan once the interview came to an end, as he is claimed to have sent another message via text afterwards.

The message, posted on Twitter by Jordan, read: ‘Tell Jordan I want to fight him in the boxing ring £1,000,000 for charity.

‘Failed football club owner, failed filmmaker, responsible for someone [sic] death and a pundit on your show.

‘Tell that c*** when I return to the UK I am going to give him a good hiding. Tell that c*** that he can take this text to the police because I will even go into the police station and give him the hiding he deserves.’

Jordan replied to the text on social media on Friday night.

‘Following on from the insightful drivel from the intellectually challenged Bassini, he wanted to pass this message onto me. Good luck #bcfc fans.

‘Btw – Laurence is more suited to a circus ring than boxing ring. Given I’m not 12, I won’t be taking him up on his offer,’ he wrote on Twitter.

Bassini had earlier gone on Jordan’s show, which he co-hosts with Jim White, to claim that he was on the verge of buying Birmingham.

However, before revealing the news, he went on a bizarre rant at Jordan where he accused him of being disrespectful towards him in their previous conversations.

‘I’m about to take you to Birmingham City but first I want to say a couple of things,’ Bassini said.

‘Last time we spoke, I want to be very clear on this, people say a lot of things about me and that’s fine.

‘I never mock you and I don’t make fun of you. There’s been a lot of things that are said. Simon, when you say that I’m the “odd one”, I’ve never been disrespectful.

‘I am buying the club and let me tell you something, you guys make fun of me, you’ve slagged me off with Watford. You’re a failed owner of Crystal Palace!

‘Simon, I’ve always been respectful to you, you use the microphone to say things about me.

‘Tell me where and when! I’m sick of you slagging me off.’

Bassini added that he plans to pay £35-40m for Birmingham, and intends to win the league with the club.

Jordan couldn’t help but add: ‘What, the village idiot league!?’ as the spat between the duo went on for 10 minutes, and it appeared that Bassini still wants to settle the score at some point down the line rather that talk about Birmingham.

Twitter users reacted as Simon Jordan reveals the X-rated text Laurence Bassini sent about him after the talkSPORT interview…

@Pandamonium1881: Now, the interesting thing here is that Simon stated a couple of months back that there is no need for an independent regulator in football.
Bassini has been made bankrupt twice
Banned in football for three years
Sent gloating texts to a member club
Failed takeover at Bolton after no proof of funds
Tried to block the takeover at Bolton
Failed takeover of Charlton
Fit and proper person? @BCFC fans 🙏🙏🙏

@TommyMcnee: Wow. He sounded drunk on talksport this morning.

@JK_Transfers: Simon, please spark him out for all of us

@SteveWeatheral3: If I had a £1 for every time bassini said “Simon“ and “let me tell you“ I’d have enough money to buy Birmingham City 😂😂

@apple_scruffs_: Simon joining TalkSport has been one of the most entertaining things I’ve experienced in media in years. Was listening today and this is just to good. 🤣🤣🤣

@Norwayspruce8: Every time he said Simon today all I could think of was Louis Walsh repeating “Simon” “Simon” he looks like a pop star and sounds like a pop star. Rip him apart Simon! However it was the best bit of the show today

@RacefanRhodes: Passed the fit & proper person test with flying colours.

@Paxton240: 😂😂😂 he sounded like he’s lost it. Good luck to anyone who has him running their football club! He couldn’t run a bath 👍🏻😂

@GW_94: 😂😂😂😂 perfect owner for that club in my opinion

@Asef11: Struggling to sleep currently, going to listen to his 7 minute clip from this morning that should do the trick 😴😴🥱

@charlie76124196: I thought you were remarkably restrained today having to listen to the tosh and drivel he was spouting. I was losing the will to live waiting for him to make a valid point. I do wonder about the fit and proper owners test

@dajparry92: Aren’t the Birmingham fans lucky 😭🤣🤣

@TheOnlyRobmdk: Take the £1m. I’ll take your place for £500k. Just give me time to grow my hair and get a tan 😂

@NGreen16: Is he well Simon? Genuinely. He sounded completely lost on the radio.

@bago_dean: Wow !! I listened today like I do every day @Sjopinion10 called him out for the drivel he was spouting not once did Bassini get to the point what his call was about! He feels belittled coz Simon put him in his corner well done @Sjopinion10 for calling him out 👍🏻🤣 great radio

@CaveyWWFC: Needs help that bloke 🤣

@bradleybirch18: Crying 😂 made my morning!

@dazt1980: Best 10 mins in the history of @talkSPORT

@jbrookeswm: Regardless of who you support everyone can surely agree this guy should be nowhere near a football club. Where is the EFL?

@Adamwest6: There is no way the football league can allow this man to buy Birmingham city! He’s unhinged, a moron and will truly destroy a great club! I fear for them

@RTranterDesign: Hahaha if this man passes the fit and proper owners test I have no hope for the EFL

If he gets anywhere near Birmingham City then…
1) EFL have failed once again.
2) I feel sorry for Birmingham city fans. No one deserves that.
3) EFL have failed once again.
#bwfc #bcfc

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