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Shrimpers Trust prepared for all outcomes regarding Southend United including phoenix club plans

Shrimpers Trust say they are prepared for all outcomes regarding Southend United including plans for a phoenix club should it come to that.

Yet again, the National League side are facing a nervous wait ahead of Wednesday’s winding up petition which could see the club wound up.

The fanbase however has kept optimistic that they can be saved, and now Shrimpers Trust have put out an to members ahead of the new week.

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As seen by Southend Echo, the email reads: “As difficult as it is, we have to be ready for all possibilities over the next few days.

“Whilst we hope for the best, it could be the case that COSU walk away, collapsing the deal between the Council and the Martins, the deal could collapse of its own accord if the Martins move the goalposts again, the club could be placed in administration or it could be liquidated following the Winding-Up Petition served by Stewarts Law, which is set to be heard on Wednesday.

“We have put a lot of effort into being prepared for whatever happens.

“Our priority, as it has always been, is to save the current club and its heritage status within the community.

“If the club is placed into administration, we will work with the appointed administrator and attempt to plot a path out with interested parties as a matter of urgency.

“We have also established contact with the relevant authorities should Southend United FC be wound-up on Wednesday and are cognisant of the relevant regulations if we need to establish a phoenix club,” added the email.

“This would be a last resort and would involve an intense period of work to ensure participation in the 2024/25 season, but the groundwork has been put in place.

“Finally, we have worked on a submission to list Roots Hall Stadium as an Asset of Community Value,” said the Trust.

“We believe the application is ready to submit although, to avoid any complications it could cause to ongoing negotiations, we have held off to this point.

“We will confirm the submission and provide further details in due course.”

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This is how fans reacted with Shrimpers Trust prepared for all outcomes regarding Southend United including phoenix club plans…

Phoenix club – yes
Run by the trust – NO.

@Martbess81: The trust as useful as a chocolate tea pot!!

@docwhofan1138: Southend United could go out of existence this Wednesday. A failure of the Martin family and Southend City Council if it does over the last 16 years

@BowendjDan: Would rather we don’t even talk about a phoenix club at this point. It’s too late for one to even start this season so see how this plays out and if the worse does happen there is plenty of time to get ready for the following season. I get the impression some people want this now

@JacckCFC: It’s been in discussion for ages… this isn’t a new thing. No one wants it now… we would all rather have Southend United to support

@jmpschooley: Nobody *wants* one, but as the letter says…..prepare for *every* eventuality

@BowendjDan: So why bring it up 3 days before the court case. It could wait to be mentioned after Wednesday if the worse happens. We all know it was discussed before but it sends a terrible message to the wider fan base of which a lot wouldn’t support the phoenix club. It wouldn’t be the same

@BowendjDan: You only need to look on here and SZ etc to see their are quite a few saying they want the phoenix club now. Ron will be sitting there and seeing this going ‘fuck it I’ll give them what they want’. Don’t know why we are so openly discussing it at this point.

@jmpschooley: Well I’m not one of them, and neither is the Trust. There will not be a phoenix club for as long as Southend United continues to exist, which is what we all want. But again, prepare for every eventuality. No point pretending it’s not a possibility.

@jmpschooley: Well I’m not one of them, and neither is the Trust. There will not be a phoenix club for as long as Southend United continues to exist, which is what we all want. But again, prepare for every eventuality. No point pretending it’s not a possibility.

@JacckCFC: They are just saying about it… there is no harm in saying they are preparing for the worst.

@BowendjDan: The point is the trust get told what’s going on. We all know that. And this sends a message like there is no hope and we should prepare for the incoming bad news.

@jmpschooley: 1. It was just an update to the Trust’s membership, who the Trust is accountable to, to let them know what we’ve been working so hard on, sometimes into the early hours, since a some folks seem to think we’re doing nowt just because we’re not backing protests right now.

@jmpschooley: 2. That said, “hope for the best, expect the worst” has always been my mantra. We don’t know which way things will go, but as long as people are talking there is always hope, so keep the faith.

@BowendjDan: I don’t doubt how hard you all have been working and I have for a long time said protests also needed to be at the council. They nearly killed us as much as Ron has. I just think this message going out now is poor timing that’s all and sends the wrong message at this time

@jmpschooley: Respectfully disagree. Very easy to judge the decision, but we’ll never win, because for everyone saying it’s poor timing, there will be 1 or 2 saying “why are the Trust silent?”. Also, why protest council? Been in regular contact with them and there’s no need to.

@BowendjDan: I understand you will never win and sympathise with that. My point is it should have waited 3 days until future was clearer. Also re council I think Cowan has been class but that useless ballsack before (Cox) could and would have bought the club down. Ron had him in his pocket

@JacckCFC: They know more than us but wouldn’t say the fully get told what’s going on… they are just preparing, which is better than not being prepared at all. Keep the faith and let’s hope for the best

@BowendjDan: I get your point however preparing isn’t going to change anything short term. If we have a phoenix club it won’t be until 25/26 season so plenty of time to prepare if the club dies hence why this is the wrong time to say this. It sends the wrong message.

@JacckCFC: I get that but if they don’t say anything they’ll get criticised so it’s a lose lose situation

@BowendjDan: I mean they haven’t said much for months. Could argue why it couldn’t wait until Wednesday when everything is clearer.

@eliptonmusic: I’d be there for a phoenix club. At the end of the day, it’s probably more likely now with £3.5mil more owed than last year due to the involvement of the consortium.

@Badgersno1: The fact they are openly discussing a phoenix club while our club is on life support speaks volumes on the trusts true agenda, and explains their lack of real action rather than letters to try and save the club. They couldn’t run a bath let alone a phoenix club

@mattysufc: How on earth do the (non)trust expect anyone to support a phoenix club that they’ve started.

@CharlieMullard: It’s Southend Utd or nothing for me

@TimHobden1: Did you read the Trust message this evening and honestly believe it’s trying to sabotage the club’s existence? I read the opposite. It’s likely that the consortium walks this week, and we are wound up. At that point, I want to know we can build back a club for the city

@Ianjholmes: A Phoenix club run by the Trust is the best possible outcome to some Trust committee members – I could not and would not support such a club. Let us all hope it doesn’t come to that

@Jasonsnell17: It’s shows Trust ambition is the Thurlow Nunn league and not getting back to the EFL

@southendsidthe6: Agreed I support the current Southend United. I will never support anyone else

@PeterWayland1: Phoenix my arse!

@Martbess81: Fuck a phoenix club !! Save the one we’ve got 👍🏻👍🏻

@rob_baumback: I cannot believe the plight of your club!! How can COSU be allowed to put all that money in with nothing to show since December?!! Has Martin played a blinder?

@bs19061872: The trust is rotten to the core, take last year for example, saying they want Martin out but yet up his arse in private. I won’t be supporting the Phoenix club either

@peaky2234: I honestly can’t be bothered with a phoenix club. From where we’d have to start, to getting back into the league could take years. If the club is done on Wednesday, so am I.

@adamjedge: They have to prepare for the worst, however, why were only just thinking of Asset of Community Value that could have been applied for YEARS ago is beyond me. I won’t support a club run by the Trust as although a member, transparency isn’t a strong point

@mattysufc: Even if I agreed with a Phoenix club there’s no way I’d be involved with anything ran by the no-trust.

@andy_maul: Ok. Get that bit come Wednesday we have nothing. What then?

@vickySUFC77: I will never support a phoenix club

@SteSussy: Save the one we have got, could the shrimpers trust , ease back and stop talking for us all lol..

@luke_8m: All efforts should have been focused on eliminating the RAT in these final days, rather than discussing the possibility of a phoenix club run by the trust. What a joke!

@ChefBradSimpson: @shrimperstrust @SUFCRootsHall I will never support a phoenix club never in a million years. Only one option current option with Ron Martin gone

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