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Sam Allardyce and Kevin Nolan hit back at James McClean over Declan Rice ‘overrated’ comment

Sam Allardyce and Kevin Nolan hit back at James McClean over the ‘overrated’ comment he made about England’s Declan Rice.

Big Sam and Kevin Nolan appeared on No Tippy Tappy Football this week, and it’s fair to say they weren’t impressed by what James McLean had to say when analysing England at the Euros.

James McClean called Declan Rice overrated and that he isn’t world class, though some fans feel he’s just being bitter as Rice chose England over Ireland.

Interviewer Natalie Pike: We’ve seen Declan Rice, you mentioned then obviously the fact that you worked with him, did you see on one Irish TV I saw the clip on um social media James McClean has said that Declan Rice is overrated, what did you think about that well.

Nolan: James McLean I mean…

Big Sam: Who is he?

Nolan: Yeah [laughter] I didn’t want to say but I mean

Big Sam: Who is James McClean, who is he?

Nolan: I mean I really can’t, because I mean I think, he’s just…

Big Sam: Ask Mikel Arteta.

Nolan: Yeah

Big Sam: Look at what he’s done for Arsenal last year

Nolan: I mean Dec, to know Dec, that would have just made him laugh and don’t get me wrong he didn’t have his best game in an England jersey

Big Sam: Well nobody did

Nolan: That’s one in I reckon 60 he’s had one bad game in 60 for England cuz I thought he’d been brilliant every time I’ve watched

Big Sam: We’ve found a new centre half though haven’t we

Interviewer: Guehi

Big Sam: Oh that recovery run just somebody with pace

Nolan: But go on yeah just to go back to him, I mean I can’t believe he said that and had the cojones shall we say to actually say that because Declan Rice is one of the best in the world at what he does you know as I said

Big Sam: He might be saying that to keep yourself popular on the television I think I think that’s what it is isn’t it I mean you know a lot of that criticism seems to be the way of the way of the world today you want to get you know you want to be a pundit you want to get be controversial and you they’ll keep you on like you mean so

Nolan: Just imagine what Declan Rice thinks of James McClean then, to play with him, he’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Steven Gerrard, so I’ve played with Steven Gerrard, against Gerrard for years and years and…

Big Sam: And he’s even forgive Steven Gerrard when he topped him, once you forgive him

Nolan: I didn’t, I got him back but just I didn’t want him to get sent off and he did ring up and say he’s sorry but it was a proper stamp, it was a good one it was a good one was it and to be fair if I was in that position I would have done it to him so that’s why what would I said to him I said you got you got away with it but the referee did bottle it didn’t he

Big Sam: He did

Nolan: He should have sent him off but yeah I mean he, Dec is the closest thing like in specimen wise one minute you see him one minute he’s gone you know what I mean he could played the higher role what he’s showed at Arsenal the time of the season, he can played the lower role. he’s got a hell of a strike, he can play you actually sort of we were trying to unlock it a bit at West Ham but you can see it a bit more Arsenal because he’s now you know on the ball a lot more and I think he’ll grow into this tournament as well he’s carrying a lot on his shoulders these days but I think he’s handled it…

Big Sam: Just too many of them didn’t have a good game, I mean one goal, yeah so that’s something that Gareth has to work out and let’s not forget it was a hell of a strike as well

McClean had previously ripped into ‘overrated’ ex-teammate Declan Rice, insisting he isn’t world class as he spoke on RTE Sport.

He said: “I think with Musiala, he justifies the hype. I think Declan Rice is very overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a very good footballer, but the way the english media wax lyrical about him, I think its completely over the top.

“Like, for me, he’s not world class. World class to me is someone who gets on every single side in the world and I don’t think he does that.

“I don’t think he gets in the Man City side ahead of Rodri. To me Toni Kroos is world class, He dictates the game, Rodri dictates the game, I don’t think Declan Rice does that. He’s not someone who’s going to get on the half turn, play, passes forward. He’s very good at what he does.”

Interviewer: “So he is not a different type of player, James?”

McClean: “Well, they play the same role, so, you know, they play the same role, so why can’t they do the same thing?

“So if you’re going to give them this much of a hype and, you know, reputation, and surely he should be able to do what they do is to get the ball in half turn play, pass it forward and dictate the play. I don’t think he does that. He’s good at what he does. He sees danger and he puts out fires. But, you know, for the hype that that surrounds him, then I don’t think. I don’t think it’s justified.”

James McClean continued his criticism of Declan Rice, during in the first half of England’s Euro 2024 clash against Denmark.

Speaking on RTE Sport at half time, McClean said: “Denmark’s won the midfield battle in that half.

“I made a comment about Declan Rice that people have got their knickers in a twist about but for a £100million player I want to see more than just five-yard sideways and backwards passes.

“He attempted one forward pass in the half and it went straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. I want to see him do more, break lines, but in the battle in the first half, Denmark just won it very comfortably.”

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This is how fans reacted as Sam Allardyce and Kevin Nolan hit back at James McClean over his Declan Rice ‘overrated’ comment…

@westhamlive5: This is why I’ll always love Big Sam, he’s too funny 🤣

@Vindictus13: It pains me as I’m not a Big San fan but I’m completely with him on this

@Irons2024: Kev trying to be a little subtle but Big Sam came out swinging 🤣

@EthanMuggers: Imagine playing for some big clubs like Sunderland, West Brom and Stoke yet people will only remember you because you hate England. That’s embarrassing

@mquinn187_2: Declan Rice is nothing short of phenomenal. A shrewd world-class operator who takes each & every game by the scruff of the neck. Sit this one out, James.

@Heydawro: Got him a bit of exposure, we only normally hear of him when he is doing the whole anti-poppy thing. Pretend terrorist prick.

@kswannick4: Didn’t have a Sam Aladyce James McClean beef on my 2024 bingo card but here we are

@Kudus_Szn: I fucking love Big Sam

@ianmckee58: Being savaged by Big Sam gets even worse for that traitorous nobody McClean

@D_YL21: Big Sam 😂

@djrowlandsamuel: Ouch 🤣😁

@greg_whu: Big Sam 🥰🥰

@mthoburn93: 😂😂 off you pop McClean you irrelevant dickhead

@CityGroundShelf: Phenomenal 😭

@Ricky_Bass_: Hahhhha belter

@WestHamViews09: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@TomMalo11771423: In fairness to Sam most successful English manager of all time 100 per cent winning record.😂😂😂😂

@HandofGodri: He’s brilliant but the truth is in the middle. He isn’t a lone 6. He’s great box to box but England don’t have anyone who can reliable act as a pivot, especially against a high press.

@bubjeeps: He’s right, loves a sideways pass, serious engine but not elite level

@LeeLee198000: Spot on. No ones ever going to be perfect. But if you’ve watched Arsenal Last season then you’d know how good rice has been. That England game was probably the worst I’ve seen rice play ever. Was class at West Ham he’s been class for England since coming in and he was class

@DarrenTucker1: At least they’re not rattled

@johnnysoup3: Betcha big sam would know him if there was a brown envelope involved

@ColmBrosnan: Saying a player is overrated is hardly scandalous. Can’t believe how much attention the English have given McClean since he said it.

@nafuhn: Well he has been proven right so far 😭

@Bwfcfan12: 😂😂 love big Sam and are Nolan “who is he”😂😂

@CharlieSav29: He was completely right

@irishoverseas1: An average manager and an average player asking who another average player is..

@Jose65383554: He’s overated tho

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