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Rotherham United face potential points deduction

Rotherham United face a potential points deduction after their weekend after their weekend clash against Coventry City had to be postponed.

The Millers will undergo an investigation by the English Football League due to yet another outbreak in the Championship club’s camp.

The Sky Blues are just one of those to have had a game called off against Rotherham this season, joining the likes of Brentford, Cardiff City, Derby County, Luton Town, Middlesbrough and QPR.

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The Bluebirds and Queens Park Rangers saw their games called off due to the weather, with the others being because of an outbreak of deadly virus.

Unrest from supporters of others teams in the division have started to question whether Rotherham United are taking enough action to prevent their games from getting postponed, with Birmingham City manager Aitor Karanka notably calling for an EFL investigation into the club.

The EFL will investigate the club’s most recent postponement as standard procedure.

Quoted by the Sky Blues’ club website, the statement read: “Rotherham United’s Sky Bet Championship fixture against Coventry City on Saturday 13 March has been suspended.

The Club informed the EFL that it would be unable to fulfil the fixture following recent positive COVID-19 tests and the requirement for players and staff to self-isolate as per EFL and Government guidance in order to mitigate against the risk of further infection.

The circumstances surrounding the postponement will now be the subject of an investigation in accordance with EFL Regulations.


Rotherham currently sit 22nd in the Championship table, three points from safety with plenty of games in hand over sides around them.

The EFL investigates all matches postponed by an outbreak, however with there being so many of these on Rotherham and the game against Coventry being the third consecutive game that the Millers have had to postpone, a growing number of people calling for more serious EFL action, so this next investigation could prove to be a more daunting one for the club’s fanbase.

Paul Warne’s side currently have three games in hand on Birmingham City who lost to Barnsley last weekend, after which Karanka claimed that Rotherham have an unfair advantage because they’ll play their games later in the season when perhaps their opponents have less to play for.

Karanka isn’t the only one making these accusations and the EFL’s investigation into Rotherham will be closely followed by many as it gets underway.

It was just a few months ago that Rotherham United manager Paul Warne confirmed that his side are to potentially face a points deduction or a heavy fine.

A threat of potential sanctions from the English Football League stopped the club from asking for the governing body for their derby with Barnsley to be postponed – yet Premier League and Non League games were allowed to be called off especially at request.

The club had festive games against Derby County and Middlesbrough called off.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Warne said in December 2020: “We have hit really bad. I don’t want games off, by the way. But in circumstances, I feel a little bit on the hard end of the decision.

“It will be the first game I have been in charge of where I do not know what I am going to get.

“I was advised that if we did not play the game, there would be retribution because I am going against medical advice. The medical advice is that nine days isolation is enough as I have enough players in the football club to get the game on. I do not want it on or to put anyone at risk. But now it is on, there is little I can do but pick the lads up.

“We could have postponed it. But I did not want to happen – which I was led to believe – was come March or April, the Premier League and Championship clubs get hit harder than League One and League Two clubs with Covid postponements and there was a fine because I am going against advice as they are saying the (Barnsley) game is playable.

“There was a fine with a possibility of a points deduction, which I do not want hanging over our heads. Regrettably, we have taken the game on and must try and put out best foot forward against a very good Barnsley side.”

Fans reacted with talk that Rotherham United face a potential points deduction…

@verns290117: Yet another game they have called off because they carnt field there strongest 11

@KaneGStyles: Deduction

@jwright_1992: Should be made to play the academy players like Derby had to in the FA cup

@ecakeeprighton: Points deduction

@RoryDaviesCCFC: Hope there is a proper investigation because it’s a disgrace

@AB18751: Relegate them.

@jack_ccfc: This is a joke there players need to be punished it’s not hard to stick to the rules

@donlogan2020: Points deduction should do another pisstake.

@LeeW1875: Why so many problems with covid in the Rotherham squad then? 🤔 Some rules clearly aren’t being adhered too within the club.

@tom_wall1998: With the way the world is.. things like this will happen but it’s happened so many times to one club now something needs to be done. Should at least be made to play the youth team like villa were in the cup and that was their first set of cases.

@tony___1973: This is a farce, other teams play their under 23s etc, Rotherham are in a relegation battle and will have unfair advantage.

@DanTCCFC: Shock, Rotherham players breaking the rules.

@carolbradycpcm: This does feel like they’re taking the pee now. What is it they’re failing to do at the club that all other clubs seem capable of doing to keep players & staff safe?

@scholarrob: This will of course lead to a points deduction for the merry millers of an as yet undetermined number until it is known how many points are required to help #swfc avoid relegation!

@Shaunsufc2013: Stinks if any points are took off em. Doing it for safety of players/coaching staff yet could possibly have points took off em!

@RDowning16_: Have they got a load of used tests in a storage facility somewhere? When they can’t be arsed to play they just get a couple out and submit those to get the game postponed?

@euan_rowe: points deduction

@SeanD_16: Very interesting survival strategy by Rotherham here. Can’t get relegated if you don’t finish your season.

@CoryMatthews18: Make them field kids, 10 times this has happened now do something about it. Even if it isn’t dodgy they’re clearly not doing something right investigate it do something right for once.

@GuestyBFC: I agree, they are taking the piss a bit now, the few other clubs who have had cases have had it once, this is the third time for Rotherham, if there actually are cases and they’re not taking advantage then the club protocol needs to be addressed.

@SkyBlueSheldon: It’s becoming really dodgy now, just send some of the reserves out and be done with it.

@D_PUSB: Dock them points. 8 games postponed is a fucking joke

@maynard_elliot: Getting beyond a joke this is.

@HarryLister13: Sounding a bit dodgy now…

@m1vry: 100% if this was #BCFC the efl would be throwing a points deduction our way how many games they gonna let them suspend they already have enough to catch up with everyone else

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