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Rooney’s agent speaks out as fans slam Daily Mail article on Derby points deduction

Wayne Rooney’s agent Paul Stretford, under FA investigation, speaks out as fans slam a Daily Mail article on a Derby County points deduction.

Stretford is confident neither he nor his company will face action over a loan it made to pay the Rams’ wages last month.

The Football Association is investigating the payment which was made at the start of June after a request by then prospective owner Chris Kirchner, whose own funds had not been cleared in time.

The money – thought to be about £1.6million – was handed to the club’s administrators Quantuma, pending clearance of Kirchner’s funds, which was still thought at that time to eventually arrive.

If they didn’t get this, Derby would have been at risk of a further points deduction after already having 21 taken off last season’s total for various financial and administration issues, which resulted in relegation to League One.

A spokesperson for the Triple S Group said: “We are aware of the FA’s routine investigation – indeed, it was the Triple S Group that voluntarily disclosed the information to the FA which has resulted in further inquiry.

“We were surprised that details of this investigation have appeared in the press while the investigative process is ongoing. Regardless, the Triple S Group is confident in the legal advice it sought originally and will continue to cooperate fully with the FA to resolve this matter swiftly.”

According to BBC Sport, when Kirchner made his request for funding, Triple S officials held a conversation with legal experts who said it would be fine to make the payment.

Stretford’s been named in many reports to have had a close association with Kirchner as the planned takeover progressed, it’s claimed Rooney’s long-time adviser doesn’t own Triple S, but it’s his family who have a minority shareholding in the company, which also looks after Harry Maguire.

There has been a lot of talk over Kirchner’s bid for weeks and reached a head on the 8th of June when BBC Radio Derby commentator Ed Dawes reported that the American’s attempt to buy Derby was to fall through, and that the wages had been paid by a third party close to the club.

Kirchner denied Dawes’ story but five days later announced he was withdrawing from the process.

He then told BBC Sport that he only knew his attempt to buy the club would not be completed 24 hours earlier, coming under pressure from board members who complained that the club was becoming a distraction in the sales process of his US company Slync, urging that he cut ties.

Kirchner adds that the whole process cost him money and it is understood Triple S will claim the payment for the wages back from him, instead of the club’s administrators.

BBC Sport say they’ve been told that the planned rescue bid by local businessman David Clowes is likely to go through on Wednesday as anticipated with no issues. Finally the club and the fans have a more positive outlook going forward.

Daily Mail claims Derby could face another points deduction, though this was seemingly quashed by Kieran Maguire (Football Finance Lecturer and Price of Football Podcast Presenter) if his tweets are anything to go by.

He came across this story, which said that Derby were facing the prospect of another points deduction in League One next season as a potential punishment for the alleged illegal payment of player wages.

The report adds that: “…the Rams will only be hit with suspended points for non-payment of wages while the FA could also punish Derby with a fine or points deduction for any illicit payments in addition to taking action against Stretford. 

“The Derbyshire-based property group have agreed to pay all unsecured football creditors at least 25 per cent of what they are owed, which will enable them to avoid the larger points penalty.

“Derby’s administrators, Quantuma, could also face action from the Financial Services Authority if it is proven they were complicit in the secret wage deal. Stretford is alleged to have provided a £1.6m cheque to cover Derby’s wage-bill towards the end of last month when Kirchner’s takeover first ran into serious problems before he withdrew a fortnight ago.

“If found to have broken FA rules Stretford faces a fine or the temporary suspension of his agent’s licence. The investigation into Stretford emerged three days after Rooney announced he was leaving the club following a meeting with Quantuma last Friday.”

Kieran Maguire saw this and wrote: “Not sure what rule(s) have been broken though, time to trawl through a rule book or two?

“Never claim to be other than pub lawyer, but after a look at documents (a) no indication of breach of EFL rules by Stretford/S3 (b) if money lent to administrators rather than wages paid direct to Derby players then could be seen as commercial transaction & no breach. #DCFC”

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Twitter users reacted as Wayne Rooney’s agent speaks out and fans take to slam a Daily Mail article on a Derby points deduction that isn’t likely to happen…

@Livooo: Hope for Derbys sake that’s correct (no points deduction) Doesn’t change the fact the whole Stretford/Cook/Rooney/Kirchner/Shadow Players & Quantuma situation is very 🐟 💸🤝 To be explained…

@Jack_Pow: Daily Mail just spouting shit as usual then!

@TomBerryHopkins: Cc @MattHughesDM

@Mcbcfc: If that’s the case the EFL need to address this, as surely it’s then a way to circumnavigate FFP? Players are paid minimum wage & a wealthy owner pays wages without going through the club

@DanHeldenhammer: Standard Daily Mail then.

@Topboy19811: What is it with these daily mail reporters

@superrammy: We almost overcame -21 so, IF it happened I think we’d take it on the chin. But the players wages were paid so, what’s the problem!?

@LewisWatto10: It’s a point deduction if the wages weren’t paid

@DCFC_CMH: You just cannot help yourself can you Mr Hughes aka 🤬🤬🤬🤬… #dcfc

@Bretheren: Hi Matt why don’t you ask the @EFL how the guy who was due to take over the club and pay the wages passed their owner and sufficiency of funds tests. I would be interested in reading that in an article thanks

@iansharpo: Waiting very patiently for an answer, how and why possible, if you are going to report crap like this at least have the decency to back it up with a reasonable explanation of what rules were broken by who and why it should impact Derby in anyway 🐏🐏 COYR

@Deanrams_80sfan: Matt couldn’t give a f*ck if we are deducted points next season.. takeover is set 4 tomorrow and you won’t piss on our fire

@aaronclift1: The twats back

@stefdcfc89: You really don’t like us do you? Strange little obsessed freak

@ScottGretton: Haha absolutely laughable, Hughes. You need a wife.

@bengreatoo: Would be so Derby County to have paid the wages to avoid -3 points and getting -3 for paying them #dcfc

@LewisJubb: Suspended penalty is if the wages go unpaid. Were the wages paid? Yes. No surprise Matt Hughes is back at it again, freak.

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