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Prem and EFL referees urged to use much loved new rule

Prem and EFL referees are being urged to use a much loved new rule following an incident that took place at the beginning of March.

IFAB (International Football Association Board) say referees can caution players for screaming if they feel it is an attempt to deceive them.

It comes after Alexandre Lacazette’s dramatic reaction to being fouled, which was widely mocked especially by those at Match of the Day.

Presenter Gary Lineker and fellow pundits Ian Wright and Dion Dublin couldn’t help but take the piss out of Lacazette making a loud scream during Arsenal’s league encounter with Burnley on Saturday.

The French forward could be heard when he went down under a challenge from Erik Pieters in the second half of the match, although he was soon able to get up and carry on with the game – which played out to a 1-1 draw.

Clarets boss Sean Dyche mocked the screams after the match, and they were also a subject of much mickey taking on BBC’s Match of the Day when Lineker introduced a ‘scream-o-meter’ to measure how loud they were.

“This season we’ve really noticed that footballers do scream a lot when they’re touched, even very mildly,” said Lineker during the programme.

“But I think we may have the scream of the season.”

Over the video of Lacazette’s tumble, his yells and their measurement on the ‘scream-o-meter’, Lineker said to Wright: “It’s a world record Ian, isn’t it?”

Dublin then pointed out that Lacazette was fine to carry on in the game, Lineker added: “Yes. No Lacazette was hurt in the filming of the incident.”

Lineker said at the end: “We’re all off to practice our screaming,” prompting all three ex-players to yell out, with Lineker even falling off his chair and grabbing hold of his leg.

Dyche was in a sarcastic mood when discussing the screams after the match, saying: “The screaming, some real good screaming today.

“Some real good screaming today, on the scream-o-meter probably the highest I’ve heard for a long time and there’s some pretty high ones.”

Since this, the IFAB now say footballers can be cautioned if the referee feels the screams were intended to ‘deceive’. 

The absence of fans in stadiums has amplified noises on the pitch, with broadcasters regularly apologising for bad language.

Referees can also hear the protests coming out of technical areas more than ever before.

Sportsmail’s refereeing expert Mark Clattenburg said: ‘When I refereed in the Premier League, I cannot recall hearing players screaming because the crowd noise drowned all of that out.

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‘At the moment, we’re hearing every yelp, and so are the referees. Another issue is they can hear everything that is coming out of the technical areas while they’re trying to officiate matches, too.

‘Ultimately, referees judge fouls on what they see, not what they hear, so screaming when you’re fouled is unlikely to influence an experienced official.’

Fans reacted as Prem and EFL referees are being urged to use the much loved new rule…

Big Len Davinci: Referees are too easily fooled by cheating players’ reactions to the slightest of contacts and generally award free kicks and penalties based on the fragile players ability to fall down, dramatically. The sight of the same players writhing around screaming holding their head or randomly chosen limb then hopping up and running 20 seconds later should give refs a clue.

spiritofoz: Basically he cheated to get the Burnley player booked, it worked but hopefully it will now have ramifications for others who choose to play act.

TELLITASITIS: Would love to see these wimps on a rugby pitch.

Johnex1: Simple solution, if a player goes down they should have to leave the field of play to be checked by medics, game goes on without them. Soon see all those feigning injury stopping it.

West Coast Cali: We have the circus in town with Lacazette and yet Martinelli languishes on the bench. He is a liability to the club and his on field antics diminish his professional position. He should be embarrassed by his behavior. He makes our club a laughing stock.

Cornish Maiden: Only the person on the ground knows how much pain they are in.

LC1992: Twilight – factually incorrect. Literal TV evidence of people screaming, and as someone who broke their leg playing football let me tell you, you scream like a pig it’s awful. Gary – agree mate, just don’t think booking a player for making a noise is the root cause of the problems in football to be honest.

Aladdinsane: Unfortunately the FA have made football a non contact sport. All the rule changes over the last 30 years have diluted the game. No tackling allowed. Every time a player tries to tackle, the referee gives a free kick. The players now scream at the slightest touch. None of the players are embarrassed by it, because they all do it. Sickening.

Bollom: Games going into a game of cheats especially in the penalty area

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