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Portsmouth boss Danny Cowley hits back at Charlton owner’s accusations over spending

Portsmouth boss Danny Cowley hits back at Charlton Athletic owner’s accusations over the amount of spending to get themselves promoted.

Cowley brushed off the suggestion there’s been big spending at the Fratton Park outfit in an effort to reach the Championship this term.

Charlton owner Thomas Sandgaard last week stated Pompey have been ‘investing more aggressively in getting promoted’, after several of years of balancing the books.

Speaking at a recent fans forum, Sandgaard said the following when discussing his future ambitions for the club.

“My long-term goal is still to play in the best division, but I expect to take two seasons to get to financial sustainability as a significant tool to have stability in the club.” Sandgaard explained, via Charlton club media.

“Cutting the losses into half is a goal this season and to be cash flow neutral next season. Several other clubs have been able to do so; for example Portsmouth who, after several years of break-even, are now investing more aggressively in getting promoted.”

Cowley points out that Marcus Harness departed for Ipswich for a fee of around £750,000, as key to his business with a dozen players arriving and the same amount leaving PO4.

Of those, Colby Bishop cost £500,000 from Accrington with Zak Swanson joining for a nominal fee from Arsenal. Pompey’s remaining recruits were free agents or loans, reports The News Portsmouth.

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Cowley said: ‘I’d say he (Sandgaard) doesn’t know. For us, we know what we’re working with and what we’re trying to achieve.

‘We have a lot of respect for Charlton and they have a really good squad and fantastic academy.

‘I look at their academy and Ipswich’s and that’s what we’re striving to be at Portsmouth.

‘For us, though we know the truth.

‘You don’t get many compliments in football.

‘All my successful teams normally get criticised when they win.

‘Normally when people say you’ve got a big budget that is a back-handed compliment to say you’ve got a good team.

‘For us, we had to trade and everyone knows this.

‘We had to trade one of our key players, a player who scored double figures and double figures for assists.’

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Cowley adds it was important for Pompey to sell Harness for a fee which represented decent business, with the 26-year-old having a year remaining on his deal.

He was vital for the club’s owners to see a return on the £750,000 they paid Burton three years ago, after ‘taking big hits’ on Ellis Harrison and John Marquis after they joined for a combined £1.425m.

Cowley added: ‘We had to trade him (Harness) to find a way of getting better, and there was a lot of risk in that.

‘It’s not easy to do that, it’s certainly a lot easier to improve by adding to your best players.

‘I think it was important for the owners, too, because they’d invested so much in Ellis (Harrison) and John Marquis and hadn’t seen a return.

‘So it was important they saw a return in Marcus Harness.

‘They then allowed us to reinvest some of that into Colby, so it’s been good business for us.’

Fans had their say as Portsmouth boss Danny Cowley hits back at Charlton owner’s accusations over spending…

@Maccn5: Well done Danny Cowley for calling out Tommy’s BS and deflection … does anyone believe a word this man says anymore?

@MarcusHoare1: Nope , it just gets more and more preposterous. Still have a feeling he’s looking for an out but no one will pay what he wants

@WestLondonAddi1: Interesting comment from Garner at the fans meeting – managers either need to be given resources or time, and he hopes he’s given time #dig

@mattburnett23: We’ve had player sales and a lot of high earners go in the last two summers it’s taken Cowley three transfer windows to get a half decent squad and play a system that the manager wants to . Your in a similar boat with Garner just not got the squad he wants yet .Agents don’t help

@MarcusHoare1: It’s just annoying that Sandgaard loves to run his mouth about stuff that’s really none of his business? Got a substantial sell on for Nick Pope and Garner got none of it. Wants to laughable break even in League 1. Kudos to Danny for calling him out.

@AlanDurrant11: What gives us the right to criticize others on how they go about their business when we are sitting down in the bottom half of Division 3 with no win in 5, good luck to them.

@PcPresenter: Good luck @Pompey. Instead of jealousy, I have admiration. Your board has put their money where their mouth is and spent to try and get promoted. Shame our great clubs leader, @SandgaardThomas, hasn’t the balls to do the same. #cafc

@Underwood199520: I disagree. Our owners have spent money on the stadium etc but not player recruitment. The only reason we’ve managed to sign the likes of Marlon Pack, Colby Bishop etc is because of the sales we made. We’ve just managed to reinvest that into signing better than what we had

@adamcooper1989: Nice bit of diversion there, blame someone else

@Addick05Peter: So what? If Pompey are willing to invest in a squad that’s within their budget to gain promotion why should Charlton ( or Sandgaard) feel the need to make unjustified comments?

@pompeyshaun1986: Deflection tactics from your disappointing start. Say look we can’t compete as Pompey are spending more aggressive. We’re not & haven’t. We got rid of high wage earners & sold our best player plus some others to raise money to spend.

@DDTGblogspot: Pompey boss explains that he has been shrewd using incoming transfer money to fund a squad change. Sandgaard chose not to do this.

@Buzzo1947: Fairplay to Danny for calling it out. Thomas should button it as its none of ours of his business what they’re doing, just shows you how wrong he got it and what Pompey have actually spent… #cafc #Pompey

@LS22_CAFC: Every fucking day this clueless idiot gets made to look silly man

@Communard55: Eisners buy their way out.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@PompeyBulldogKG: Haha absolute nonsense he’s just recruited ridiculously well under tight circumstances he’s done magic the boy

@CharlieFarnsba9: Oh what, like Ipswich, Sheff Weds, Bolton then and plenty more before them? FFS!!

@PompeyChimes90: Oh dear. 🤦‍♂️ like Charlton we’ve been lurking in the shadows, for far too long in obscurity. The difference being we as DC has pointed out, Invested and sold. I’m sure we’ve made a slight profit on Harness, now we’ve made some big signings we’re automatically spending big? 😂

@spenno13: Why are we actually giving time to opposing managers/owners having a dig. Supporters know what DC has done here, just laugh off their pathetic ramblings and smile inside. #PUP

@nickhaines591: Gee whizz. EVERY club tries to ‘buy success’..as long as it’s within spending guidelines..what’s the problem? You don’t recruit to STAY in League One..do you? Harness..sold 75k…Bishop bought 50k..mostly loan deals elsewhere. Pathetic whinging from a club who should know better.

@TomHaustead: We’re doing it the right way and the club deserve a lot of credit. A lot of fans have given the club loads of stick for not splashing the cash but we have stuck to our guns and are doing thing sustainably. If any club should understand how important that is, it should be us

@martinrdaniels: Does Sandgaard forget the Jayden Stockley saga…

@BigJPowski: Big bucks and Pompey in the same sentence 😂😂 literally had to sell our best player to our divisional rivals.

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