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PGMOL ‘baffled by reports Nottingham Forest submitted a dossier of refereeing mistakes’

PGMOL have been left ‘baffled by reports Nottingham Forest submitted a dossier of refereeing mistakes’ throughout the season.

After the club’s 2-2 draw with Everton, it was reported that they had submitted a dossier of evidence regarding various errors made by the officials.

Forest was previously on the receiving end of an incorrectly rendered decision in October when Brentford received an improperly assessed penalty at the City Ground.

ESPN claimed that Forest’s evidence has gone on to cause confusion in the bodies of the referees.

They claim that the PGMOL were handed two pieces of evidence about the Everton match, and not a dossier amounts worth of errors.

Also, it was reported that evidence was submitted on the weekend and not at the beginning of the week, as was claimed.

PGMOL has been criticised the last few months and backlash led to Lee Mason, on VAR, quitting his role after failing to set the right offside lines for Brentford’s equaliser against Arsenal last month.

John Brooks failed to correctly place the lines from the right defender, and Brighton had an offside goal incorrectly ruled out.

Howard Webb assumed his role of chief referee back in August, and now vows to made strides in decision making and make mistakes more transparent.

Steve Cooper spoke out about their frustrations with refereeing decisions and stated that Howard Webb encouraged more dialogue and openness in the decision-making process.

‘We have talked internally about, do we need to toughen up a bit? Do we need to stand up for each other a bit more?’ he said.

‘I don’t know what other clubs do… is it more or less? What I do know is we’re in a situation where we need to say something about how we’re feeling. But it’s not just a call and a moan. It’s with detailed footage and data.

‘And it’s not all negative. After one game, we don’t complain about a referee’s performance, that’d be narrow minded. It’s got to be over a course of time, a course of games, like you’d judge maybe me and the team,’ he added.

‘It doesn’t have to be all negative, when Howard Webb came in it was a positive meeting. Let’s all try and help.’

Cooper was handed a booking by referee Craig Pawson during Saturday’s defeat to Tottenham.

Meanwhile, Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag criticises Premier League refereeing after the Casemiro red card, though the club won’t appeal the decision.

“What I think is the inconsistency, players don’t know anymore what is the policy,” Ten Hag said, “and I think it’s all across.

“We see it with Premier League yesterday: Leicester-Chelsea, the VAR is not coming on the line. Today, it’s coming on the line. And then it’s two penalty situations, but they don’t come on the line. Especially the first one, it was clear and obvious handball so what is the policy?”

When questioned if he had asked Taylor for clarification on the policy, Ten Hag replied: “Of course, we talk but not a lot, so some questions we have.

“There’s another one: inconsistent. The referee is coming in the start of the season with a policy, we are Premier League, it’s coming strong here, we want intensity.

“Casemiro is across European games, over 500 games he never had a red card. Now he has two. Think about that. He plays tough but he plays fair. And also in this, he’s playing fair, same as against Crystal Palace, so it’s very debatable.

“Everyone who knows something about football, you know, and of course, when you freeze it, it looks bad. But everyone who knows something about football, who was acting on top football, they know what is bad, what isn’t bad and what is fair. And I tell you: Casemiro is a really fair player. Tough, but fair.”

Ten Hag also suggests the freeze-framing of potential red cards took incidents out of context. “When you do it like this you have to be consistent across all of the games, all of the decisions.

“And if they isolate one – it’s a little bit the same as against Crystal Palace, definitely. When you saw that incident you should have sent off three or four players and not only one if you’re really consistent.”

This is what fans said with PGMOL ‘baffled by reports Nottingham Forest submitted a dossier of refereeing mistakes’…

@Galto: The rest of us are baffled that other clubs haven’t.

@XpowervolX: The standard of the game is growing. The standard of refereeing is not growing at the same pace. Changes need to be made.

@EdwardThorpe: They would do well to remember a couple of dodgy/really bad decisions got them to the Premier League in the first place

@A_view: Im sure every club could submit a dossier of similar instances. PGMOL really need to get a grip with their officials – because they are becoming as much of an asset as a chocolate fireguard.

@TheGentleman789: So they should – every club should be. We’re seeing an outrageous amount of bad decisions across the board. The refs and VAR as about as consistent as my sh*t after a vindaloo.

@tommyp213: Why are they baffled? Go to a pub on a Sunday with a couple of games on and just listen to the feedback. You’ll have fans of different clubs all agreed on the same thing which is that our reffing is a complete fucking disgrace.

@sorrellh: What they need to do is send a dossier back of all the mistakes the forest players have made.

@ItsTedd69: Every club should be doing this.. this blatant corruption and incompetence needs to fuck off out of the sport

@Stuarsenal75: If every club has a dossier and hands it over, it may help them to iron out the major inconsistencies and get officials singing from the same hymn sheet instead of what looks to many like they make it up as they go along

@4lifestan: 😅🤣😅😂😅😅🤣…..time every club does! Been a circus! Am just surprised PGMOL is surprised!

@JayBale87: Weve had better championship refs which is saying something

@Telstar22995931: With the run-in to the end of the season being so crucial, probably an attempt to create a bit of doubt in the mind of officials … in the hope a few more ‘50-50’ subjective calls benefit them. Classic mind games … Sir Alex would be proud!

@Arsenal_Morris: Every team could do this, ref’s are shocking. I don’t even think they are cheating most of the time. Just incompetent

@CL9268: Says it all, doesn’t it? A club can submit a load of evidence of dreadful decisions from throughout the season but instead of reviewing it and figuring out why they’re going wrong, they brush it off and tell themselves they’re doing a great job

@Wiz_Magi: This says it all.. English refs in general are Sh…t, and too protected by the Prem and other powers that be ! @premierleague #GlazersFullSaleNOW @ManUtd

@mattazz77: Why are they baffled???? Their refs have been dishing out shit shows week in week out…. It’s high time their mistakes are addressed

@obehieguakhide: About time! It is shameful that @premierleague is doing nothing to address poor officiating especially VAR

@daniellejmufc: I’m baffled that every other club hasn’t. Every club has been shafted at some point or another.

@AFCmags: What’s perplexing is the lack of accountability. More clubs should follow suit, good on Nottingham. Let them provide evidence otherwise or at the very least, apologies and plans of action for next season.

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