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Footage shows Man Utd toilets ‘flooded with urine’ as fans hit out at Old Trafford facilities

Footage shows Man Utd toilets ‘flooded with urine’ as fans hit out at the facilities inside Old Trafford over the weekend.

A 25-second clip was published online, showing the bubbling wet mess rising through a drainage system, with the club since responding back to the complaints.

They claimed that they were made aware of a blocked drain, with the issue swiftly resolved. This comes as Ste Conlon, aka Mancunian Red via his Twitter account, posted the video to his fellow followers.

It got over 2.7 million views within 18 hours, and captioned it: “Just arrived at Old Trafford and not for the first time the toilets are over flooded with an inch of urine al over the floor.

“Disgusting to see. This is what the Glazers don’t want you to see. It’s that bad and has happened so many times I had to video it.”

This did the rounds online following Man Utd’s goalless draw with Southampton, and it’s not the first time criticism has been aimed at the Premier League giants over their facilities.

Gary Neville took aim at the Glazer family for their use of funds, instead of spending it to fix up the ground which was last renovated back in 2006.

Speaking on The Overlap, he said in 2022: “It does probably need knocking down to be fair. It doesn’t need renovating, it needs a new stadium.”

Neville added on Sky Sports: “I do think that Manchester United should always be at the forefront of stadiums. Have the best facilities and they have fallen behind.”

As footage shows Man Utd toilets ‘flooded with urine’ as fans hit out at Old Trafford facilities…

@ManUtdMania_: It was like this in 2015 when I was working there, it’s disgusting. 🤢

@RohLDN: Fuckin hell the state of Man Utd fans walking around in piss

@BarneyLUFC21: In all seriousness the premier league the best league in Europe and the way the every day fan in the terraces is treated is disgusting. Leeds fans have highlighted this recently how many other fans in this division is having the same issues?

@syelaw: Old Toilet as we’ve called it for years was certainly no exaggeration, absolutely vile 🚽

@JoshWoogsLFC: They just spent £200m every single summer instead of doing up their stadium haha the soft cunts would be up in arms if it was the other way around. Prestige stadium and Arthur Melo signed on deadline day.

@WelshLadSlims: Jesus Christ man – We are Manchester United – we’ve got to get rid of these Americans ASAP. There’s no excuse for a stadium like OT to have such issues. #GlazersOut #MUFC

@Danielutd82: #GlazerOut these are the toilets at the biggest club on the planet ffs 🤦‍♂️🤢

@JamesDixon_PT: When I tell people that Old Trafford is one of the worst two PL grounds in the country they don’t believe me. Its falling apart inside, its a shambles. It needs an upgrade. I still can’t see it gone though, too many memories and means too much

@Branddd94: They are quite literally cutting about with piss on their trainers but it’s scousers who are tramps? Hahahahahah

@poetscorneruk: Ronaldo was right

@JUANFIELD8: It’s horrendous especially since I have to take my daughter in there. It’s a genuine hygiene issue and I’m appalled it hasn’t been fixed yet been like this for ages

@RayRay_LFC: Their owners are the reason their fans decide to urinate on the floor like animals. I thought I’d heard it all.

@PaulJohnSmith10: Get the scarfs out lads

@Roachey_02: Called the swamp for a reason 🤣 shithole

@Butler622: and people wonder why we want the glazers gone

@aaronmac77: Jesus imagine slipping in that and going across the floor into the corner like you’d just scored at the Stretford End

@AmBigSerge: This has gone on for too long, and amazingly some people think the debt-ridden Glazers are good owners #GlazersOut #NoToElliott

@KlisRamdeenLess: Yet some think the Glazers are good owners #GlazersOut

@kay_mahapa: I pray for the downfall of the Glazer family more than I pray for my own success

@HAftbl: The jokes write itself

@Mangan_1886: Some club 🤮

@joshparr00: Piss poor on the pitch as well

@MrsEmmaEdgar: This is disgusting

@UTFR93: Oh Manchester is full of shit, and piss.

@Sensemilia_: They thought Old Toilet was just jokes

@quigo26: Imagine if the poor fckers had to go near tolka this is the ritz compared to that shit hole

@OnlyZaan: This is sickening !! Even in third world countries football clubs are in a better state, the Glazers are killing this club which may still be saved if we get competent owners in Qatari coz if we’re sold to Ratcliffe we’d have another Glazer like situation for another 2 decades 🤦🏻‍♂️

@joedoherty21: 🎶piss on the ceiling piss on the floor🎶

@Stoneyy1998: Absolutely disgusting 🤮 #GlazersOutNOW

@_callumstone: It’s absolutely disgusting that our owners have allowed our once great stadium to decay like this.

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