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Pep Guardiola filmed in Manchester City Centre bike chase by crazy fan wanting photo

Pep Guardiola has been filmed in a bike chase around Manchester City Centre by a crazy fan wanting a photo over the weekend.

The Catalan coach has returned to the city of Manchester ahead of the start of the Premier League champions’ pre-season camp with the first-team squad set to report back for training at the City Football Academy on Monday the 11th of July.

After a number of weeks partying, the reigning Premier League champions will build up their fitness once more in Manchester, before heading off to the United States for their pre-season tour later in the week.

And ahead of the first training session, the club’s players have returned to the city following their summer holidays.

Manager Pep Guardiola has wasted no time in getting back into the swing of city life, cycling through the centre over the weekend.

However, the he was minding his own business having a lovely bike ride on evening, only to be spotted by a fan who wasn’t letting him get away, wanting a selfie with him, which to this day we still don’t know whether he got it.

In a new video uploaded to TikTok, the fan filmed himself chasing the Manchester City boss off in the area of Deansgate.

“Aye Pep, let me get a picture bro!”, the fan shouted.

“Yo! My man’s smokin’ off, yo!

“Aye Pep! Yo, nah nah you man need to see this! Oh my god!

After finally catching up with the Manchester City manager, who didn’t seem best pleased with the behaviour of the individual behind the camera, Pep Guardiola stopped by Parsonage Gardens, got off his bike, and attempted to get away.

“Yo Pep! Let me get a picture, why you running off bro, let me get a picture bro!

“Let me get a picture, I just want a picture!

“I just want a picture, yo my g!”

Pep ends up giving in after hearing what the fan has to say, carries his bike, then the video cuts there.

The sighting of the Man City boss came on the same day as supporters of the club got their first glance of Erling Haaland, Stefan Ortega, and Julian Alvarez.

The trio made an appearance for the fans outside the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, in a glossy unveiling event put on.

In it, Erling Haaland couldn’t help but make a dig at Man Utd.

“I don’t like to say the words but… Manchester United,” Haaland said when quizzed about which game he was looking forward to the most. Haaland’s Dad, Alf-Inge, spent part of his career at City, suffering a serious injury at the hands of Roy Keane in a derby, so the fixture already has significance.

“It’s a new country, new league, new coach… new everything,” Haaland said upon completing the move. “I know how it is to come to a new club, I have done it a couple of times before.

“Hopefully I can bring some more quality. With me as a striker, I want to have fun. When I have fun, I score goals and enjoy playing. I hope to smile a lot.”

Fans reacted as Pep Guardiola is filmed in a Manchester City Centre bike chase by one crazy fan wanting a photo…

@Abhi_the_sav: I would be scared too if the entire man city fans were chasing me

@VTottenham: What a wanker.. leave the bloke alone. Worst kind of people

@Abzinomcfc: You can’t be rolling on my manager like this wtf pattern up Bmt

@M3rtinelli: If someone did that to me I’m not taking a picture with them, he should be happy pep did

@bald_tactics: Man went “AY PEP! COME HERE!” 😭😭man was just tryna cycle, he’s low-key classy af

@JTSjmp: Nah this ain’t cool. U wouldn’t do this to a stranger so don’t do it just cuz it’s someone famous.

@cantstopthekop: Can we please get rid of people who act like this please

@MourinhoPics: Don’t even blame pep for thinking something was about to happen 😭 why is he chasing another man on a bike at night

@Pboyarin: The guy chasing him is an absolute weird cunt

@ItWasJustBanter: Why do people think that celebrities owe them anything?

@DasZehnerRole: Very strange this, you’re forcing him off his bike in an alley in the middle of the night

@jfg96_: What a bell end that guy filming is

@kingsleygoalman: I don’t blame Pep’s reaction at all

@LilLoubieLou: Why does he think it’s acceptable to chase someone down and then shout and demand he wants a pic

@SheikhMCI: Poor Pep. Just trying to mind his own business while you’re yelling at him and chasing him down. Still classy enough to stop and smile. Leave the man alone.

@AFC_Joesph: That’s some weird behavior from the fan lol. Why you running up on him like that😭 ofc he’ll be scared. I definitely would

@GerWillzLFC: Ngl that guy us proper weird if i was Pep i would have kept biking

@bevmitchell2801: Can you blame him?! It’s after dark, there’s nobody around, and some random guy has started chasing after him! Also, when did people start thinking they’re entitled to take a picture with a celebrity? See it in the media a lot, people grabbing hold of celebs, demanding selfies.

@magicalsilva21: Just let the guy have some alone time man. Stop shoving cameras at their faces ffs

@AndyR1_: Nah if someone did that to me I would of just kept riding home for my life. I don’t blame him for being scared 💀

@InfamousDemigod: Gotta fix how you approach people. If you’re going to act like this people will be hesitant/won’t want to take a picture with you. Man is just out on a small bike ride at night and you’re literally harassing him. Why don’t people let people be any more?

@citehxen: Anyone would react like that being approached in that way

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