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Owen Oyston has message for Blackpool fans – Local paper refuse to reveal + ticket sales update

It’s set to be an exciting weekend for Blackpool and it’s supporters as they are to making their return to Bloomfield Road for their first home game as an Oyston free club.

As of yesterday, 15,000 tickets have been snapped up for the ‘homecoming’ game against Southend United with around a couple of hundred left.

Their average attendance this season has been as low as 4,154, but keep up with crowds such as these, that average will rocket for the playoff hopefuls.

Last week Owen Oyston and his daughter Natalie Christopher were removed from the board of the troubled League One club and replaced by Ben Hatton (Executive & Managing Director), Ian Currie (Non-Executive Director) and Tim Fielding (Non-Executive Director carrying out an observational role).

And yesterday it was revealed by the Blackpool Gazette that they refuse to publish a letter from that much hated Owen Oyston.

News editor, Paul Berentzen, said: “We will not be printing a word of it.

“The blame for so much of the mess that has blighted the club for too long rests with him.

“He has repeatedly declined to answer legitimate questions about his ownership of the club. He has refused to be held accountable for his actions.

“He dodged those same questions again today.

“So no, Mr Oyston, we will not pass on your message.

“Some supporters may want to know what he said. But coming now, two days before Bloomfield Road roars once more, it would only undermine what they have worked so hard to achieve.

“Regardless of the result on Saturday, this weekend will be a victory for the fans.

“They deserve this moment. Nobody else.

Blackpool fan tangerinedave said: “Let me guess, 1. fans don’t realise what I’ve done for them 2. There be no club without me 3. I’m a life long fan 4. I’m getting the 25 mill together. 5. Fans been mean to me 6. I didn’t take all the money 7. It’s all Karl’s doing. That should cover it.”

Writer for The Gazettte Matt Scrafton said: “Scarily close”.


Following the reporter’s and Blackpool Gazette’s tweets – which got thousands of likes – refusing to reveal Owen Oyston’s letter, fans took to praise as well as given their reaction – check out what they had to say by clicking on the next page.


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