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‘Offensive’ chant will see England fans banned by the FA if sung at Wembley

An ‘offensive’ chant will see England fans banned by the FA if it is heard sung at Wembley for the game against Germany next week.

Three Lions supporters who sing the ’10 German Bombers’ song during the Euro 2020 clash face being punished, and it has happened before.

The FA said it would ‘strongly condemn’ anyone who chooses to follow a crowd and be part in ‘discriminatory or disrespectful’ chants at Wembley on Tuesday.

The governing body added it would ‘take action where appropriate’ but may struggle as supporters have to wear masks. Good luck policing it in that case.

‘This message will be shared with them once again before Gareth Southgate’s side’s next fixture, as well as thanking them for their support.

‘We will also strongly condemn any behaviour at Wembley Stadium that is discriminatory or disrespectful, and we will take action where appropriate as we try to ensure all England matches are a safe and enjoyable experience.’

Ten German Bombers was allegedly sang in the streets ahead of England’s opening game of the Euros against Croatia.

The song, which is sung to the tune of ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain’, immediately trended on social media when it emerged Germany would be the opponents next week.

An official report sent to UEFA by the FARE network – its anti-discrimination arm – slammed the song as ‘ultra-nationalist’ after the Croatia game.


The FA banned some from the England Supporters Travel Club back in March 2017 after fans sang in an international match in Dortmund.

Executive director of FARE Piara Powar said they would class the children’s song as ‘ultra-nationalist’.

He said the organisation would see it as ‘an insult and discriminatory’ if it is heard at the matches.

Gareth Southgate branded it ‘completely unacceptable’ before England played Germany in November 2017.

He added: ‘We’ve moved on from those times, or should have moved on from those times. They don’t represent us as a team, the people who do that.’

FA chairman Greg Clarke condemned the “inappropriate, disrespectful and disappointing” conduct after the match which took place in a friendly between the two sides in Germany on the 23rd of March 2017 – a statement that was sent to ESTC members in an email the following day, along with a warning of the sanctions awaiting guilty parties.

A statement from the FA read: “The FA can now issue an update on the investigation into the unacceptable behaviour witnessed around England’s fixture against Germany in Dortmund in March.

“Firstly, we would like to thank all England Supporters Travel Club members who have taken the time to make contact to express their disappointment and dismay at what they witnessed in Dortmund. Furthermore, the assistance from members has proved to be invaluable throughout this process.

“We have been working closely with the relevant authorities to identify a number of individuals, some of whom have already been suspended from the England Supporters Travel Club and will now be pursued by the UK Football Policing Unit and potentially be subject to a Football Banning Order.

“To date, 34 members have been investigated for their behaviour by The FA, some of whom have now been banned from the membership. Investigations are still ongoing which may result in further sanctions.

“As you will be aware, The FA has consistently urged fans to follow England in a positive way and we will continue to work hard to try to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all supporters.”

Fans reacted after seeing that the chant will see England fans banned by the FA if sung at Wembley…

@JBH_RFC: This is literally going to just make them want to sing it even more…

@michaelcarr81: It was disrespectful to invade Poland but it didn’t stop hitler

@KrisWall92: Looking forward to hearing the German bombers song sung by people who boo the knee and don’t want politics in football

@Pete523: So fans can’t sing a song which is only really banter but players can take the knee to support a political movement. Think you may have just cranked the volume up

@adjsays: Seriously, you’re an absolute disgrace if you’re already tweeting “10 german bombers.” It’s 2021 FFS. Get a fucking grip you absolute bellends. I don’t like Germany, but that’s because they beat us at football regularly, not because of a war that happened 70+ years ago. TWATS.

@Joel_Denyer: Can someone explain why people are getting so triggered by this song? It’s basically just signing facts… there WERE German bombers in the war and the RAF DID shoot them down. There are some outrageous chants out there but this is not one of them

@andyatticus90: So what about England fans singing songs about German bombers? The same fans that will be booing the taking of the knee before the game. The same fans that will boo at rainbow laces


@samoakley88: Singing 10 German bombers isn’t acceptable. Okay UEFA, how about rather then a jokey song about WW2 you focus on improving relations with the LGBT community and preventing racism.

@CapelLofft: So keep on singing 10 German Bombers and booing those taking the knee lads. If the middle classes want to force their sanctimonious b/s on you, then they can hardly complain when some people tell them where to get off.

@IbbyUnchained: Keep politics out of football

@George_1571: wont stop us tho will it

@JackHFRoss: If they’re allowed to take the knee to Marxism, we must be allowed to sing ‘Ten German Bombers’! Either enforce the rules fairly or there is no point having them. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@LiamNUFC98: Good luck with that

@manmanelende: WTF the FA turn into a right PC correct institution

@TomC101095: I cannot wait to hear England fans booing the knee for being political and then singing 10 German bombers. War being famously not political

@sfcdan_: Good, let’s keep politics out of football!

@Josh_THFC__: What are they going to do when the whole stadium starts singing it lmao? Ban all 20,000

@petehotchkiss: But it’s ok to boo people making a protest against racial abuse.

@rmbfc1: Embarrassing

@twose_brian: Immigration officials, at Heathrow need to send those UEFA officials back on the same plane they come on.

@ForeverAYellow: I got to admit, it’s funny that everyone moans at ‘taking the knee’ and more recently the ‘rainbow stadium lighting’, claiming they don’t want politics in football, yet when it comes to the song, everyone is all for it. Contradicting and yet they do this only when it suits themselves.

@scottyfroggatt: Gonna have an empty stadium then

@Mehdi_14_: it’s funny when the people who sing this song are the same people who boo when the players take the knee and say ‘Politics should stay out of football’

@WILS0N2003: if you tell someone not to do something, you can be guaranteed that someone will do it

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