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Nottingham Forest hoping potential deals will prevent further points deduction

Nottingham Forest are hoping potential deals will prevent a further points deduction for a second consecutive season.

The Reds are reportedly making efforts to offload players to prevent another sanction in the according to Alan Nixon.

Last season, the team narrowly avoided relegation from the Premier League in finishing 17th, after being deducted four points for breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR), leaving them with 32 points, six points above the drop zone.

Forest are determined to prepare their squad for the new campaign without fresh issues, and are hoping to avoid any potential deductions.

They do however rely on sales to try and avoid another punishment. Reports claim that such players as Murillo and Morgan Gibbs-White, who are attracting interest from various clubs, could help towards significant transfer fees for the club.

To ensure compliance with the PSR guidelines for the new season, Forest are exploring all their options, and with the Premier League expected to be much more tougher next season, it is crucial for Forest to avoid any further deductions.

Reports add that a series of emails could be Forest’s best efforts to sell players and adhere to league regulations.

PSR regulations permit top flight clubs to incur losses of up to £105 million over three years, with an average of £35 million annually, but this limit goes down to £22 million for each season spent in the Championship within that timeframe.

PSR calculations are based on a year running from the 1st of July to the 30th of June, though going into of the 2024/25 season, Nottingham Forest has allowable losses amounting to £92 million, covering their promotion season and two seasons in the Premier League.

They won promotion to the Premier League in 2022 and brought in 22 players, but now they face having to offload players and do so by a deadline set for next Sunday, in what will be a mini deadline day for a number of clubs, as can be read HERE.

Lee Clarke of nottinghamforest.news said: “It’s admirable that Evangelos Marinakis doesn’t seem overly desperate to sell players but he’s got to use some common sense with this.

“Everton breached their PSR cycle twice and in total, they were deducted eight points last season.

“Now, Forest must avoid breaching PSR for the second successive time and it’s imperative they don’t lose any points before the season has even started.

“The Premier League won’t be as easy to negotiate next season and Forest will hope for a journey that isn’t quite as bumpy.

“In our view, this email chain might not count for much and Forest are going to have to be very careful if this is the risk they’re going to take.”

This is how fans reacted with Nottingham Forest hoping potential deals will prevent a further points deduction…

@Chris78901: Oh this can only go well 🫣

@klo_nicoleee: Well I do hope they get them over the line cba with another points deduction & the uncertainty of it all

@TrentEndReds: Hear me out, player deals between #nffc & #lcfc could actually be a goer, genuinely feel there are players could be of use to each other before end Jun without touching our star men, trade at fair market values so we can’t be touched & strengthen both squads, SC could help too

@PackzNFFC: #NFFC wasn’t this our alibi last time?

@DaveHo1mes: I guess the difference they may look for is deals agreed before the deadline but the countries window isn’t open until July, it’ll be easier to argue no sporting advantage if the season hadn’t started. Unfortunately it comes down to what three idiots the PL have put on a panel.

@DaveHo1mes: This week is going to be unbearable with some #NFFC fans worrying or moaning about the club hitting a financial target number that no one outside the club knows exactly what it is, or has any control over… All we can do as fans is hope that the club have learned their lesson and are prepared to do everything they can to comply by the rules. This second deadline day will likely work like the others and build up to a crescendo this time next week, with the added caveat that some countries transfer windows don’t open until July so the market to sell players is reduced. The ridiculousness of it all is on show with the PSR deals currently being done between clubs swapping players, and that from July 1st Forest will finally have the same £105m loss figure as almost everyone else, but will then see the rules change in a years time to Squad Cost Ratio… Football wasn’t supposed to be played on spreadsheets and in court rooms but here we are… try and enjoy your summer and not get caught up in this nonsense.

@Battlemuch4WW: Having a financial deadline different to the transfer deadline has to be the maddest thing ever. Surely this has to change.

@DaveHo1mes: Just have it as the calendar year, then it’s never ending in a transfer window, they can have the accounts in to the league by the end of that season, and any sanctions can be sorted over the summer in place for the new season. It’s really not that difficult.

@gazza_thered: We still won’t have the same £105k loss as the others this season sure it’s 80 odd then from next season will be £105k but then it’s changing away from then.

@DaveHo1mes: It’ll be £105m for 24/25 starting July 1st, it has been £83m for this year 23/24 and last year was £61m for 22/23 but with the Covid years averaged out for 21/22 and 22/23. 25/26 is the start of SCR where it’ll be 85% of revenue.

@AndrewNFFC20: Hopefully we aren’t referred to another commission. And get sorted in the next week

@J_BParker: 1 week until the deadline, no signs / rumours of any players leaving. We better have something up our sleeves… #NFFC

@Nesto25: 7 days to go… who are Forest selling then? Or are the club considering another points deduction? I hope they sell someone’s to avoid that, even Murillo #NFFC

@1865ma: #nffc just seen we hope potential deals will get us through psr. We’re going to do it all again arnt we 😂

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