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Five Premier League clubs face having to sell players before end of June to comply with P&S rules

Five Premier League clubs face having to sell players before end of June to comply with P&S rules, according to Sky Sports.

There has since been an update on this since the story broke on Thursday (6 June), at first Sky Sports said that their sources had Chelsea, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Everton, Nottingham Forest, and Leicester down to being pressured to offload one or more key assets before the transition into the upcoming financial year.

Although the exact amount each club needs to recover remains undisclosed, the circumstances they are currently facing indicate a potentially chaotic transfer deadline day on the 30th of June.

With the transfer window set to open at the same time as Euro 2024 begins, it appears highly likely that negotiations for international players will be inevitable.

They need to offload players by the date, which is the cut-off point for the financial year across the top flight, with clubs needing to show they have made losses of no more than £105m over the last three years – or less if they have spent some of that time outside the top flight.

But now Sky Sports have deleted their tweet announcing the news, which has over 8 million views, and taken down their article with Sky Sports saying on Friday (June 7) that Chelsea will not need to sell players this month to comply with Premier League PSR rules.

Now if we take Chelsea out of this, judging by what Sky Sports said, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Everton, Nottingham Forest and Leicester are all under the pressure of losing a key asset or two in what will be a mini transfer deadline day on the 30th of June.

The transfer window opens just 16 days earlier on the 14th of June, and while clubs will be aiming to avoid disrupting the tournament by making deals for players who are competing, it seems they face having no choice but to disrupt.

Any breaches of spending regulations could result in sanctions, such as points deductions.

Sky Sports reported that…
– Aston Villa may have to sell the likes of Douglas Luiz, Ollie Watkins, Matty Cash
– For Chelsea – Conor Gallagher, Ian Maatsen, Armando Broja, Trevoh Chalobah
– Everton – Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Amadou Onana, Jarrad Branthwaite
– Leicester – Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, Stephy Mavididi, Issahaku Fatawu, James Justin, Wout Faes, Harry Souttar
– Newcastle – Bruno Guimaraes, Aleksander Isak
– Nottingham Forest – Morgan Gibbs-White, Calum Hudson-Odoi, Anthony Elanga, Murillo, Danilo

We’ve already seen something similar with Everton getting deducted points by the Premier League twice in the 2023/24 season for two different sets of breaches, totalling eight overall.

Meanwhile, Nottingham Forest were also docked four points for a single breach.

This is what fans are saying as six Premier League clubs face having to sell players before end of June to comply with P&S rules…

@Im_RobM: Having to sell your best players to compete. Best league in the world 🙃

@JordanM_THFC: No Man City 😭

@RealOddsMaster: Only Man City doesn’t, because they’re super compliant… obviously!!! ❌

@gkmcfc: Yet people think it’s City weakening the league! These clubs have owners that are more than capable of competing

@talking_toffees: Tell them where to go. Squad stripped of most of its quality & they still wanted to deduct Everton 17 points

@JHeyhoe_45: No surprise some of the teams there are the ones meant to be backing City’s lawsuit 👀

@seth_b2509: Peek who those clubs are. Chelsea spending 1b in 18months and other clubs trying their best to stay competitive (2 of which are trying to break the mould into top 4). Prem needs to change and allow proper investment and invite fair competition for all clubs. Closed shop as it is.

@TheSPshow: In lots of ways I like that the FA is keeping a check on finances of clubs …. However while this whole Man City thing is still lingering it feels incomplete as a process

@will_britnell: Having to sell players at a cut price or a points deduction hits! How can that be right despite the owners of all 6 clubs (well perhaps not everton due to their sale) being able to fund them and ensure stability?

@PaulButlerO8: Rapidly losing its place as one of, if not the best league in the world.

@JamesPearson25: Can’t be having anyone breaking the monopoly or inflating their own sponsorship deals

@ScampiMallon: Funny how they are the ones trying to back City currently 🤣

@toffeedoug: No doubt plucky non-elite discriminated against outsiders Man City will be beneficiaries of signing some of these players

@will_britnell: PL clubs wont bid prior to 30 june as that doesnt fall into next seasons accounts but this so makes no sense for them to do so. Players will then be forced to move abroad. PSR really needs scrapping before the PL gets to the point where our top 4 can no longer compete in the CL

@french_goooner: Of course. That’s why they support City

@SteveCorbett64: The new sustainability rules are biased, elitist and grossly unfair. They are there to protect the Big6. If you want to make football fair, cap spending and losses but set the figure in advance (amount not percentage) and make them the same for all, irrespective of turnover

@blueinyorkshire: And suddenly @ManCity are the good guys fighting in court. You need to realise this opposition fans.

@JakeJackmann: Aston Villa and Newcastle being punished for ambition means the current model is flawed.

@ToonPolls: These rules were brought in to prevent the most extreme of cases. They’ve become an absolute joke now and are strangling the life out of the league. That this hasn’t been addressed before it’s got to this point is an absolute disgrace. #NUFC

@Total_Villa: It’s a good job Manchester City comply with all the rules so that they don’t face any penalties 👍

@Marshall89HD: Can’t wait for the new advertisement lines for the Premier League next season – ‘The Premier League.. Home of point deductions and having to sell your best players to avoid them. Be competitive.. but only to a certain level’

@Colshort66Colin: Funny the way some of these teams are the ones supporting City the cheats 🙄🙄 #115

@SeanElderbrant: The Barclays feels like it’s nearing the point of eating itself alive. Fair play!

@rebekkarnold: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the current profit and sustainability rules are not fit for purpose.

@Beesotted: Looks like some of the Premier League’s biggest spenders will have to sell this summer if they want to avoid breaking financial sustainability rules. Everton and Forest both named as being close to breaching them yet again.

@AVFCMidge: No other league has to deal with this bullshit. There’s almost zero room for challenge within the top half of the table because of rules like this but we’re supposed to believe it’s still the best league in the world… it’s not even top 3 for entertainment anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️

@Foxyproxy13131: When you’ve got around a third of the league needing to sell players to comply with rules that never seem to affect the big 6 (Bar Chelsea but that’s of no surprise) You know you’ve got a big problem

@rjb_1998: The underdog darlings cheating their way to CL qualification? I see

@GaryLish: There’s literally no point in playing anymore. Villa’s fucked trying to get into Europe and same for us.

@rachelmccourt_: Aye we all want others to compete in the league but you’ll have to sell all your best players to do it. Our squad’s thin enough as it is. FFP is a joke, Richard Masters is a joke and this league is a fucking joke. My head is gone hahahahaha

@Craig_Miller89: The full things a shambles isn’t it. No money spent hardly under ashley for 14 years no commercial deals, no academy investment. Try to rebuild/compete all rules brought in to stop us and then could be forced to sell assets to keep head above water. Shite out dated rules! #NUFC

@Jim_Keoghan: FFP working it’s magic to provide the bigger clubs with the opportunity to pluck some juicy acquisitions on the cheap. Fairness and sustainability in action

@GingerPirlo_: So basically the PSR rules aren’t fit for purpose. Not unless the purpose is to keep the richest clubs at the top. How that £105m figure hasn’t changed with inflation over the past 10 years is fuckin laughable. That’s one Holding Midfielder in today’s market.

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