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Non league stadium vandalised on same day of club’s trophy lift

A non league stadium has been vandalised on the same day of a club’s trophy lift, leaving many saddened ahead of the momentous occasion.

Everyone associated with Hastings United woke up on Saturday morning excited at being able to celebrate winning the Isthmian League South East Division, which was secured after last weekend’s 1-1 draw at Faversham Town.

However, when turning up at the Pilot Field ground, ready to get everything prepared with a packed out crowd expected for the home game against VCD Athletic, they were devastated by what they saw.

As can be seen above, they wrote: “DISGRACEFUL… Ahead us lifting the trophy today for the first time in 20 years our staff turn up to this act of vandalism. Sometimes the human race really let you down. TODAY WE STILL CELEBRATE”

A lot has been building ahead of today with merchandise, free Easter eggs, limited edition shirts, and tickets selling fast.

Though they suffered the vandalism, the club will make sure that it won’t let them ruin their celebrations.

Played 35
Won 25
Drew 4
Lost 6
Goals For – 76
Goals Against – 31
Goal Difference – plus 45
Points – 79

Social media users reacted as the non league stadium gets vandalised on the same day of the club’s special trophy lift…

@The_Kitsman: Some people are despicable. Sorry to see this.

@CavershamUnited: Sorry to see this guys 😔

@hufcsoutheast: I’m coming up early to try and help out

@DayBay4: Looks like someone’s sour grapes exploded 😳 hope you still have a great day all! Also hoping we get to see a @WorthingFC @hastingsufc friendly in the summer ☀️

@CrowhurstFC2s: Awful act! 😡 Don’t let this dampen the spirits and stop the party, well deserved champions! 🏆

@HUCFCRes: 🤬…. Still Champions fellas, you’ve done the town proud 🏆💪🏼

@sarimeto: Awful, I felt hurt. Hastings society and wider communities need this club more than anything. It’s so so sad.

@YouYeltz: Shameful.

@jenslenssees: This is absolutely disgusting!!!

@stubbc: Awful. What is wrong with people? Must’ve been preplanned with that much paint. Still champions 🏆 enjoy the celebrations

@realraygange: why on earth would someone resort to this – celebrate even harder

@CrayValleyPM: This beggars belief! We hope this doesn’t spoil the fun and you can enjoy the day as best you can. And that those responsible for this madness get their comeuppance!

@EHopkins1383: Do u need help trying to clean it off. I can come over and give a hand

@chrisRea82: Absolutely disgraceful 🤬🤬🤬 jealousy is a horrible thing 👎🏻

@stevehotspurs: Omg that’s disgraceful 😡😡😡

@EastKentIan: Awful. Dont let us spoil your day. Losers never win. Have a great day still. Worthy champions. I’m an ashford united fan by the way not over sure on some of the comments aiming guilt our way.

@TonyHom33: Pathetic people. That’s a lot of paint and two colours. It would have been heavy to carry too. Any local homes have security CCTV?

@SteveK157DFC: Awful behaviour. People can really be awful. Hope it doesn’t ruin your well-deserved celebrations.

@PeteWickerMan: What’s wrong with people? Scummy wankers need a slap. Don’t let it dampen your celebrations @hastingsufc

@ChivertonLaura: Just why? What do you achieve by doing this? 😩

@Joshuantfc11: Why do people do this?

@jonsmalldon: How utterly lacking in redeeming features must you be to believe this is a good thing to do

@FIFAPlays95: Another non league club targeted. Another failure inbound from a police constituency to prosecute anyone or show any remorse for a local club. Wishing you all the best with your celebrations today 👏👏

@SayersBHAFC: Utter disgrace!! Well done to my old stomping ground for clinching the title 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@DTP_14: Some really sad people out there 😔

@LeeFender96: Absolute scum doing this to a club that would feel the financial pressure of this shit more than the ‘bigger’ clubs

@leepaine16: Awful!! Hastings win the league & then some thugs do this!!! Hope the police find who did it

@stripeyshark: Just need to redecorate with CHAMPIONS written on. Pound shop Banksy has given us a head start. #COYU #HastingsFamily #HomeAndAway #Champions #PremierLeague

@HUFCPODCAST: Not going to stop us celebrating at all… Im sure we will all raise a glass later unlike the dickheads that done this they can wallow in their misery #Winners #COYU #SeeYouAtTheGame #TheElphickWay

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