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Non league player sent off after final whistle for entering stand and squaring up to fan

Scottish non league player Ben Spelman was sent off after the final whistle on Saturday for entering the stand and squaring up to a fan.

Scott Sinclair, who scored half a century of goals last season, broke the deadlock with a free kick around 30 minutes in, before Sean Slaven doubled the lead in the second half for his first for the club.

Aiden Gilmartin then sealed the win making it 3-0 just minutes before the full time whistle blew, a comfortable victory for the Cowdenbeath, who sit 15th in the table.

But according to hosts, Ben Spelman of Gretna was shown a red card at full time. As the players were coming off the pitch and making their way back to the changing rooms, he instead went in the stand and tried to intimidate a supporter.

Judging by the video below, the player walks up a few rows of seats before putting his hands on the fan, but as soon as some fans run over to call the situation down, the player backs off and and grumpily storms off to join his teammates.

⬇️👀 pic.twitter.com/r5edqENlxp

— Cllr Darren Watt – Cowdenbeath 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 (@CllrDarrenWatt) September 3, 2022

Gretna, who sit 18th out of 19 teams in the Scottish Lowland Football League, saw their manager resign not long after the game too.

Stephen Hatfield said via their club website: “After today’s game, I informed the board and players of my decision to resign as manager of this wonderful football club.

“It is with alot of sadness and frustration, that I couldn’t make the difference I, or the club would have hoped for, taking over 11 months ago.

“I feel the board have been more than patient with me and have provided me with everything they possibly could have to enable that relative success. The work that the handful of volunteers put in behind the scenes is incredible. I truly admire how they keep the club going with so little help or support. I sincerely thank them for the opportunity.

“Managing in a new league/country is never easy and I would like to thank Eddie Warwick (last season), Perry Oakley, Michael McIndoe, Robbie Park and Gavin Cairns for the support they have given me as part of my backroom team over the period.

“I have really fallen in love with Gretna FC 2008, and, indeed, Gretna as a whole in my short time living here. I’m very proud to have started a family here and consider myself part of the town. I hope more than anything the football club finds the answer and experiences much better times soon.

“Thanks for your support, Stephen 🖤🤍”

Chairman, Alex Thomson, expressed his thanks to Stephen on behalf of the club, for all his hard work and support, not just on the football side of things, but for the club itself. The whole club is filled with sadness tonight and wishes Stephen every success for the future.

As mentioned however, it was the Scottish non league player Ben Spelman sent off after final whistle for entering the stand and squaring up to fan that stole the headlines on social media…

@johncam1889: 😂😂madness

@Rorymcpherson96: Hhahahahahahahah

@ClashRobin: The clip really makes it – Cowdenbeath have such a bizarre ground, with that go kart race track around the pitch!

@Rooney_AD1: @FootballRamble Scottish Football. The best it’s ever been…

@Jimmy_Jazz1885: Football just isn’t safe anymore. @PoliceScotland should be chapping Bens door hopefully. Thug. Can @nhs confirm Ben’s vaccination status? This could be much more serious for him if Covid becomes a factor

@AaronGreger: Scottish football at its finest

@OfficialCatchup: Never a good look for a footballer to react to a crowd in such a manner but got to wonder what was said there. I remember Mitch Megginson being fairly wound up by the Cowden fans in the playoff game a good few years ago.

@colinphoenix: Post of the day… Scottish fitba’, you can’t beat it…

@ConnorMoyes: I love how tinpot the lowland league is

@CasualsNorthern: This is the kind of shit we need

@benny5bellys (Replying to @GretnaFC2008): Anything happen after the whistle went lads?

@AndrewWatt7: Scottish football at its finest 😂

@Spockle9: I can just imagine how this went down with the Cowden fans. My God I wish I was there 😂

@RyanGriff06: Non league at its finest

@rwest1998: I love Scottish football 🤣

@ellislonie_: Embarrassing 🤣🤣🤣

@AllAboutTheGers: Peak Scottish Fitba 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@gordonduncan7: As you do…

@Kyleewan: Score ya fat bastard get it fucking up ye

@H0raceWimp: Scottish football, classy as always 😂😂

@ETimsNet: The beautiful madness of our game in Scotland.

@BrianBa85477625: @Scottish football dont you ever change.

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