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Police forced to intervene as Chesterfield and Oldham fans fight in field near stadium

Police were forced to intervene as Chesterfield and Oldham fans took fight in a field near the Boundary Park stadium on Saturday afternoon.

A video along with photos have been uploaded showing just what went on, policing has been slammed while some claim the ‘away fans should have been kept in the stadium longer’ and ‘segregation needed to be better’.

Batons were apparently used by officers to try and defuse the situation, however there was so many fooligans that it became to hard to handle it would seem.

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National League leaders Chesterfield managed to beat Oldham 2-0 with Joe Quigley giving the Spireites a first-minute lead after an error by goalkeeper Magnus Norman – and it was two inside seven minutes.

Quigley’s effort for the second was blocked by Oscar Threlkeld but Calvin Miller set up Jeff King to sweep home and put the visitors firmly in control early on and held on for the rest of the game.

Oldham may have feared the scoreline could be worse, but they tried to find a way back into the game, with Mike Fondop a threat and Hallam Hope chipping just over before the hosts saw Dan Gardner go off injured.

Jack Clarke missed a glorious Chesterfield chance and Brandenn Horton hit a post before half-time, but Quigley twice went close and Oliver Banks shot just wide from distance.

There was plenty of reaction on media which shows police forced to intervene as Chesterfield and Oldham fans fight in a field near the stadium…

@LukeHOAFC: That 3rd picture is when another set of GMP sent 10 chesterfield fans through the carpark onto Clayton right into the oldham lot. Despite knowing what had gone on🤦 Given how many TAU and GMP were on duty. Its mad that they can’t stop 50/70 kids.

@sleepysilvery: If you know anyone who was involved then shop them

@BfieldPolly: Yes. Definitely nothing to do with people being dickheads and making shitty choices. I walked past a load of blokes today and didn’t feel like twatting any of them, not them me (fortunately).

@MarkOAFC88: Put pissed up home fans with pissed up away fans and that’s what happens.

@BfieldPolly: But it doesn’t have to if people make better choices. I’m a few drinks in now. As are a table of lads next to me. Unless one of us chooses to be a prick we’ll not exchange a word with one another. Simple.

@AndyRob19133934: The Police could have done more to frustrate people wanting to be dickheads but that’s not the same as causing it

@Iano_l: What a bunch of fucktards, embarrassing! Although stewarding doesn’t help. People are pissed off enough at the result and then have to walk the length of the stand to exit. @OfficialOAFC sort the stewarding out. Doesn’t take a brain to think to hold away fans in for 5 mins

@Prestonoldham51: Club and police could do a lot of things to avoid these things happening. Allowing 50-100 young Oldham walk out the car park and onto Clayton’s to confront Chesterfield followed by 2 coppers was ineffective surprisingly.

@rammylatic: The adrenaline rush and sheer pleasure of throwing a few punches on the Clayton Playing Fields after the game must be something to tell the lads on the school playground on Monday, eh lads 😳 Bravo #oafc #Spireites

@phill_oafc_owen: Not sure what they teach the police theses days, but all the trouble would have been avoided if they did what they used to – keep the away in ground until the home crowd has dispersed

@paddyodonnell75: Well to be honest, the police are a bit of a pain in the arse. That might be the reason? They’re a bit shit whot with solving no crimes and protecting rich paedos and these lads have had enough maybe?

@cbrown164_: Funny that they all fucked off when town turned up

@Jesevi01: How embarrassing. Horrible people you are not welcome at #oafc

@stugib57: Police have got ZERO control!!!

@paulwel91651591: Shocking, what’s the point, throw the book at all of them

@Luke_s18: Policing was ridiculous. They literally diverted us right into oldham fans, not good at all

@Dazzergar1972: Bellends

@naturalvicky: Disgusting behaviour! It’s people like this that don’t deserve to represent a team!

@oafc19: Oldham YOOF showing more fight than the players 🤣

@kieranmcandrew: Also saw a copper launch a scrawny 15 yr old to the floor and dig him / knee him a few times because the kid called him a “melt”. Copper was shouting “what did you say, what did you say?” Surely a grown adult can rise above being called a melt by a 15 year old? Btw, said scrawny 15 yr old was also out of order but I’d expect a grown man in a position of power to act differently. The kid didn’t get in his face, he called him a melt from about 10 yards away, as he was backing off.

@stringer_oafc: Agreed, but it’s also odd behaviour by a small group of Oldham fans, including plenty of young adults, to wait outside the away end for Chesterfield fans. Get a life ffs #oafc

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