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Non league player loses use of hands and legs due to extremely rare condition

Non league club White Ensign reveal that an under 17s player named ‘Jude’ loses use of his hands and legs due to an extremely rare condition.

The Essex Senior League outfit posted a tweet out this week, confirmed the news, but also that he and his family needed some help.

Since then, they have managed to raise over £12,000 from just 300 people to have donated, and you can add to it by clicking HERE.

White Ensign wrote: “We are extremely saddened to hear that one of our u17s has without warning lost the use of his hands and legs due to an extremely rare condition.

“Whilst we know Jude is a strong lad, he and his family need our and your support.

“We would be so grateful for any financial support the football community and community of Southend can offer to young Jude and his family so that they can adapt to cope with this. Pls donate, Keep going, Jude.”

Beth Callaghan has organized the fundraiser on behalf of Hannah Hargrave, with the following said on the donation page:

Jude’s Journey.

As most of you are aware, 3 weeks ago our nephew/Grandson/Son Jude suddenly lost the use of both his legs and hands due to inflammation on his spinal cord.

He was transferred straight away to Great Ormond Street, due the complex nature of his condition and to gain the expertise of the medical staff there. When Jude first arrived at GOSH they were hopeful the loss of his hands and legs would be temporary …but sadly gave us the news we desperately did not want to hear, last weekend. The Drs advised us that it is now highly unlikely that Jude will ever fully recover from this and at present, believe that he will never walk again. They also feel that he will not get any significant improvement in the use of his hands, due to evidence of nerve damage. He will complete his medical treatment at GOSH this week and will then be transferred to the Spinal Injury Unit at Stanmore for rehab in order to help him learn to live with his new level of disability.

As you can imagine, as a family we are absolutely devastated and in shock at this news. For those of you who know Jude- you will know he is the most active, energetic, funny & most loving 15 yr old you could ever wish to meet.

Jude doesn’t usually sit still for a minute and is often out socially with his friends and making the most of every day. He was also due to start an apprenticeship this coming September, so you can you only imagine how absolutely heartbreaking it is for him to now be told he will likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, along with the use of his hands being taken away too, at just 15 years of age.

I decided to start this page on behalf of him, my sister and her other two boys.

As a family they have been through so much. My sister lost her husband & the boys lost their dad very suddenly when he had a massive heart attack riding home from work, one day. He was only 36.

I don’t say this for a sympathy plea but to explain that their life has been anything but easy! Yet my sister has managed to work tirelessly financially and otherwise to ensure the boys have had everything they need.

As a single mother she has faced some very tough days and challenges but I think this may be one of her greatest yet; having been advised by the hospital of everything Jude will need when he returns home. I.e. From building a new room suitable for his needs, to a stairlift, wheelchair, aids for his hands and legs, a hospital bed etc ……. The list goes on.

Along with our help, we have decided to reach out and try to get her, Jude & the boys as much financial help as possible. We have had so many of you kindly ask what you can do to help. So in response to that, we are asking if you can share this far and wide & if you are also in a position to donate whatever you can. No amount is too small and we are so grateful to you all already for the support we have received.

Thank-you in advance a million times over. X

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White Ensign add: “Thanks to all of those who have supported Jude so far. Please keep sharing and retweeting, and if you can donate to help Jude & his family then everyone would be so grateful.”

Fans reacted after seeing that the non league player, Jude, loses use of hands and legs due to extremely rare condition…

@Welshluddite: What sad news, truly upsetting! My donation has been given and I extend the support of Woodford Town cultras towards Jude and his family. Best wishes

@Dougjohnfrench: Just donated. Stay strong young man.

@HTUFanzine: That is sad to hear. Hope he gets all the support he needs

@HuttonEja: So sorry to hear this sad news.. Best wishes to the young man and his family.. Stay strong 🙏

@LondonLegacyFC: We send our condolences and prayers to the young king!!

@PeteWickerMan: Sorry to hear that. Best wishes young man. Stay strong

@GarryNH: So sorry to hear this sad news, keep strong Jude and I hope you get all of the support you need.

@RichardBarwell3: Sending support and stay strong young man. 🙏

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