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Newcastle’s Saint-Maximin surprises fan by giving him £2,000 watch

Newcastle’s Saint-Maximin surprises one lucky fan by randomly giving him a £2,000 watch prior to his side’s draw against Brentford.

55 year old Michael Urwin, a loyal Magpies supporter, has been going to games for 30 years and is a season ticket holder with his three sons.

At each home game, they make sure to arrive early to St James’s Park, all so that they can catch a glimpse of their favourite stars and get autographs.

The lucky Toon fan poses alongside Saint-Maximin after receiving the gift

Principal distribution engineer Michael couldn’t believe his luck however when at the weekend, he was handed over a box with his TAG Heuer Aquaracer inside by the club’s winger Saint-Maximin.

Michael, who received the gift before Saturday’s 3-3 Prem draw with Brentford, told The Sun: “Allan was just sat in his car for a while. Then he suddenly came over and said ‘this is for you’.

“I thought he was pointing to my youngest son but then he said ‘no, this is for you’ and gave the boxed watch to me. It was completely random and out of the blue.

“I opened it and was absolutely gobsmacked and totally in shock. I still am really. I could barely even say thank you. I just couldn’t believe it.

“I was simply lost for words and asked my eldest son to take a picture of us but we were both shaking.

“I posted it on Twitter to say thank you and my phone’s been pinging ever since.”

The much loved French attacker Saint-Maximin even took the time to reply on Twitter, showing even more class.

He said: “You are welcome my friend. Do you like it?”

Michael, who is a Father to 21 year old Ben, 10 year old Kian, and 8 year old Lucas, got season tickets for the Milburn Stand this year in the hope the mega Saudi takeover would happen.

After describing Saint-Maximin as a ‘Newcastle legend’, he added: “We adore him and he gets it.

“Fans pay good money to come and see these players who get paid thousands but often get very little back. This hero is a breath of fresh air and I wish more footballers were like him.

“Some of the fans initially told me the watch was worth £12,000 so I was really nervous going into the stadium with it.

“I was constantly checking behind me to see if we were being followed and wondered whether to put it in the car. It was a nervy 90 minutes.

“I’ve since been told the watch is worth a couple of grand but to me it’s priceless.

“It’s so sentimental to me as it’s come from a hero and I’m going to keep it to pass onto my children through the generations.”

And posted a picture of the snazzy watch to social media

Saint-Maximin signed for Newcastle in 2019 from French outfit Nice, but the Magpies sit bottom of the Premier League table, with Eddie Howe, their new boss hoping to dramatically turn things around to avoid the drop.

Michael, from Gateshead, added: “I just want to say to Allan thank you so very much – and ask him why he picked me!

“Everyone was asking if I knew him but I have never met him before apart from the odd wave with the kids but that’s it. He picked me out of that crowd and I can’t thank him enough.”

Twitter users reacted after Newcastle’s Saint-Maximin surprises a fan by giving him a £2,000 watch…

@JonMcNeill7: Excellent gesture from you Allan. Please be careful when you do get close to fans for autographs gifts and to talk to them, as we can’t afford for you to catch covid and be unavailable for any matches due to quarantining.

@Chris__Quirk: What an incredible gesture. His factory set rainbow diamond Rolex Daytona is a lovely timepiece there on show as well!

@WellayeWillock: Brilliant. He’s a hero, honestly hope he plays the rest of his career here with us. Love him so much!! What a player and what a bloke ❤️⚫️⚪️

@Zowser: I was standing right there with my son when @asaintmaximin walked over. My son was over the moon after getting a good photo but wasn’t quick enough to ask for his autograph. Absolute star and made our day. ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️

@SeelsyA: Wow. How unbelievably generous. That’s lovely. 🖤🤍

@lowissimple: Now now it’s will not be just another Tag, it will be a gift from @asaintmaximin 👍🏼 what a story and sentimental value of a gift. Congratulations Michael 🖤🤍

@Nikos_NUFC: Absolute baller on and off the pitch. If we get relegated and lose this Goat it will be a sad day.

@MattyDryden: Are you going to stay if we get relegated maxi? And help us win promotion at the first attempt??

@RichHal97426628: What a gentleman, my family are French I’m hoping to take them to St James park over Christmas to shout for you we have season tickets behind the goal in the GG so will have a French flag with a Toon badge on x allez Allan Allez

@NUFCBarsi: What a fella, hope he plays for us for years to come. See you guys at the next game..

@stiddles7: Wow!!! What a lovely gesture

@Seb_is_tired: I often see ASM in the sainsbury’s by the training ground, the time he has for fans is incredible. Absolute gent, just don’t jump in front of his car

@adamyellowley: Amazing, what a genuine guy. I hope our club doesnt ever lose him

@dickybrown_1: Class that like, what a bloke man!

@geordiehawkeye: Amazing what kind of Tag is it?? Maxi is a true Newcastle hero!! Let’s stay in the Premier and build an awesome team around him!! #nufc

@jjNUFC: He’s genuinely such a special bloke. Adore him man. And that’s not even mentioning how good he is on the pitch. #NUFC

@lukenumber5: @asaintmaximin always appreciate footballers like this. Class act 🙌 good to have a footballer care and connect to their new clubs and ultimately their new home too, where others can come in collect £££ and never have a connection with the club or the area

@MrDSutcliffe: ASM’s just the absolute best, ain’t he?

@toonelmatador: Amazing gesture from ASM. He’ll be regretting it when that strange stalker kid is outside the training ground tomorrow demanding a Rolex… #NUFC

@ChatNufc: Casually gifting fans £1,800 Tag watches… Saint by name Saint by nature. It’s impossible not to love @asaintmaximin

@So_Cal_Geordie: Wow, how incredible is this?!? So happy for you mate! #NUFC

@Alonosi: The man is one of the few these days who connects with the fans. Wonderful man and player

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