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Nathan Jones labels Huddersfield fans a ‘disgrace’ for what happened after final whistle

Nathan Jones labels Huddersfield fans a ‘disgrace’ for happened after the final whistle of Monday night’s Championship playoff fixture.

The Luton Town manager condemned home supporters after the scenes that followed the Terriers’ 1-0 victory with the hosts securing their place in the playoff final at the expense of Luton thanks to Jordan Rhodes’ goal inside the final 10 minutes.

As the whistle blew, fans ran onto the pitch in order to celebrate the club getting to the final of but Nathan Jones was less than impressed with what he saw as the way sections of the home fans behaved on the pitch, labelling some as ‘idiots’ after the game.

@Giddawid said on the scenes: “I had to trim it down for Twitter as well. There was another couple of mins of the fans being undignified in victory. Credit to the Huddersfield fans applauding the away supporters though. We rate you guys 🧡💙

“I’m adding this to clarify that this isn’t a hate post to Huddersfield – all fans have a few idiots. I’m more concerned that the stewards have not protected a championship footballer from those idiots after a playoff game. It escalated things for sure and was easily avoidable.

“Those saying “if roles were reversed…” by all means we would have some idiots. The focus is on the fact that the Police are there to keep people “safe” and 20 of them were staring at applauding fans whilst Clark was being mobbed. One thrown punch at him and it would be carnage.”

Nathan Jones said on the scenes: “Their fans were an absolute disgrace. I don’t know why the stewards turned up. Some idiots didn’t paint Huddersfield as a good club. You’ve won, go and celebrate with your players. Instead, they were more concerned with making obscene gestures at us.

“They abused me. Some were okay and congratulated us, but some have not painted Huddersfield Town in a good light after that. To be fair, a lot of them might not be true Huddersfield fans, as they were more concerned with taunting and abusing our fans.”

Daniel Bennett said his grandfather Trevor Emery was lucky not to lose an eye and has hit out at stewards and West Yorkshire Police who he says were more concerned with keeping Luton fans in check than dealing with the intimidation from Huddersfield fans.

“At the end of the game Huddersfield fans ran onto the pitch and started goading us,” Daniel said. “Some of the Luton players came over to thank the fans and some of them got slapped.

“The fans came right up to the barriers, as close as they could and they were mooning us and throwing bottles. My grandad was hit with a coin just as we were about to leave but the police had no interest, they were just smirking at us.

“There was all blood coming down his face but the stewards were just interested in keeping us back. We got no help from the police they just pushed me.”

The pair were helped by a St John’s Ambulance worker but had to walk through the Huddersfield fans to get to the medical station and Daniel says some of them were laughing at them.

“They could have taken his eye out,” he said. “He is really shaken up. He has seen the odd occurrence of violence but never had people pelting coins at him.”

Huddersfield will now face one of Sheffield United or Nottingham Forest in the play-off final on later on this month. Forest head into the second leg at the City Ground with a 2-1 advantage thanks to their impressive first leg win in South Yorkshire on Sunday.

Luton also wrote a tweet, saying: “The directors, staff and players are immensely proud of the travelling support and, more importantly, your behaviour after the game.

“You were respectful to the opposition and impeccably behaved despite being goaded.

“We are building a great unit on and off the pitch and we’re already excited for the 2022/23 season to begin.”

On the game Luton’s Nathan Jones said: “First and foremost let’s congratulate Huddersfield because they’ve been excellent all season and they’re going to Wembley. Secondly, I couldn’t be more proud of my team. We were the best side tonight and we missed chances first half. There was a bit of sloppiness inthe second half, then they scored from a set-play.

“I’m so, so proud of the team and how they’ve gone about their work. We’ve had to contend with absolutely everything. We’ve got eight missing tonight, and the margins have been so tight. But it’s not sour grapes, I’m just so proud of my team and I thought we were brilliant tonight. We’ll come back stronger for this. We start work again tomorrow to be even better next year.”

Huddersfield’s Carlos Corberan: “Our target was to get to Wembley to play in the final and we’ve achieved that. As a club we try always to learn from everything we are doing and use that experience to improve, and that’s what we’ve done this year.

“The players are the key. I’ve had a very good group of players to work with, with amazing character. We are determined to do something special this year, and with this group of players everything was easy.

“The first half was a challenge. They were better than us. Second half we tried to press more and the game was more balanced. I don’t think either side was better [after half-time]. It’s been a very competitive semi-final.”

Twitter users reacted as Nathan Jones labels Huddersfield fans a ‘disgrace’ for happened after the final whistle…

@H87foster: Stewards stood doing nothing, one fan ran on and clouted Bree round the head!!

@htfccharlie_: The minority ruining it. Luton fans were the best we’ve seen this season. Clapping after losing a play off semi final and supporting your lads. On behalf of those that do appreciate away players and fans we genuinely apologise and don’t accept them

@Martynshaw: Awful from some of our fans. We all have them unfortunately.

@adam_cumberland: Fortunately there were quite a lot of fans applauding us and giving us praise outside the ground. These ones will go unnoticed

@BrixtonHatter: Someone smacked James Bree on the back of the head as they rushed onto the pitch at the final whistle, it was on the TV footage

@GloryHornet: Fair play to Clark @LutonTown Our players and manager can’t be bothered to come see us after a normal game let alone after losing a big match and during a pitch invasion from the opposition. Showed more heart than any of our mercenaries #watfordfc

@danielchapman86: Terrific work from the stewards stood there doing fuck all

@SiintheYate: Clearly a part of what NJ alluded to post-match. Pathetic by those fans. Obviously a tiny minority but ridiculous, aggressive behaviour towards JC, goading our fans and the chap cut by a thrown coin… not a great look for H’field. Good luck to them but a few questions to answer.

@SlickerVideo: Fans cursing non stop and shouting abuse is normalised in modern football crowds. Was never like that before 1970s. Something changed

@alicewhitehead_: Absolutely shocking, I hope your grandad is okay. I also got hit tonight by a vape, luckily it was nowhere near as bad as this

@BevWooding1: So sorry to see this ! This is what i hate about football fans ours or anybodys ! I’ts same with all the flares ! Something needs to be done about this, i for one don’t want to be associated with these kind of fans !

@lutonmagoo: The lack of class from them is astonishing

@JohnAcko1985: Sorry this happened mate. Football rivalry’s make the game what it is but this is far too much. Hope he’s ok 👍

@lp_Nixon: Think there needs to be a serious review on allowing football fans to enter the field of play, I understand emotions are high but there’s been a few incidents this weekend. Is it gonna take a player being attacked before something is done?

@richsenior96: That really is embarrassing and I hope they find the culprit and take appropriate action. Hope your grandad is okay and safe journey home

@GrantFellows2: That’s just shocking, their fans slapping the Luton players as well on the pitch as well. Hope he’s ok.

@andysherry4: Hope he is ok 👌 Saw him walk off in front of us. Police and stewards to blame as the they did not keep away fans far enough back. Only worried we did not get onto the pitch to change the HUFC so called fans nappies as most looked like they were 12 year olds.

@HerbyDM57: Town fan here. Disgusted that anyone connected to Huddersfield could do that. Sincere apologies

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