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Chris Kirchner shares biggest update yet on future of Derby County

Chris Kirchner shares the biggest update yet on the future of Derby County just a few weeks after revealing that there was a stumbling block.

Derby County’s administrators have exchanged contracts for the sale of the club with the American businessman, who will fund the club from next week, and says he doesn’t “anticipate any issues” completing the process of the sale as they get set to face life in League One.

In a statement, Quantuma said the exchange was “conditional on the sale of the stadium, EFL approval and receiving secured creditor consent”, with the completion of the sale targeted for on or before the 31st of May.

Chris Kirchner shares biggest update yet on future of Derby County

“The joint administrators can confirm that they have exchanged contracts for the sale of the business and assets of The Club with preferred bidder, Chris Kirchner,” a spokesperson for Quantuma said.

“In addition, the joint administrators can confirm that in the interim period between exchange and completion, funding for The Club is being provided by Mr Kirchner, in a demonstration of his ongoing commitment to securing the long-term future of The Club.

“The exchanging of contracts is conditional on the sale of the stadium, EFL approval and receiving secured creditor consent.

“The period of time between exchange and completion will allow the joint administrators and all relevant stakeholders the time required to work together to meet the conditions required to complete this very complex transaction.

“The joint administrators would like to express their thanks, to all relevant stakeholders for their co-operation and work, towards achieving a successful completion.”

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Writing on Twitter, Mr Kirchner said he did not “anticipate any issues” in seeing the sale through as he called it a “day I’ll never forget”.

He wrote: “I’ve been beyond fortunate and I’ll never forget how lucky I am. I’ve had the opportunity to realise many of my dreams and even a lot of things beyond my dreams. Today is a day I’ll never forget.

“I’m humbled and excited to share that we’ve exchanged contracts with Quantuma and I will be the next owner of Derby County Football Club. These contracts are conditional on the sale of the stadium and some small bits. I don’t anticipate any issues completing the rest of this process in the coming days.”

Mr Kirchner added he will commence funding the club “next week”.

“The membership agreement with the EFL is agreed to, we have filed with the FA to recognise the transfer and my team is now moving forward on the process to rebuild this iconic club.

“This has been a traumatic period for everyone and I can say that I hope this is the most difficult transaction I have to complete for a very long time.

“Thank you to so many of you for the kind words and support through this process. Tomorrow is the first day of a new journey together and I cannot be more excited to be a Ram.”

The Derby County preferred bidder Chris Kirchner also revealed some shocking abuse he has received on social media.

He uploaded a screenshot of messages received from a certain Twitter user, with several containing expletives just because of the frustration on Monday when news emerged that Kirchner would not be delivering a takeover update he was previously confident of giving supporters, leading to an angry reaction from fans, some of whom were now pleading for former Newcastle owner Mike Ashley to rescue the club from administration.

Personal abuse directed at Kirchner pushed him to tweet the series of messages from a user with the caption: “C’mon guys… really?”

When told by fans: “‘Guys’? It’s one person”, Kirchner replied: “Wish it was just one… you’d be shocked”.

Back in January, Derby County Supporters Charter Group issued a statement warning against “abuse and personal attacks” against administrators Quantuma and other parties associated with the takeover.

Twitter users reacted as Chris Kirchner shares the biggest update yet on the future of Derby County…

@AmbroseBarnaby: This is just fantastic news to wake up to! Absolutely fantastic ❤️❤️🐏 we can finally start to move forwards as a club after two years of massive uncertainly and a lot of stress!

@szymon_gasior_: When the club was on the brink of oblivion, you saw the potential and didn’t give up on our incredible fans that deserve so much more. You have given us hope, let’s create history together 🐏

@JimmyDCFC: So so pleased for you and all your team. You’ve saved us from something that I didn’t want to think about but felt increasingly real. He’s to a bright future, up the Rams 🐏🐏🐏

@FinlandRam23: You won’t regret this Chris… 25000 at each home game, singing your name will remind you of this day… With sound financial planning you might even make a dollar or two… welcome to the home of real football…

@WMSmith84: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages….. #Dcfcfans and #dcfc proudly brings to you, the next and best Derby County owner in the world …. MR CHRIS KIRCHNER !!!!!! Congratulations #MrChairman

@SwadRam1: You bloody hero. Get those season tickets on sale so we can all help fund this mighty football club. Up the Rams 🐏

@CaLitchfield: Omg thank you for sticking with it. It’s great news to wake up to UTR 🐏🐏

@EmilyRWebster: all i can say is thankyou!! saving the club that has saved me so many times🐏

@carolyn005x: Congrats on getting the deal over the line, looking forward to successful times ahead 🐏🐏🐏

@UTimmy: Huge sigh of relief from every Derby fan around the world. From the bottom of our heart, thank you for saving our club and not giving up when many people would have turned and walked away. Excited to what the future will hold with you and Wayne working together

@KevinOxford: Congratulations Chris, take this football club back up the leagues, you deserve success after sticking to it 👏👏👏🐏🐏🐏

@RyanDerbyyDcfc: Fell to sleep early so have woken up to the news, absolutely buzzing, well don’t to you and your team Chris, let’s rebuild this great club!

@ianholmes20: Congratulations Chris – no doubting how complex and difficult this has been to achieve. I hope this is a positive move for you and most importantly for Derby County. All the very best to you, Garry and your team in taking the club forwards 🐏🐏

@Nogbad50: Great news young man!! Welcome to the club that means so much to Derby fans. We all hope that you’re a great custodian for us and that you and the Club are both successful. Thanks again for all your patience and perseverance 👍

@JaneMurray2030: Thank you for sticking by us and getting this done. Ignore the tiny minority who chose to abuse you, as they don’t represent the 99.9% of true Derby fans who suddenly feel 30 years younger today! I’m just so grateful to you. Let the good times roll 🤍🖤🐑🤍🖤🐑👊

@derbyram76: You proved me @cskirchner I wish you all the best and along with many thousand Rams we wish you the very best….Let’s do this!!! 🐏🐏🐏

@dan_WilkinsonF1: Brilliant Chris, thankyou so much for saving our club, it means the world to all the fans, this has been such a painful time for all of us, i hope you can shape a new secure future for #dcfc welcome to Derby!!

@Davidpritch_gg: What fantastic news to read as I’m just getting into bed, wow wow wow, happy, pleased, emotional, excited, proud, a real mixture of emotions, thank you so much Chris & your team, it’s been a long hard road but good things come to those who wait right 😀🐏 Absolutely delighted!!

@MickyCorkyCoyle: GET FUCKING IN!! Congratulations @cskirchner let the build begin with @WayneRooney black and white army!!! UP THE FUCKING RAMS!!!!!!!!!!! 🐏

@BadRamDCFC: Thank you Chris. I cannot express what a relief this news is after all we have suffered in the last few months. Good luck in your latest endeavour. Once a 🐏 always a 🐏. DTID #dcfcfans #dcfc

@Aaron_Lowie: Chris, thank you very much from every Derby fan, in our darkest time you saw the potential of this club, you have continued to give us clarity through it all and for that we are grateful, looking forward to the start of what hopes to be an exciting journey! #DCFC #DCFCFANS

@rockjames: Welcome on board Chris. Look after us and you’ll find you’re now in charge of a cracking club, a lovely family and something really worth your time & investment. 🐏

@samueldcfc: I fucking love you Chris! Up the fucking rams! ❤️

@mikewalker200: Thank you thank you thank you, so grateful you’ve kept your patience and resolve to see this thing through and rescue our club…. the rebuild starts here 🖤

@itsmenelly51: So please you’ve got it over the line. Onward and upwards. COYR’s!

@LisaFor82023885: Thank you Chris for saving us, you don’t know how much this means, I’ve supported my home city club all my life, couldn’t imagine not having the Rams in my life. Onwards and upwards, 🐏🐏🐏

@sm_jacko1979: Absolutely brilliant, thank you for saving our club, good luck……let’s do this 💙🐑💯

@JonathanHunting: I’ve just reading some of the replies and realised I’m balling my eyes out 🥺

@Jack_Simpson03: Thank you for dealing with this and finally getting the deal over the line 🐏

@JBryanfootball: Thank you, Chris. Hopefully this marks a brilliant new beginning for the club! 🐏🐏🐏

@callumthornley7: Yessssssss!!!!!!! I believedddd! About time! We moveee! Up the fucking ramssssss!

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