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MUST SEE: Horndean manager goes viral with damning post-match rant after defeat

A rather ‘furious’ Horndean manager goes viral with damning post-match rant after defeat to Phoenix Sports on Saturday afternoon.

It would seem the boss has took some tips from Dorking’s very own Marc White in calling out bad performances from his players.

The reaction became so big that Horndean subsequently decided to turn their comments off so no one could have their say.

The 1-0 result means that Horndean now sit 16th in the Isthmian League – South East Division with 8 points from 10 games, while Phoenix Sports, are 18th, a place above the drop zone with the same points but played a game more.

Interviewer: So Birms [Michael Birmingham] frustrating afternoon. Give us your thoughts on that display.

Manager: That weren’t frustrating. We were crap first half. Pathetic bunch of losers. Didn’t want to work hard, didn’t want to get in a physical fight. Scared. Thought they could turn up after having a good performance against Sheppey and a good result against Ramsgate on a pitch that was lively, very heavy, and they didn’t want to do the hard work. And they got outmuscled. Outworked. And to be honest, we were crap first half and got what we deserved.

Interviewer: You think it was more positive display in the second half?

Manager: No, not really. Just huff and puff. Nothing really positive about it. My centre forwards could still be out there till training on Tuesday. Won’t hit the target. We created enough opportunities to win two games. But to be honest, fair play to Phoenix, because the first half, they were better and that’s where the damage done. We were crap.

Twitter users reacted on the ‘furious’ Horndean manager goes viral with his damning post-match rant after defeat to Phoenix Sports…

@OwenHalyy: Tell us how you really feel Mike x

@RossCasey93: Marc White getting a run for his money

@ajmmufc1985: Honesty in todays game you can’t beat it 😂.

@AdamSimmo73: Someone’s trying to make a name for themselves here. Sad really and a little unprofessional. Can’t be doing all that mate unless you own the club @DorkingWDRS 😂

@MrSauce1989: Man loving like the @DorkingWDRS manager Marc White lol 😆 you know on Tuesday them man due for bleep test or bare running 🏃‍♂️ lol

@Non_League_Talk: One of the best interviews you will see this weekend 😂😂

@dionsampson1: Birmy, he calls it as he sees it 👏👏👏👏👏👏

@Jones_12_: What a brilliant interview 🤣

@JackSummmers: Me to my FM Weymouth team after getting battered at home to slough making it 7 defeats out of 7 games.

@VictorA10x: Damn 😂, on the contrary we was just better?

@harry_nesbitt: 🤣🤣 this bloke never fails to entertain me

@RE_Shannock: David Wagner, take note. You don’t have to be the fall guy to cover the commitment and inadequacies of others.

@toptargets: “My centre forwards could be out there until training Tuesday and still couldnt hit the target” Those forwards are currently 3rd and 4th top scorers in the league despite them being 16th and deserve a bit more respect than this. Poor.👎

@toptargets: Feels like it was done for views and that worked but wont distract from the fact your team has 2 wins in 10 league games. If managers think this is the way to get a reaction from their team, they are kidding themselves. Would like to think he regrets this but doubt he does. 🤦‍♂️

@DJB10x: Poetry in motion.

@Jessif28: Say how you feel mate 😂😂

@djbowers14: Honesty? This guys on form 🤣🤣🤣

@nomis1066: Say it how you see it eh

@Monty__1010: I respect it

@_Lis3tt3_: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m gonna need more honesty from managers like this please

@Sutherland9_ty: Omd 🤣🤣🤣

@wfcjt: hahahah, incredible interview this

@_jacktinning: And all of a sudden every manager’s Tryna be like that Dorking manager 🤕

@krb63: Love it when the manager says it how it is. #NonLeague

@GaVzOfficial: Ngl I prefer when these emotional outbursts are kept in-house, we win/lose as a team…players will wonder how much responsibility the management team are taking….if any at all?🤔🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤣

@C0AKESY: Say it how it is, I rate this 🤣

@plsoj85: Not pulling any punches here

@Love_non_league: Episode 2 of angry Non-League Managers 😬

@C0AKESY: Say it how it is, I rate this 🤣

@mk_doom: Goes through every regional English accent in the space of a minute, fair play

@leerobertsmedia: Birmy taking notes from the Marc White school of how to answer questions. Love the honesty. Good luck to deans for the season

@SButz7: Brilliant 👏🏽 can’t beat an honest post match interview 😂

@Burychadchad: This can’t be real? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@LouKF93: Saw Marc White do it for Dorking and thought he could do the same 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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