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Moses Odubajo hits back as he ‘high fives’ goalscorer Lewis Grabban

Moses Odubajo hits back at fans on social media as they claim that he bizarrely ‘high fives’ opposition goalscorer Lewis Grabban.

It was a fixture with both sides needing all three points, however it was Nottingham Forest that came away with the win.

Sheffield Wednesday are now seven points adrift of safety in the Championship table after Tuesday’s 2-0 defeat Chris Hughton’s side. They were two points away when Tony Pulis took over, which was eight games ago.

Tony Pulis now equals the record for the worst winless run by a new manager in Sheffield Wednesday’s history, ouch.

That wasn’t the only thing that annoyed the Owls fanbase however as a clip of Nottingham Forest’s Lewis Grabban scoring and then receiving a high five of Sheffield Wednesday’s Moses Odubajo riled many users up on Twitter.

As the video clips went viral, the game ended and Moses Odubajo quickly hits back as he ‘high fives’ goalscorer Lewis Grabban.

He wrote: “The loss is frustrating for myself and the team. I would never high 5 another player for scoring against us. I said to Grabban no way is that a goal because of the foul and laughed it off thinking the goal wouldn’t stand. 1/3

“We’re bottom of the league. No one at the club wants relegation and there’s no chance I would celebrate a goal that keeps us at the bottom. 2/3

“Out of context, videos can be misconstrued. I hope I’ve cleared it up with the fans who doubted my commitment to the team. 3/3”.

Grabban got Nottingham Forest’s second of the game three minutes of normal time remaining, after Portuguese defender Yuri Ribeiro came up a precise finish to put the home side ahead within the first five minutes.

Nottingham Forest’s Chris Hughton: “When you have the ability that Lewis has and the goals he can get, it is great to have him back – and not just out on the pitch. Even if he had not got the goal, it was just great to have him back in the dressing room. He is a very well respected player in the squad and a big influence. Having him back is a big bonus for us.”

“We will enjoy this for a couple of hours and the players will actually have a day off tomorrow. They have not had many of those, with the run we have been on. So we will enjoy this and then prepare for another tough game, at Millwall.”

Sheffield Wednesday’s Tony Pulis: “I can’t fault the players for their effort. I thought we did enough in the first half not to deserve to be a goal down. In the second half I thought Forest were better than us. We looked tired and the changes we made did not make an impression at all.

“But we did have a go. We just lacked that bit of something we needed to win games. I have been here a month now and the chairman asked me to come in and, after a month, to give them a full assessment of the club and everything else, so I will be doing that.”

As mentioned, Moses Odubajo hits back at fans on social media as they claim that he bizarrely ‘high fives’ opposition goalscorer Lewis Grabban…

@Maplo16: Odubajo the corrupt cunt. Might have the bollocks to come out and moan about fans and abuse online, I’d rather see some bollocks in that crest on his chest.

@Jontywhitehead: Can someone please let me know why Odubajo high fives the Forest goalscorer please?!! I struggling with this one.

@philcooper15: That c*nt Odubajo wants fucking sacking now #swfc

@swfcsc: Odubajo needs to be grateful Megson isn’t still our manager tonight. He’d have waited for him in the dressing room. Then high fived him. In the face. With his fist #swfc

@emswfc: I’m absolutely f*cking fuming. Moses Odubajo, f*ck off.

@emhuntfit: never been one to understand coming on socials and abusing players n that but after that clip, odubajo deserves all he gets

@nigel_short: Odubajo quite rightly targeted for last night, but let’s not make him the scapegoat for the club’s problems right now. Blasting Odubajo is letting Chansiri off the hook. He’s run our club into the ground and will continue to do. He’s taking us down and possibly out #swfc

@VitalWednesday: I see Moses Odubajo is trending for all the wrong reasons. His judgement is extremely poor capped with his immaturity. Fair play for trying to clear it up. Must remember Brentford didn’t renew his contract, Monk wanted to bomb him out. He just doesn’t learn. #swfc

@clurrrrxhx: Did my eyes deceive me or did I see Odubajo high 5 Grabban after he scored? Just sums it up that. What a disgrace #swfc

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