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Supporters disgusted at Sheffield Wednesday fan’s tweet following defeat

Supporters have been left disgusted at Sheffield Wednesday fan’s tweet following his side’s defeat to Nottingham Forest on Tuesday.

It was yet another disappointing night for the Owls, who fell to defeat against Chris Hughton’s side, losing by two goals to nil.

However one so called ‘fan’ on Twitter vented his frustration towards his supported club most of the night, before putting out a tweet that horrified users online.

He wrote: Any chance of Munich type disaster for the team bus on their way home tonight ?? Asking for a friend #swfc

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@WawawOwls quickly deleted the tweet which was quickly going viral, however it didn’t stop others from seeing it and criticizing him.

It caught the attention of many social media users, most slammed the Sheffield Wednesday fan as others took a screenshot to publicly name and shame.

His rant against his club started at the start of the game with: “I have said it once and I will say it again until these absolute fucking wanker, so called professional footballers, have there money stopped for these performances then they will never ever care #swfc#unfollowedeverythingswfc

A few hours later, the tweeting continue: “Not a single effort on goal in second half and they been playing nearly 30 mins !!!! You really couldn’t right how dog shit this club and team are….. #swfc

The game finished and he ended the night with: “I am sorry but the last four games proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt behind the scenes, the rumours are true and they are simply not being paid at all…. @domhowson@Moses_28 thanks mate for congratulating grabben…. YOU ARE ALL DISGRACEFUL #swfc

He returned back online on Wednesday morning, saying: “Still fuming about last night….seeing the heart break in my sons face and how fed up he is supporting this absolute dog shit rotten club #swfc

He criticized Moses Odubajo for ‘high-fiving’ goalscorer Lewis Grabban: “….why would you seriously high five someone who has just scored against you rooting you to the foot of the table in a must win game ?? High five the same player who did a horrible tackle on your team mate? Then make excuses about it? Get out of our club you useless cretin #swfc

The latest tweet of his read: “I would support and respect the players if they finally got the balls and be honest if they are actually having payment issues with salaries…as a fan base we dont need to know the amounts but deserve to know the truth #swfc @YesWeCrann

As mentioned, supporters were left disgusted at the Sheffield Wednesday fan’s tweet following the defeat…

@lee_peach: Wow , utter ridiculous comment!! End of day it’s a 22 men kicking a bag of wind around a pitch! No need to say that sort of shit!

@3divred: Med thi Sen look a bit of a tit here lad

@breathebarnsley: Who in their right mind would tweet utter dross like that? Disgusting. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a Wednesday fan

Sheffield Wednesday are now seven points adrift of safety in the Championship table after Tuesday’s 2-0 defeat Chris Hughton’s side. They were two points away when Tony Pulis took over, which was eight games ago.

That wasn’t the only thing that annoyed the Owls fanbase however as a clip of Nottingham Forest’s Lewis Grabban scoring and then receiving a high five of Sheffield Wednesday’s Moses Odubajo riled many users up on Twitter.

As the video clips went viral, the game ended and Moses Odubajo quickly hits back as he ‘high fives’ goalscorer Lewis Grabban.

He wrote: “The loss is frustrating for myself and the team. I would never high 5 another player for scoring against us. I said to Grabban no way is that a goal because of the foul and laughed it off thinking the goal wouldn’t stand. 1/3

“We’re bottom of the league. No one at the club wants relegation and there’s no chance I would celebrate a goal that keeps us at the bottom. 2/3

“Out of context, videos can be misconstrued. I hope I’ve cleared it up with the fans who doubted my commitment to the team. 3/3”.

As the video clips went viral, the game ended and Moses Odubajo quickly hits back as he ‘high fives’ goalscorer Lewis Grabban.

Owls boss Tony Pulis says he’s aware of Odubajo celebration footage, adding: “I will deal with it.”

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