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Millwall get response from Sky Sports on plan to block coverage of matches

Millwall get a response from Sky Sports about the club’s plan to block coverage of upcoming matches after the festive period.

A week ago we revealed how fans were left surprised after finding out that Millwall were looking to block Sky Sports’ plans to broadcast a game against Watford on the 29th of December.

It was reported last Monday morning that Millwall were looking to block the broadcaster from showing the game at The Den.

The Athletic were told that the English Football League were stepped in to try and sort the situation out.

This has all come about because Sky chose to televise Millwall’s game against QPR, the first game to be on Sky since the booing of fans against Derby.

Prior to the Championship fixture, Sky Sports ran a story saying that the Millwall players would take the knee, despite a joint statement to the contrary and repeated denials from Millwall’s press office. Millwall denied the story according to The Athletic.

It’s understood that Millwall blamed several media outlets, including Sky Sports, for trying to make a big deal and dramatise the pre-match gestures ahead of the Queens Park Rangers game.

Plus it didn’t help that there was so much focus on whether or not the fans choose to boo the taking of the knee again.

Because of this, Millwall wanted to try and stop Sky Sports from showing the game against Watford late December. That game won’t go ahead at the originally scheduled date however due to Millwall’s games being postponed with a member of the squad getting coornavirus.

The club will no doubt have suffered enough bad press of late and will want to keep the cameras out to stop the hype.

Before being postponed, had the game not got shown on TV, it would’ve meant that Millwall gave up a fee of £75,000, something the club were willing to consider.

Clubs within the second, third and fourth tier of English football are reportedly discussing making big changes to taking the knee before matches amid concerns about the gesture and it’s connotations.

Teams have held talks with the league in the last week about scrapping taking the knee before matches to distance themselves political ‘ties’ of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Championship table

Being discussed were possible alternatives to the pre-match ritual to continue to show their support for the fight against racism such as anti-discrimination banners.

Millwall have since accepted an apology from Sky Sports.

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Millwall Football Club can confirm that it has held positive and progressive talks with Sky Sports following a comprehensive and detailed complaint regarding the broadcaster’s coverage of its fixture against QPR earlier this month.

In meetings mediated by The EFL, Sky Sports have acknowledged that certain elements of the coverage on the day, during their on-air discussion pre-match and the following day were not as fair and balanced as they should have been and have apologised.

The club has accepted that apology and considers this issue now closed. Millwall hopes for a more mutually beneficial relationship with Sky Sports moving forward.

No further comment will be made.


The EFL don’t have an affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement but with clubs still taking the knee, they now are now concerned that there is mixed messages with fans.

Middlesbrough decided to stop taking the knee this season with manager Neil Warnock having his say about the changes.

‘I think that [standing behind an anti-racism banner rather than taking the knee] made the point more than the knee,’ said Boro boss Neil Warnock. ‘We are all of the same opinion about what we are trying to achieve. It’s just that our lads don’t think the knee is relevant, they don’t agree with the political side of that, so Britt [Assombalonga, Boro captain] said.’

After the booing by fans at Millwall’s 1-0 defeat against Derby, Lions defender Mahlon Romeo accused the club’s supporters of “spreading hatred.”

Fans reacted with Millwall choosing to respond after hearing back from Sky Sports…

@ayjkgd: Apology is the least they could have done. Would still like them banned from the Den. Corrupt and biased

@Dan_Wall06: Damage is already done, a apology means fuck all, people saw the coverage and won’t care about a apology after

@AndypMFC: I hope they spend 28 mins on air apologising.

@OggyCahill: I trust they will make this apology public at every possible opportunity; I want to see them squirm! @MillwallFC

@ianjk23: So who at @SkySports had been reprimanded if they admit they were wrong? This is a hollow apology as the people who said it are carrying on.

@Millwall_Jersey: Still cancel your Sky Subscriptions though..

@jondavis9: @SkySportsNews @SkyFootball @BBCSport @talkSPORT how comes I can’t find any news articles about sky’s apology after their coverage on the day, during their on air discussions pre match and the following day were not as fair and balanced as they should have been! #millwallfc

@jack_carefree: Damage has been done by the MSM. Sky Sports admitting they were in the wrong here. Will hardly get any coverage though. All the woke TV presenters and journalists have done their thing already.

@david_gipp: Didn’t see this on the news or papers

@AllEnglandFlags: Millwall getting an apology out of sky sports. You love to see it

@Danr2210: And no coverage on @BBCSport or anywhere else for that matter. Very quick to report the booing of the knee though.

@SJames2518: Tell @SkySports to go fuck themselves

@onker9: I’m looking forward to the full apology to @MillwallFC and the clubs supporters being broadcast on @SkyportsNewsss later! They’ll just blank this and carry on with their crap as usual. They think they own football.

@mfcbish: Millwall making sky sports it’s bitch, inject it right into my veins

@cicorre64: Sky. gets it all wrong on every level. Always make a sensational comment to further the profile of their so-called journalists.

@txmzee: fuck sky sports

@FKJM2020: Not having a bar of it until the apology is announced live on air

@liamkilcoyne1: Fuck Sky, dirty cunts.

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